I made an Animal Crossing dice bag. It can hold up to 6 sets of dice and I only have 2 sets, so now I have a good reason to get more dice :)

  1. Image description: There are 3 pictures, all pictures show a dicebag. The dicebag looks like the Animal Crossing Bell bag. It's yellow, with a red tie and a brown star. In all pictures the dicebag is standing on a white hand and the background is a blueish grayish wall.

  2. "Oh, so you want a dice bag? That'll be... 30,000 bells without the dice. With the dice? Let's see... 1,000,000 bells for the bag and a dice set. You can't afford it? Well, you can take out a loan... Or I can break your kneecaps because you DIDN'T PAY OFF YOUR PREVIOUS LOAN! Have a good day now!"

  3. super cool! i use the bell bag that came with preordering new horizons for my dice, this is making me wonder if stitching in set separators like you have would be good

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