Man, Darryl is such a G. This man drives Michael and Holly for 7 hours, gives Michael a pep talk and sings the blues w him on the ride back. Das a true friend right there

  1. Darryl is one of my favorite characters. He gives more than he takes, he's a good friend and tries his best to do the right thing.

  2. I never realize how good of an actor Craig Robinson is until I watch Brooklyn 99 and be completely unconvinced that Darryl and Doug Judy are the same person.

  3. Daryl was just a good guy and good sport. The way he handled his daughter being used against him during his fight with his baby mama and turned it around to make it a good day. that really made me feel good about his character. also went along with Michael's movie to set a good example for his daughter. also helped Michael get his raise even thought it wasn't in his best interest to get them both raises. he was just a good dude.

  4. Nobody hates Darryl. They just think it’s weird that he invited Val into a family photo after only dating her for 26 minutes.

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