So true! This was painful to watch

  1. He explains it so BADLY too. Like he does when he explains his role to Charles Miner. Jim is just bad at explaining things.

  2. Really? Ive never heard this take before. I thought that scene was funny. I cant remember the exact line about her looking like she rides the bus but that always makes me laugh

  3. Thank you. Phyllis's wedding takes the cake for me as well. Scotts Totts is honestly more funny than cringe to me, maybe because I've dared to watch it more often, though.

  4. Same! I love this scene because it shows/reveals, again and again, their true feelings for one another, no matter how much they tried to hide it, setting up the inevitable season finale.

  5. Omg when Michael smears the frosting on his own face, lol. I KILLS me. One of my top 10 cringest moments.

  6. I always felt Scott's Tots at least attempted to do some kind of good by the end of the episode. Phyllis's Wedding, there's no redemption there. Not even with Uncle Al.

  7. Yep. I was in a pretty similar situation at one time and didn't see it as an emotional affair but it probably was in hindsight. Super hot co-worker that I shared an office with. We'd get lunch or run errands together. Always 100% platonic (or I'm completely oblivious - equally likely). I'm sure the office all thought we were screwing.

  8. And when she realized her shirt was up. Definitely one of the more cringe moments from the show

  9. Uhh her shirt was being pulled up? At her workplace? Pretty sure that’d be pretty uncomfortable, cameras or not.

  10. This is such an overhated scene. I saw it, moved on and never thought about it again until I started following this sub loll

  11. Are characters not allowed to have inside jokes that the documentary crew may not have picked up the origin of?

  12. Whenever this sub brings up cringe moments in the show, everyone seems to forget about Michael describing the difference in sensation between using and not using a condom in front of Jim and Pam’s entire family. Edit: At their wedding rehearsal dinner.

  13. A little bit out of character for Jim, who is usually portrayed as someone with strong sense of social skills and boundaries

  14. This is what makes his several cringe moments in the show so brilliant. He has more than any other character. Does a nice job of balancing him out.

  15. I don’t know… To me Pam seemed to be into it and having fun until she saw someone else from the office look at them and then she reigned it in and snapped at him. I don’t think it was bad on either of their parts, just kind of an awkward “be aware of your surroundings” kind of situation

  16. You seem to not know this yet but you, as us, watch the office because we are masochists. Like the albino in davinci code. Pain is good my friend.

  17. Ha, I thought was just hilarious as it was Kevin being...Kevin. He just outwardly didn't care what anyone thought and just wanted to see Pam's "you-know-whats fill up with you-know-what".

  18. Now that I’ve rewatched the Office for the ten billionth time, I’ve come to realize Jim is not very subtle on his advancements. This, the hand holding at reception when Roy comes in, and then the forced kiss at the season 2 finale. Very uncomfortable.

  19. Yes it's a bit much, but I also get increasingly annoyed with how obviously Pam is entertaining this flirtationship while also continuously hurting him by rejecting him and showing pda in front of him. I understand she has some internal struggles, but I feel she isn't being very fair to both men. And no, I'm not part of the Pam hate train, once they get in a relationship I don't have any real issue with her. But before that, I feel she was being too callous. It actually really upsets me how she keeps hurting Jim and ultimately emotionally cheating on Roy. I don't think that should be excused.

  20. I partly agree, rewatching it it's not "Jim just trying to have some moments with a girl who saw him as a friend" like he says at the wedding, it's Jim pushing the boundaries with an engaged women for his own selfish wants

  21. That scene was so uncomfortable, it felt like it wasn’t part of the show. He crossed boundaries then jumped over the fence. He’s so lonely and when he’s “fitting in” with the group he becomes irrational. I think this is because he suppresses his emotions so much. Outside of the work, I feel like he is the clown of the group if he had friends.

  22. It’s a show featuring complicated characters and relationships with crunch humor. It’s sort of the whole point.

  23. Why do people find scott’s tots the most painful episode to watch? I really don’t understand. I don’t think it’s bad tbh

  24. The entire premise is probably the most cringe-inducing episode premises, but the moments themselves aren’t as cringe as other scenes.

  25. Scott’s Tots always make me laugh my ass off. I feel like it’s totally in line with the overall tone of the show.

  26. I usually really like cringe-humor but personally I find Scott’s tots borderline unwatchable due to the second-hand embarrassment I feel on Michael’s behalf.

  27. To me, this it was the most cringe the series reached, away more than Tobys puting hands in Pan's knes and the Scott's Tots.

  28. I've been with my girl for over 10 years with two kids and she would have been so upset if I would have done this in a public setting. Jim was in the wrong for doing this.

  29. Man! She would’ve never had to worry about me after this point. The way she responded definitely would’ve completely turned me off.

  30. did not realize the first time i saw it that her shirt comes up on the lift. Makes it 10 times worse

  31. I think nothing makes me cringe more then this scene. Just because it’s so uncomfortable. Jim had no boundaries right there. Almost like he was trying to cop a feel with the belly.

  32. I never got the hate for Scott’s Tots. It really wasn’t that cringe or painful to me. It was so slapstick and over the top, that it didn’t have the “real” feeling to me. This scene absolutely seems real, which makes it harder to watch.

  33. Reading the comments reminds me of how many social cues the average Redditor misses. I've seen like 10 different interpretations of this scene and only one has been correct so far.

  34. The whole appeal of the first few seasons of the show is watching Jim and Pam *desperately* try to pretend they don't want to jump each other.

  35. For whatever reason I’ve always been able to make it thru Scott’s Tots, but Michael taking through Phyllis’ wedding is something I can never watch. The way that they repeatedly tell him to shut the fuck up and he just can’t is painful to watch

  36. There were many cringy scenes like the ones of Jim and his business partners. Their awkward communications about the the business name and logo or trying to be in the meeting over the phone or when he put down seed money for the business. Completely on different pages. His chemistry with his partners is nothing remotely close to what he has with everyone at the DM office.

  37. Scott's Tots is a top 5 episode of the office that truly shows the childlike cringy self belief that Michael ran through life with. Anyone that skips it is no friend of mine.

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