Anyone else concerned that Andy seems to have a bit of a 'type'?

  1. I really hated the Jessica storyline. Like Andy was always a bit of a weird guy that couldn’t get into a relationship and then all of a sudden he’s engaged to a perfectly normal, well adjusted woman. Didn’t really make sense for his character. I mean, I guess you could argue that he became more self-assured after being made manager but that Garden Party episode and the whole breakdown over Nellie contradicts whatever self-confidence he was supposed to have at this point in the series.

  2. She wasn’t surprised by him being gay, so I assume he wasn’t performing great in the bedroom…. Very sus….

  3. It’s almost like they just looked at family channel sit coms and took notes on youth male actors and then compiled them into Andy Bernard’s script

  4. I had a comment deleted from a sub once for saying the word "manchild" because it was misandry. I'm happy this isn't one of those subs because the Nard Dawg is a giant manchild, worse than Michael Scott imo.

  5. Yes he does. It’s a Phyllis. Because Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration is the real Scranton Strangler.

  6. I’ll extend the olive branch that Jim told him he knows his insecurity is that he’s terrified he’ll end up alone which is likely the answer for that behavior.

  7. Yeah, wtf is this. The middle one is the only issue. Erin was naive, but still mature when she needed to be. And she clearly is a woman.

  8. I mean, Andy is a pretty immature guy. When he was unknowingly dating the high schooler, he mentions going out with her and her friends to knock over mailboxes...what grown ass man with a full time job does that?!

  9. Jessica is an assistant cross country coach at Bryan Mawr. I never understood why her parents would be impressed with an assistant track coach.

  10. “Every success I’ve had, both in business and with the ladies, has come from my ability to slowly and painfully, wear someone down.”

  11. He started as a douche, became a non-douche, became a super douche and ended as a former douche turned humble guy. The dude had a bigger arc than Noah.

  12. Isn't like... everybody in the show a Child in some way? At least for me, most episodes feel like if a middleschool class would be working instead.

  13. I always thought the actress who played the high school chick looked way too old to pass for a high schooler. Something about the eyes was suspect.

  14. Yeah, I’m sure extremely petite women love when people accuse their husbands of being pedophiles. I don’t know what the alternative is unless they are expected to date teenage boys.

  15. Angela is an old lady in every way except height... You also forgot her "most normal" girlfriend who seemed and definitely looked mature and age-appropriate.

  16. To be fair, Angela does not look like a child at all. Yes she's petite and that's a running joke in the show, but her face, mannerisms, the way she dresses, etc. are VERY adult. There was also Jessica, who was a normal adult his age, and with Erin I think it worked not because they're both childlike necessarily, but just that they are both naive and somewhat immature. Now the high school student, he has no excuse for lol.

  17. You’re reducing/oversimplifying the characters of angela and aaron to children to try and fit your narrative.

  18. Yeah I don’t like the wording but I kind of get it. Angela mentioned shopping at Kids Gap and the American Girl doll store for clothes.

  19. The deleted scenes from Product Recall (the episode where he’s dating a high schooler) makes Andy so much more of a creep. IIRC he followed her to class and kinda berated her in front of everyone.

  20. I feel like Erin shows a lot of maturity and mental development, like when she dumps Andy when he's being a dick.

  21. And i think Andy is not a bad guy. He didn't choose Kelly because she was dating Ryan. Phyllis is dating Bob and i guess she is not his type.

  22. Posts like these really grind my gears. Very infantizing of Angela and Erin. You might as well call Dwight a pedophile too for filling Angela like a Boston cream donut.

  23. He could make the argument that he was lied to with the second one, but I feel like a 14 year old is different enough from an 18 year old.

  24. Random: Literally A Child looks same age as Erin in this pic! I always just see her as a teenager in that scene but seeing this side by side with Angela n Erin is freaking me out!

  25. I always had this thought too. I don't think he's a creep, I think he's just stunted and no woman his age, unless they're using him, wants to be with him. Stanley's client Julia was also probably 10 years younger than him but clearly much smarter. Even Jessica was much younger than he, but also didn't see how weird he is yet.

  26. I think it's less about Andy being "attracted to kids" and more about Andy having never really grown up. He reminds me a bit of Mr. Peanutbutter in Bojack. Always with younger women until they grew out of him and realized he wasn't growing up

  27. Concerned? Hmm. I’d say go back in time. Enter in the fictional world of The office and go arrest the guy. Let us know how it goes mate

  28. I've never really thought of Andy having a type for kids, more that he ends up with the kind of people who put up with him, aka high school girls or very naive people like Erin. I didn't really have a problem with him and angela.

  29. There's a recurring joke in the show that she is so small/petite that she looks like a child. She even says she shops at Gap Kids for clothes, but when the clothes are too flashy she has to go to the American Girl store and order clothes for large colonial dolls.

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