For me, the office is a show I can rewatch a million times and still love it, what’s a show that’s like this for you.?(other then the office)

  1. My boyfriend contacted Billy West on the day before I had brain surgery. He responded with a video and used all of his voices from different shows!!!

  2. It took me SO long to come around to parks and rec. Problem was I started at season one. Much like the office, it gets dialed in significantly over the first two seasons and hits its stride season three. It’s in my top three all time

  3. King of the Hill. When they took KOTH off Netflix, I watched the Office a lot instead. Once Netflix lost the Office, I got rid of Netflix and just use my friend’s Hulu account to watch KOTH again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it in the past 13 years.

  4. Netflix taking off KOTH is what got me into turning to piracy as the ultimate option for everything.

  5. They’ve just started showing it on E4 Extra in the UK/Ireland from the beginning, watching two episodes a night right now🤍

  6. I love that show to pieces, but it's just short enough that I can't rewatch it like I do some of the others. I'll run through it again just before a new season starts, but I don't use it as "background noise" like I do with some of the others.

  7. "I've been shit on from a great height" is one of the funniest lines to me out of any show I've ever watch and I have no idea why. I think it's because Laszlo is just so off the wall.

  8. did you recognize the hospital set where Pam finds out she's pregnant is the reused sacred heart set?

  9. This. No other sitcom comes close to making me emotional as many times as Scrubs did. The backdrop of this show may be an hospital but it doesn’t require a lot of imagination to realize that this show is about life. I really really love this show… probably even more than the office.

  10. Every single episode had me laughing, no matter the mood I was in. I have rewatched it and it is still manages to get me in a better mood and laugh every single episode.

  11. The one I clicked to add if no one had yet! I cannot get enough of that show. And The Psychologists Are In is fantastic!

  12. I rewatch a lot of the shows listed here but no show is my comfort show like Frasier. He’s always listening.

  13. People sleep on Modern Family (on reddit anyway). First 5-6 seasons are fantastic. It's in my top 10 comedies for sure.

  14. Not a lot of love for Modern Family which is a shame because it’s hilarious and Phil might be one of my favorite sitcom characters ever.

  15. The Modern Family episodes where they're on vacation really hit home for me, the Hawaii trip and the Australia trip episodes can be watched so many times and still enjoyed!!

  16. Found all of my fellow 40+ year olds. If only our own government was as high functioning as the government on The West Wing.

  17. I'm so glad to see people appreciating Monk. Most people I know haven't even heard of it lol. I love all the episodes but the one where Monk solves the entire case from a balcony while on Jury duty takes the cake.

  18. There it is. I have both The Office and KoQ on repeat with an occasional sprinkling of Everybody Loves Raymond.

  19. Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons (yes, all of it), South Park, and Archer are some staple shows in my house. When we're not quite sure what to watch, we'll toss on a random episode of any of these and just let 'em run. We also do this with Ghost Adventures and other ridiculous shows like that.

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