Basic Questions, Advice, Bugs/Glitches & Venting Weekly Megathread

  1. Sometimes I can't use Star Guardian to synchro on my own turn. Is this a bug? I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything because I can quick-play synchro on the opponents turn so all the synchro requirements are met. And I'm sure that it happens sometimes.

  2. correct me if im wrong but it seems the autoduel AI is better with "better" duelist characters than others...for example when i was using yami yugi to autoduel with it did the right move of popping with alternative before synchro with it, with others it doesnt pop first

  3. Can I get some advice with my deck build? I’m trying to get down to 20 cards but not sure if the build itself is dumb

  4. Its me, or the autoduel ia its super stupid when playing with Photons/GE? in multiples occasions i have seen the IA succesful bring a GE from the deck with Galaxion, just instantly sacrifice both of them for another GE on the hand.

  5. I'm not even that good at the game, but the Autoduel AI is just a shortsighted moron no matter what deck you give it, unless you make a deck so straightfoward it CAN'T play it wrong (like a deck full of vanilla 2k beatsticks and equip spells).

  6. Are witchcrafters or Aromages good rogue decks? I came back to DL three days ago and wanted to climb and maybe play again some free tournaments.

  7. Witchcrafters has always been a good deck in the right hands, but the current climate is more hostile to it than ever. Between other negates on legs in bounzer, Book of Moon, Karma Cut everywhere, Necrovalley and Dweller; its getting harder to fight everything at once, since you can only play so much cosmic/patronus/lance yourself. Id say if you are confident in your piloting skills, why not try and test yourself with it. Though if you are planning to outright steamroll everything, just pick a top tier.

  8. Araomages aren't really meta neither is witch crafters. You can get KOG with them since they are somewhat rogue but winning a tournament is an up hill battle unless you know what ur doing. As for r8 not needed but it'd nice for some situations

  9. Are you talking about the duelist challenges? The trick is to activate Reverse trap after you negate Utopia but before you deal battle damage.

  10. I’m pretty new. I can’t seem to find an up to date list. Which duelists are currently limited and off the event rotation? I know Shark and one from DSoD. I know Aigami. Regular Kalin just hit the gate. Axle is active now.

  11. Kite Tenjo as well, you could get him from the event that just ended a few weeks back. Bruno/Antimony is coming soon, and if the D.D. Castle tease is anything to go by, probably The Supreme King the next time that event rolls around after this one.

  12. They already ran that event twice so I’m not sure if they will again. You’ll probably have to wait until they add him to the gate, and my best guess is that’ll happen sometime in April.

  13. The third run of it i would guess is late march or early/mid april. Then at the gate straight up by summer

  14. DLM doesn't have a guide for it, so how do you beat floor 32's challenge event with daedalus? Summon counter traps don't work against it, and I chained raigeki break to it's effect, but it wasn't destroyed, despite there being no destruction protection on the field...

  15. yo dude don't chain it to it's effect, you can use the same strategy only activate it BEFORE he activates it on their Draw Phase (Standby phase also works). you need to put your Toggle up and on "On" to do that so make sure you have that sht up in settings.

  16. I think you can get closed forest from the card trader, first 2 opponents can't remove it if you activate it while they have no field spell (otherwise they can with daedalus), so stall a bit against them(watch out for abyss soldier which can return your monsters to the hand) and try to arrive to the third duelist with some good cards ready to beat him since he has 3 outs to closed forest.

  17. i made a buster lock with dna surgery and Dragon Destroyer Swordsman. i get people might want a generic solution but if you have the deck it's a super easy win

  18. Is there any way to make cards you pull from packs prismatic? For example, I would love to make the Evil Eye deck I first got KOG with prismatic, but don't see a way of doing this in the game.

  19. No, sorry. You need to pull from the box an absurd amount of times to get the prismatics you want

  20. I believe that you can only do that with cards from the trader or from the selection boxes (with EX-gems).

  21. Would it be possible to add a question about how many wins are necessary to climb to KOG onto the Duel Links FAQ? I feel like I see that question a lot.

  22. Feels a bit slow. You want to hit opponent's backrow before you summon your monster if possible. And Arfeudutyr kind of does the same thing.

  23. You need to activate reverse trap right before damage caculation. This is because gogogo golem's affect only activate's if its attack points decrease so you can't activate reverse trap in that chain since the effect of reverse trap would sctivate first. Instead let gogogo golem activate its effect when you declare an attack and it will negate utopia's affect. Once that is done you activate reverse trap just before damage calculation to give you the attack boost.

  24. I think the event EX trader prismatic/foil option only applies the first time the card is added, so only when it's the new UR.

  25. no idea what to use my ur box tix on and what to spend my gems on. They expire in 8 and 13 marsh. Im happy with my deck and have no cards I want to it. If im taking a card for a new deck then instead of being gem overflow I be in gem underflow.

  26. well i just encountered the first floor i actually had trouble with, the secret floor behind floor did yall beat it

  27. Added closed forest to the deck. Annoyingly neo daedalus still had a couple of destructions effects, but I still managed it.

  28. Fiendish Chain, Divine Wrath/Ultimate Providence or Bounzer works to negate the Daedalus. But it’s definitely not Auto-Duel friendly.

  29. SHS works pretty well against it. The lv7 synchro comes back after destruction, you got your gigagloves to keep you alive, and the extra damage for being earth attribute helps a bunch

  30. How hard should I hoard gems as a new player? My instinct says “anything could go on sale for any amount at any time!” At the same time, I don’t know this game’s history of sales, and cards lose value over time.

  31. I'd say take it slow because it may seem like you have a bunch of gem reserves now, but down the line (IF you plan on sticking with the game for more than a couple months/years) it'll dwindle down.

  32. I really, really hate how they don't give you the main characters' ace monster anymore and shove it in a skill and release it later. I know that it's been a problem for a while, but I hate it. Remember when unlocking a character gave you a cook UR to play with and not a worthless skill and a "Go to the fucking box you pleb?"

  33. I guess with some of the more recent stuff (generic XYZs and Synchros), they don't want to give everyone a powerful and/or good generic splashable extra deck monster for free like that... but then that doesn't explain why Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is skill only, because he's not Extra Deck, and while I guess he's technically generic, I'm not sure I'd call him actually generic...

  34. Hello I am new to the game just as a fan of original show and I stay in that series in game. My gems and coins are stacking up but I don’t understand all the different boxes and sales going on.

  35. For some nostaligc and OG cards like Blue eyes ultimate dragon and magical hats, you should open the Ultimate rising pack. It is right at the bottom and the first box released.

  36. Autoduel: "I have Malefic World and a Malefic Rainbow Dragon out, activate Malefic Territory - better use it to activate another Malefic World and nuke my MRD for no reason by destroying the only field spell in doing so!

  37. Why do the structure decks suddenly cost 1000 gems? I know they used to be 2000. As well as, why is the gagaga xyz structure deck only 500?

  38. You can either Floodgate the first monster they summon(unless it's Thrasher. If it is refer to option no.2) or wait for them to summon Starliege Glaxaion. Its better to wait but sometimes if they have 4 Photons in hand youll be sorry for not Floodgating the first monster cuz theyl being out a second galaxion. If you floodgate their first summons as long as its not Thrasher theyre at least guaranteed to pass turn.

  39. So I recently started playing a Hazy Flame deck to get that bonus Fire damage in the D.D. Castle. But I’m finding that when I have three level six monsters on the field, I can’t summon Photon Bounzer, while I can when there are only two level six monsters. I’m still able to summon Hazy Flame Basiltrice fine whether I have two or three monsters on the field. Is there something about XYZ summoning I’m missing that would prevent summoning a two-material monster with three materials on the field?

  40. It was given out for free to everyone for an event ages ago. I guess there's a chance that they'll add it to the lifetime missions or just add it to the ticket pool eventually but there's no way to get it for now.

  41. Does anyone know what’s going on in this duel I just had. It looks like the Kite player is running out the clock out of bad manners because I countered their Photon Dragon, but then at the end I Disconnect rather than them losing from time, so maybe it was a glitch? Anyone else have this happen with Photon Dragons?

  42. By looks of it, i am guessing that your game had some connection issue at some point since you actually lost to Connection issue and not Time out. Nonetheless i would report that Kite player of i were you, for wasting time rather than take the L.

  43. So the first one of the duel challenges, i kept getting it wrong, and i had to activate the trap in a spearate chain in order for me to complete it. Why is that?

  44. Hey guys, I'm a new player and I've seen that we got all series with its own stage level, should I focus on any of those to level first? Like DM? Or I should balance this, e.g: Dm level 10, zexal 4, 5ds 6?

  45. Once you reach stage 30 in DM you will have reached lvl 40 at the gate and a good amount of standard duelists ( if you don't want to play DM and only want to play what you have to then you don't need to reach stage 45 where you get another two standard duelist because it would be a waste of time in your case). The lvl 40 gate is neccesary for skill farming. After that you can do whichever series you like however if you are playing a certain deck I would recommend getting the character that corresponds to it which means you might need to push a bit in some of the other series.

  46. DM levels is the important one. The rest you can max however you like. DM levels control the amount of standard duelist that spawn and their difficulty.

  47. I keep seeing people calling for Hey, Tunade! to be banned still. Yeah it's horrible in an unchecked meta deck but that's why we semi-limit their cards so they can't abuse Trunade. If Trunade was banned they at least need to give us some new form of back row removal for the sake of rogue decks. Cosmic Cyclone can only do so much between LP cost and being single removal. Without Trunade I might as well be using Dicephoon in my Gem-Knight deck.

  48. The thing about trunade is even decks that want backrow removal aren't necessarily running it because you only get a one turn window of opportunity

  49. Either stop their normal summon works most of the time. If you have the right backrow stop their synchro monsters. I usually have to go back and forth a few turns and summon dweller to kick for game.

  50. I need help identifying a trap card. It allows you to choose a monster attribute and special summon a monster of that attribute, but with a different name (I think). It has chaotic art.

  51. I kept it in my Extra Deck just to fill up a slot, but today performed a OTK on a BEWD player using Ally of Justice Decisive Armor + Solemn Scolding

  52. Trying to give my Lunalight deck some more consitency (and don’t want to try to invest in a predaplant engine) and thought about fusion parasite, a level 1 insect that is both a fusion substitute and acts as its own polymerization when special summoned. Is there any simple engine in the game right now that could trigger that effect consistently?

  53. If you want more consistency play 3 Lunalight Fusion, 1 Poly and fill the rest with Lunalight monsters (including the purple one). The tech space is up to you.

  54. Fusion Parasite cannot be used as a fusion substitute for lunalight monsters because it requires that the monster it is substituting is "specifically listed" on that fusion monster. Lunalight fusions do not list specific monsters

  55. Now that we got our one and only copy ever of Alternative what do you think the future looks like for Blue-Eyes? Its meta now for sure but thats only because Konami murdered a bunch of stronger decks on the banlist. In a month or so when Konami releases stronger cards BEWD will be off the tier list.

  56. With all of the Rank 8 dragons yet to come the deck will always be capable of being meta again. They make 2 level 8s much easier than the main deck of galaxy eyes

  57. Is Rainbow Gravity broken? I'm using Lightsworn cards to mill 7 names and a RD, but the trap is still not activatable. I have 6 names in gy and 1 in s/t with 2 open monster zones. No xeno-locking, no jinzo, etc. Can't figure out why this trap is not activatable.

  58. I've looked this up before and from my understanding the ignoring summoning conditions part does not work if they were sent to the graveyard without having been properly summoned first.

  59. From what it says on the card, it cannot be special summoned by any othr ways other than itself. I don't have any experience with this deck but reading the card descriptions I don't know what the point of Rainbow gravity even is since both the monsters cannot be special summoned by other ways.

  60. What are the chances do you think Konami adds more Buster blader support? I want them to be meta just one. Just give us buster dragon, memories and prologue, and maybe destruction sword. They could be tier 1

  61. Just wanted to say the Dark Blade cosmetics from this event are really cool and motivated me to update my crappy Dark Blade deck i made ages ago.

  62. How can I summon Yubel the ultimate nightmare? I thought I could do it by tributing terror incarnate with ballista squad. But it always says I missed the activation timing. What should I do? I don’t have too many cards. What am I doing wrong?

  63. You're missing timing because the effect of tributing Terror Incarnate happens before the destroying anything. Both effect would have to happen at the same time so timing wouldn't be missed. I would suggest using Fire Kings or the free option Exile of the Wicked which you can get from farming Tea and is a R so its easy to get

  64. This should help you learn what missing the timing is so you can pilot your deck better. If you intend to play Yubel it is critical information because it comes up a lot.

  65. Easiest way is to get the fire king structure deck (unless you went into the box that has the cards) and destroy Yubel from your hand using the field spell, summoning terror incarnate, then destroy them the next turn either by using the field spell again to destroy them or garunix (structure deck/UR dream ticket exclusive rn)

  66. What others said, also with Malevolent Sin everywhere Winged Kuriboh might not be enough protection anymore.

  67. Fwiw I only have one boxer veil so I use two regular kuribohs, which you can get through one of the SR tickets. It doesn’t work as well as boxer veil but it’s a notable improvement over winged kuriboh, who I used in my LL deck until I got them.

  68. I'm guessing it's so people can use them to selectively proc destiny draw by choosing what damage goes through.

  69. When looking at the DLM Top Deck page, I noticed that Dragunity is represented by Arma Leyvaten when I have not seen a deck that has used that card since Couse was added to the game. Anyone know why they have chosen to use that monster to represent Dragunity?

  70. Does anyone know the prices of the sale that is currently running? I would like to know the value of it is compared to normal.

  71. It’s a standard sale, starts at $1.99 USD then the next one is 4.99 and so on. It’s not as good as the UR sale we just had in KCC. Slightly better value than normal prices but nothing special compared to 50% off sales.

  72. Anyone else just suicide their own monsters in a losing duel so they can prevent their opponent from dancing around with more combos when what they have at the moment will CLEARLY win them the duel?

  73. What Cards doe HEROs need to become competitive again? Dark Law is the only obvious one but I doubt its coming anytime soon with Konami trying to push XYZs. What else could we get?

  74. Destiny Heroes Dystopia, Dominance, Dusktopia, Destiny End Dragoon, Disk Commander, Dynatag, Drawhand, Dreadmaster, Dread Servant, Dunker. And Fusion Destiny, Clocktower Prison, Eternal Dread.

  75. While absolute zero is definitely good in a deck focused on him, its hard to find space for him in the current HERO builds because I don't see a consistent way to summon him turn one unless some skill shenanigans happens

  76. Machina archetype as a standalone deck is eh. Machina fortress is great in other decks, the searcher is dece too.

  77. Lol so I'm playing krawlers, and I faced a noble knight. First turn they draw the parasite paracide I put in their deck. They couldn't do anything. I never noticed the equip cards can only equip to warriors. Good skill to counter them if they every get really popular

  78. If it guaranteed they’d draw it, maybe. But given that the odds aren’t amazing, seems like it could be a waste.

  79. I downloaded the game today on Pc and Idk what's happening with the "Active events" list. It just appears the D.D. Castle but I see there is a Duel Quest active too and they are giving gems for playing PvP.

  80. Duel Quest is a passive event, you don’t click on it. It’s the Yugi cartoon at the end of every Duel. That is all. Same for kuriboh, you duel and you gain kuriboh points just by dueling.

  81. There are always 2 events. One of them (D.D castle in this case) requires you to enter the event and play specific matches for specific rewards(eg. certain cards or skills). The other (Duel quest in this case) dosn't require you to play any specific event (though somtimes you get extra points for playing ranked duels) and gives you generic rewards (eg. tickets, gems)

  82. While you get some skills from level ups and tasks most of them are unlocked from dueling legendary duelists (vagabonds and standard duelists dont drop skills) or pvp.

  83. Are any of these fire cards from this event particularly notable? I don't feel particularly well-equipped to evaluate them, and this is my first event in this game (other than the KC cup).

  84. Not really, Slicer would have prob been a degenerate stall card if the burn wasn't cut in half.

  85. Hey, I was wondering if any of you know what the name of the song played after you beat Yugi Muto to unlock him is called ? The song is played for a little bit once Yami is talking about Pegasus' Millennium eye and it stops playing once Yugi starts talking. I've been searching on and off for like almost a year and the closest thing I've found were some videos like this one:

  86. When will the next box be leaked? I'm hyped for a synchro box to coincide with Antinomy's event. Is it safe to say we'll get T.G cards that haven't been leaked yet? Imagine we get some Accel synchro cards as well like shooting star dragon, and crystron quandax!

  87. Does anyone else have consistent stability problems with this game? I've played on multiple devices and if I play for an hour, I crash like 3 to 5 times on max power usage with perfect framerate on relatively new hardware. The only thing it doesn't crash on is PC, but that's likely because it has way more resources than it needs

  88. It was updated so it would stand out from the other buttons to avoid accidentally ending your turn when trying to go to the battle phase.

  89. Anyone else find it weird they didn’t include a desperado deck in the sample KC decks? Desperado is like the 5th most played monster card. Must mean they’re gonna banlist it out of existence

  90. It was included in the November 2020 Sample Decks, even though the version played nowadays is a bit different. But as the Sample Decks have the purpose to promote fresh, new decks it wouldn't really beneficial to highlight them a second time.

  91. After being frustrated with getting hit with Karma Cut so much in the ladder, I've gone back to playing Lunalights. Gotta love that targeting protection.

  92. Just played a game with Water Xyz against Six Samurai. I used Dweller's effect detaching Infantry to pop their Shi En, and apparently Fuma can still protect it? Is that not an effect that activates in the GY and can thus be prevented with Dweller? I are confuse.

  93. Banishing Fuma from GY to substitute destruction is an unclassified effect. Unclassified and continuous/continuous-like effects do not activate.

  94. The "any card effects that activate in your opponent's Graveyard cannot be activated this turn." effect cannot be activated during the Damage Step.

  95. How tf does the pvp ranking system work? I was at Legend Rank 3, won 4 games in a row and next game it says "Win and you'll rank up!". Then I lose the next TWO and next game it says "Lose, and you'll rank down!". Wtf??

  96. If you lose 3 in a row in Legend you derank, regardless of how close you were to rank.

  97. Yo guys, if you have nothing better to do, come join my livestream on Youtube and chill with me. I will be playing all sorts of decks in Legend bracket and trying to work my way into KOG and also will be discussing potential banlist.

  98. I had the entire Methapys deck rotting in my collection for months now (opened Blazing Rose 3 times for Krawlers) and decided to give them a try today. I'm in love. It's actually pretty fun to play. I just banished a board of a Twin Burst, Alternative and a Spirit Dragon with a Daedalus and it felt amazing.

  99. Coincidentally just earlier today I got curbed stomped by a metaphys deck. I havent had to play against it before; I was clueless as to what to do , hah. Maybe it was you. If so, gg.

  100. Yeah I love seeing my opponents wondering what I'm trying to do before they suddenly get all their monsters banished or being unable to backrow tyrant dragon.

  101. How is it I'm running 6 tuners and 3 copies of Miracle Synchro Fusion but only get both in my opening hand like 1/10 duels with a 20 card deck. Half the time when I finally at least open with Miracle Synchro Fusion it's 2 of them and no tuner...

  102. You can use the "stats" tab on the duel links meta deck tester to find the exact chance of opening a certain combination of cards in your opening hand.


  104. In the D.D. castle event there are always secret stages, which you unlock when beating certain floors within 10 turns IIRC - The Mat for example is in the secret stage between floor 20 and 21.

  105. Uhh... I just matched into a game, they were going turn 1 and I was watching YouTube waiting and they never did anything. So I continued watching my YouTube video periodically looking over and when i noticed 5 minutes had past I thought something was fishy. About a minute later without a single connection icon for me, I then disconnect and lose. Is that a glitch or a hacker?

  106. You were watching Youtube for too long in one go, while you were 'periodically checking' did you actually go into the app and let it refresh? Because it you exit the app for more than about 10 secs then you lose.

  107. Going first with Water XYZ, I would say either you Treachrous Trap Hole when they have 2 monsters on board or destroy their normal summon so that they can't special summon from the hand afterwards

  108. I guess it depends on the circumstances, who goes first, what do you currently have to disrupt them, what do they have to prevent the disruption, what is your/their final board turn 1 etc.

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