Basic Questions, Advice, Bugs/Glitches & Venting Weekly Megathread

  1. Blue eyes shining dragon cant use its effect if its targeted by an xyz monster because the "forgot" to update it

  2. What is the maximum number of gems you can have at once? I've been told that I reach the inventory limit, but can that expanded? If I have reached that limit is it worthwhile spending those gems now on the on some core cards? There seems to be a limit on the gems that are held in the gift box.

  3. With the current meta, I can't understand why 6sams are still limited. Dojo should be unlimited.

  4. New player here. What stage (dm) do you get the final standard duelist from? Is it advisable to focus on one area and ignore the rest?

  5. Stage 45. I would go between them. That way you can lvl up a world and reset all your duelists more often to get more missions done.

  6. I thought the shark box was underwhelming when it came out but between that, territory of the sharks and abyss dweller water decks have seen a nice boost. It’s cool to see people experiment with deep sea diva, atlanteans, frogs and the like.

  7. To be fair it was really bad when it came out, even if the potential was there because things were actually tried before dweller came. Really like its current situation because it shows even underwhelming boxes can turn out to be pretty good with as little as a single card release.

  8. It is really hard to not get tilted when you’re at DLv. 18, about to rank up to 19, and keep losing the rank up game. Had to quit when I lost to a Blue Eyes player who drew the nuts.

  9. After you get max, you cannot derank. You just play your 4 games each day in DLv. MAX to get the gems until the 2nd stage starts.

  10. Every so often I bust out my alt account to test some stuff, and this time I noticed something that I am very not pleased about

  11. What is the name of the rank 5 Xyz monster that can xyz summon itself from a rank 3-4 xyz just like Gaia Knight? I thought it was like a bee or something and it’s killing me not knowing lol

  12. This is more of a request but can anybody test the use of the trap "Darkfall" against BEWD. Just a victim looking for a way. Thank you.

  13. There’s some archetype guides on Duel Links Meta. Most of them feature some discussion about how to deal with different archetypes based on what the archetype you’re playing can do.

  14. What is the optimal way to use cosmic cyclone vs noble knights when theyre going second and have their normal medraut+equip opener?

  15. Probably as soon as they try to equip to medraut right? Like it would suck if they have another equip but at that point cyclone isnt doing that much anyway and the longer you wait the more card advantage they're going to get.

  16. How good is powerful rebirth in magnets. I have 3 super team buddy force but I was wondering if I should powerful rebirth in my 30 card balance deck.

  17. If a card says to tribute a monster and special summon another monster, does that special summon count as a tribute summon?

  18. Best 250 gem box to invest in? Just started the game, I was given like 3000 gems, and the fact that a lot of the older boxes are on sale for 250/per 10 gives me hope that I'll be able to build at least a complete deck core

  19. This game is such bs lmao. Almost got demoted from Dlv 18 because I play NKs and went 2nd 5 times in a row. They just banished my Merlin/Medraut, summoned bewd or fked up Synchros and game over. 1st time I narrowly won because he lost connection. 5th time I didn't even have Merlin/Medraut in my starting hand but won against a pretty bad deck. Had I started, I would have won at least most of these games. Sooo RNG based...

  20. You're playing a card game so expect a lot of RNG. Take a break if youre having a losing streak. Theres still 5 days to grind before the 2nd stage, dont burn yourself out. Maybe you can make some adjustments to your deck by adding some backrow removal? I saw some NK decklist with CC or trunade from some tournaments

  21. I want every person who is salty over my running Aromages to know that I tried running Evil Eye and SHS, but was beat to the ground by meta. Enjoy your long games.

  22. Wait until the banlist post KC Cup, thundra probably gets nerfs. Photons seem strong & somewhat safe so far.

  23. My favourite deck that consistently and quickly gets 8000+ points would be a Red Eyes farm deck. It’s relatively cheap; it has targeting negation; multiple searchers, draw spells and deck thinners; as well as decent recovery power if something does go wrong.

  24. Depends on the deck you're facing, but the most commonly used right now are Yubel, labyrinth builder, aromage-Ra. You can check the DLM site or gamea for the complete decklist of each

  25. just got a ur dream ticket to spare. should i get alesteir or invocation??? i only have one of each

  26. when is steelswarm roach actually work? Sometimes i have been using it and 5 level or higher have been special invoqued, for example Dragon Spirit of White being summoned by White Stone, and no prompt appeared. Same with Blue eyes S. Summoned with Ancient Rules.

  27. Karma cut's second effect is so nifty. I played against a BE player who foolishly dumped 2 of his Blue Eyes in the GY (along with Alternative!)

  28. Dear Quintet players: have you considered actually playing the game and not stalling for your crutch card? Fuck magician girls. I unironically want quintet banned so I never have to see them ever fucking again. "JuSt RuN KaRmA CuT" I'll Karma Cut your fucking balls off don't fucking tell me to run KC. I don't have KC and I don't want KC. KC is for cowards who let their opponent even make a fucking field in the first place.

  29. Why are the lower DLvs filled with decks that should brick way more often than they do but don’t? I dueled an Arkana using Dark Magician 22 card deck power of dark as the skill. Opens rod, navigation, searches circle into DM and you wouldn’t know these decks were impacted in any way by the last list update. He also uses Power of the Guardians the ultimate card that is associated with low level play and is super easy to play around. And I lose because he drew the god hand which seems to be all the lower ranks are. He also summoned the skilled magician that gains counters and can summon another DM from the deck so you know, super standard list.

  30. Confirmation bias. They probably brick a lot but you only see the game they get the god hand. For those cases I just check my own win rate and assume they got the stupid hand while I don't draw answers. Statistics > One game every once in a while.

  31. Would storm be a good card for a noble knight deck since you can just re equip the cards after destroying them?

  32. Not really, if you're running balance then it can screw you over if you open it and not an equip spell. There's also the fact that to re equip you need to have a noble knight on the field, considering that the backrow the oppo is using most likely is meant to stop you from having a single face up monster on the field, you really won't have a chance to use this effect unless your opponent is running battle traps.

  33. It's a pretty "meh" card for NKs since their equip card's revive effect only works once per turn so if your opponent has something else up their sleeve in terms of removal then you've just used up your card's ability to reuse itself. It's an interesting card to use for sure though and will probably come in useful in certain cases so test it out if you have the resources.

  34. Photon Dragon isn't once per turn, and since the Battle Step has an infinite number of chains, it can continually activate the effect if its effects are negated.

  35. Is it negated Galaxy Eyes constantly fizzling its effect? It’s technically intended. It’s just in any other format like an official tournament the player would get disqualified for slow play.

  36. How do you guys avoid time limit loss? I feel like I'm not moving that slowly but I still lose multiple duels due to running out of time. Even if I move as fast as possible my timer still goes down :(

  37. Constantly losing to time generally implies one hasn't fully learned how to use their deck yet. Best advice would be to keep playing. You can also practice against the CPU duelists since there is no clock on those games.

  38. How do you feel about silvans and batteryman ? I want to invest into those decks by digging in Rampagne of the forest + burning nova but i feel like it's not the greatest idea... What's your opinion ?

  39. Now's a good time to get them since those boxes are half price. Sylvan's just got a new xyz in the selection box so we could see a box with more Sylvan support sometime this year.

  40. Minds drawing a blank; if white stone of ancients is in my opponents graveyard, could I theoretically throw a DD Crow into the mix, banish it before my opponents end phase, and effectively cancel their blue eyes summon and draw? I’ve got a playset that I’ve not touched since pulling them and this feels spicy.

  41. Be sure to do this before the end phase, as chaining Crow to Stone's effect will not prevent it from resolving properly.

  42. Did they change Sanga, Suijin, and Kazejin's effect? Now they seem to be able reduce an attacking monster's ATK to 0 only during damage calculation and the monster isn't destroyed.

  43. All they do is make the monster's attack zero during that battle. If they would be destroyed by that battle, then they are destroyed normally. If the affected monster is protected in some way, or your monster is defense position, the affected monster won't be destroyed.

  44. I was wondering if I should invest into D/D/D Photon Dragon Black Wings Cyber Dragon or WitchCrafters which has more value in the long in terms of meta?

  45. Can someone help me understand duel assessment rewards? The text below the rewards indicates you can only get a maximum of 8 rewards, and that every 1000 points gets you a reward. However, I see people building farm decks that go for 8000 points. Wouldn't it be more efficient to play on 2x and go for 4000? Are they not the same? Does a higher point value also increase the value of each reward, even if it exceeds the number of rewards allowed?

  46. Typically just bumrushing them and murdering them works. There are a bunch of decks that just kill them and kind go “eh, whatever” to their bounzers and sphere kuribohs.

  47. The only reason to buy multiple packs at once with gems is the sake of time. If you are chasing a specific card, it is best to pull one at a time, because if you buy 10 packs and the card you're chasing is in those 10 packs, you are wasting up to 9 packs worth of gems.

  48. If your bulk purchase settings are set properly, you’ll automatically reset once you get your URs/SRs/both. This includes in the middle of opening a bunch of packs. If you’re looking for one specific card rather than all of the rare cards, then yeah, it could be bad for you.

  49. Returning player but never played xyz in tgc and don’t know much about the zexal world or characters. In terms of longevity and expansion what is to come for the photon/galaxy deck? I grinded the kite event and have a solid galaxy eyes deck atm but what cards can be added to make better? What cards could be possibly slapped on the ban list?

  50. I don’t see photon getting hit at all, they just releases the box and they aren’t op by any means. There should only be future support coming for them. What’s your decklist?

  51. I would hang tight, balance may be nerfed and they may limit thundra (hopefully not) but it’s always a bad idea (from personal experience) to invest in a meta deck right before the end of kc cup and a soon after ban list

  52. In desktop mode, the sidebar has a "no fluff" option. There seems to be options for both old and new Reddit.

  53. Much chance of a crystron card(any of the five) coming off the banlist? I imagine konami's considering freeing controller, but I'd love to get one of the tuners back. Crystrons for rogue status please!

  54. As I love rogue Decks, like Weather Painter and Megalith, I wanted to ask, if anyone knows other rogue decks/archetypes, that can easily compete against the meta decks. Thanks in advance

  55. I'm playing satellarknights at the moment and they are a blast. Keeps getting better with new releases of xyz monsters and staple traps.

  56. Ritual Beasts are a good rogue option most of the time(not against a blue eyes meta tho). Gravekeepers can stun a lot of decks, and you can get a lot of instant surrenders playing Aromas. Fire King is also decent(you could toss in Yubel as well if you want).

  57. A pack costs 50 gems (25 on sale for the oldest boxes) and contains 3 cards, one guaranteed rare or higher. A box either has 100 packs (mini-box) or 180 packs (main-box) and you can reset the box to its default if you want multiple copies of cards with higher rarity.

  58. So we can have Japanese Vox for the mobile app but not on PC? Something I'm missing here or is there a legitimate reason?

  59. In order to be prompted to activate quick effects during the draw/standby phase, your self-chain setting needs to be on and your toggle button set to on.

  60. Can't upload a duel replay video directly because it's too big apparently. Made a mistake with visibility when I decided to link to YouTube instead so I deleted the post and fixed the visibility. Tried to repost the link. Got an error message saying I'd already posted that link in the last 90 days so basically no can do. So... Now what?

  61. Harpies and Dino XYZs are my two most anticipated metas. I think we are ready for Harpies with all the backrow complaints. They should release MST along with them assuming they come in a main box. Ive tested harpies and assuming we get full support they can be VERY consistent.

  62. “What a thoughtful comment and great opportunity to open up a discussion. What are my thoughts?”

  63. Can someone explain how kiteroid's 2nd effect where it banishes from the graveyard? "During damage calculation, if your opponent's monster attacks directly (Quick Effect): You can banish this card from your Graveyard; you take no battle damage from that battle."

  64. Yes. The first time each season you hit a rank, there are like 10 gems or so for it. And the big rank ups from like gold to platinum, legend to KOG, are more.

  65. Anyone had their boxes suddenly reset? I was farming Valiant Souls and now I have to start again, when I had already opened 25 packs.

  66. Are your box settings set to auto reset? From what I remember, you can set it to automatically reset after all SR/UR cards are pulled. Is it possible that's what happened?

  67. DL. Max with Thunder Dragons should anyone be looking for some ideas with their own decks:

  68. If you want to do that, you can, you know... play TCG. Maybe it would be kinda interesting with the limited cardpool, but having shorter games is one of the best things about DL

  69. Is there a good starting point for someone who is returning? I played for a few months when the game was first released, and just came back a couple of days ago, and have no idea what to really build around seeing as a lot of the currently used cards were released long after I stopped playing the physical card game (some time around when Absolute Zero was initially released).

  70. Judgement Force is a good box that has 3 good deck strategies with Lunalight, Blue-Eyes, and Lightsworn.

  71. Honestly from my experience as a relatively recent returning player, it's gonna be pretty rough since this is a very backrow heavy meta. In addition, most decks I see play a very diverse extra deck. You're gonna be spreading your gems pretty thin chasing all these staple backrow and extra deck cards, but I'd start by using your gems to get those to supplement a F2P or relatively cheap deck like Aromages, assuming you're a F2P player.

  72. my fave combo when i used to play them was black rose into dragons mirror 5 head, so i would play them as chazz for that skill

  73. As a f2p player, do you recommend me going through Infinite Ray (constellar) or Shark Fang (territory of the sharks)?

  74. There are other ways to play Water decks without Deep Sea Diva. Hammer Shark is a F2P alternative. It works great with Graydles too, if you have them and want to go down that route.

  75. Is Neos Fusion’s gy effect not activated? I just tried to abyss dweller it but the protection effect still worked for them

  76. Is there any use for the mountains of gold I'm buried under besides the card trader? You can only trade with the card trader so much, and even after not playing for long, I nearly have a million gold despite spending on the card trader regularly.

  77. No, the card trader is the only usage for gold. A million gold will go fairly quickly if you try to buy out every card, but eventually you'll reach a point where gold is literally worthless.

  78. If you've maxed all characters, completed all lifetime and stage challenges, leveled all stages, completed every loaner duel challenge, and completed every duel quiz, you can still get gems from events, watching replays, daily drops from the fountain, PvP matches, and random PvE drops.

  79. How in the world do I deal with Thunder Dragons? I have lost every single match against them in the KC cup.

  80. When playing Thunder Dragons, basically I lose when I brick, or when I go turn 1 and get OTKd (deck isn't very defensive). But when I go turn 2 and a strong hand with Levianeer then there aren't many boards it won't win.

  81. Alright, how do you guys think meta decks should be taken down a peg? Personally, I’d like to do something about all the Pot of Greeds going around right now

  82. there's only one pot of greed and that's cup of ace. pot of greed is a card that never bricks, always combo extends and is an instant plus. no card in the game does that aside from cup of ace.

  83. My first suggestion would be to figure out what deck you would like to build. A good list of what is good at the moment may be seen on

  84. In typical metaphys fashion, my opponent summoned metaphys Daedalus during my standby phase and wiped out all my monsters. What was surprising was that I had Force Focus in play, but didn’t get a chance to activate its effect before it was banished. Any idea why?

  85. The effect doesn't target, so if you are waiting for him to choose your card, that explains it.

  86. Was your toggle set to auto or on? My guess is since Force Focus doesn’t actually negate effects specifically when they activate and is just a blanket “when you wanna, i can negate a specific card”, the game just didn’t think to prompt you.

  87. I hate playing against off meta garbage. 28 card deck with a single copy of red eyes fusion and all the other bullshit I’m playing one of everything decks that open the god hand every fucking duel. I lost to a guy who did that and he had fucking World Legacy Guardragon Mardark and was of course able to fulfill its special summoning conditions because he had white stone of ancients turn one too and lemon magician girl and all that garbage. You build a consistent deck and then lose to unga bunga I want to play one of every single character card in my deck trash. 🙄 Yes I’m tilted and done for the day. At least meta I know what to expect. These fucking I somehow never brick decks on the other hand infuriate me.

  88. Nothing like a duel where neither player knows what to expect out of one person's deck.

  89. Red-eyes fusion changes the name of the summoned monster to REBD, which should show up in green when you tap the card on the field.

  90. In stage 4 of the GX thing it says use 4 spell/trap cards. I used a noble knight deck and used glory of the noble knights, and the 4 swords and after the duel was over it said i didnt complete it

  91. The activation of a spell card is when you play it from your hand, or flip it face up. Any other effect which starts a chain is instead the activation of a spell card's effect. So when you activate the effect that gives Life Points or even the effect that re-equips from the graveyard, that is not the activation of a spell card and therefore will not count towards the mission. And Glory is only a single spell card activation, not one for itself and one for the equip spell.

  92. Legit couldn’t find this before when looking it up, not sure why I couldn’t but oops. Anyways, onomatopair has a bug in it where you can return 2 copies of the same card despite the fact that it says they must be 2 different names. Had an opponent return 2 copies of gagagabolt to the deck.

  93. anyone think it could be viable to change up BE build to run a couple maidens and priestess with somethin like wonder wand or mausoleum? priestess with either of those is another melody

  94. I've experimented with both those cards back when they came out. I can't say I've messed with them recently but I wasn't that impressed with them.

  95. 2nd account. I can't for the life of me obtain "The White Stone of the Ancients" from that Lords of Shining pack, despite getting 3 with a lot less packs with my first account. Estimated over 100 packs without reset. Am I crazy or doing something wrong?

  96. Faced a krawler deck for the first time yesterday and it felt so weird. I knew exactly what to remove and when only because I play the deck so often myself

  97. Konami offering 7 random gifts everyday, I see that they are offering 50 Gems and I channel all of my Charisma skill and actually get the 50 gems.

  98. Been playing for a bit now, got a couple of good decks, but they were all really cheap. I wanna try making more of an expensive deck, where I might have to reset the box to make the deck. Also not having to buy a structure deck multiple times since that costs money. Any recommendations that'll still be good in a couple of months

  99. Better wait until the KC cup is over as a banlist usually follows shortly after. This way you won't be wasting your gems on a deck that immediately gets nerfed into the ground.

  100. Blue-Eyes or Thunder Dragons would be your best bets. Blue-Eyes more so since they just got semi-new support and likely won't be seeing any major nerfs in the near future.

  101. I'm still fairly new to the game but I was thinking of building an invoked Neos deck but I hear that after the KC cup that some of those cards might get limited.

  102. The thing about Invoked Neos is that it relies on a lot of things now. If anything gets put on Limited 2/3, the deck is shut out from using it at all.

  103. Well they massacred invoked the last banlist so I doubt they will hit it much harder. Butttt they may limit neos variant by limiting some of their cards. Invoked will always carry on and it’s in a fantastic box with other great cards.

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