looking for longer control arm kits for mustang 2 suspension. need more angle out of 49 chevy drift car. pic for attention. thanks

  1. People tell me to paint it like that but after totalling and rebuilding it twice, and chopping the roof and donating enough body panels I kind of just like the clear to show all the battle scars

  2. Yeah my upper and lower arms are solid steel. Pretty sure I could cut em and sleeve em out and smoke my little 140 mig to make it happen. I will check out umi. Never heard of em thanks

  3. Don't quote me on this tho, things get froggy after 20 years. Want to say it was popular to use foxbody suspension on mustang 2s

  4. Call UMI, tell em what you have, see what they have that'll be close to the lenth you need. Or if you can weld. Make your own. Patent and profit. lol

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