How does "dressing for width" take care of the upper curve?

  1. It sounds like you don’t have width but do have curve. You could look into the yin end if the ID,s. Not having width could imply you are not frame dominant (not necessarily what it means, but without pictures I’m taking a guess) and perhaps you are in the R family.

  2. Width takes care of upper curve if Width is there in the first place ( ie someone who needs Width accomodation could have a garment that isn't made for it pull on BOTH places, but once Width is accomodated it will also stop pulling on the bust ). If the bust is the part requiring most space then it needs curve accomodation not Width ( upper curve in this case, could be with another curve or with vertical )

  3. This theory only works if your upper curve is overpowered by your width. If we look at SNs, they are hourglass shaped but their bust line does not push out past their frame. If we look at FNs, who can sometimes be curvy, we will see that their curve is also contained within their frame. An example of this is FN Tracee Ellis Ross, who has clear

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