Armpit gap in tops?

  1. I don't think you're not accommodating anything. You're probably just in between sizes. I am the same. Just have your pieces tailored--it's annoying but it's a lifesaver. It's why celebrities look so good, they have their pieces tailored. I have to buy large and get my pieces tailored because I am between large and medium.

  2. i don't know what to make of it as it could either be that the top was designed for a person with a more prominent bust which would push forward this fabric, OR, it could be designed for a person with a wider back?

  3. I used to have this happen to me a lot before I put on some weight and I’ve been told a few times in life I have a small rib cage, that might be why if you’re like me. But I’m not sure if it can be pinned down to a particular type!

  4. I have this problem and attribute it to being a Dramatic. If the garment is long enough, it's not narrow enough. If it's narrow enough, it's not long enough. If stretching/bunching at the armpits is a sign of needing to accommodate width, I'd say gaping/floating at the armpits is a sign of the opposite

  5. Ditto! I’ve been told my torso is short. If I follow measurement guides in online stores, I’d find that the clothes would end up either too big or too small.

  6. You can just take it in on the sides, if you have a friend with a sewing machine who knows how to use it they can fix it up for you in 5 minutes, or look at YouTube videos

  7. I feel like fashion tape (top stick toupee tape works too) could help with this? I notice arm holes are almost always a problem for me, especially in less expensive brands which right now, is most of my wardrobe.

  8. Just need to add some darts :) not everything is going to be perfectly tailored off the rack. You could watch a few youtube tutorials and DIY it, or take to a local seamstress

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