where did u start from

  1. 16/17/18. Had a maxed out Josip IličiΔ‡. Josh Cullen was miswritten as John Cullen. Ben Brereton DΓ­az (just Ben Brereton back then) got MOTM despite scoring no goals in a 6-0 win (reward for 6 assists btw). Good times.

  2. I started from 2014 in my cousins tablet. I remember having the legends maradona Pele, yashin, etc. The game was legendary. Then I stopped playing for years and got back in 2019.

  3. I started with 16. Played on a friend's tablet. I didn't like it as I was conceding a lot of goals bc I didn't know about pressing with B and I just let the opposition run and score. After that, I played every DLS game except the old ones from like 14 or 15

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but the first one had ronaldinho in it, I just remember making my own player nad leveling everyone up to 99

  5. Started playing it in 2015 summer and got addicted to it Lost many maxed black player cards accounts from 2016 to 2019 Didn't play 2020 and 2021 because my device was android 4.4 and can't run the game. Bought a new phone in Dec 2021 and got back into the game with dls 22 Best versions are dls 22 and dls 15

  6. 2015 on my moms old nokia lumia. Back then Microsoft Store was the first one to have dls popularly .since the store lacked any thing significant you had to go through new apps and games constantly to find gems.Also found a pokemon glazed non emulator version which was another diamond.And then once i found an older version of a battle royale game.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  7. In my opinion DLS 20 was the best version of the game after that they are just ruining the game. By the way I started from dls 18.

  8. None, i started from first touch soccer which is what the game went by in 2014 then i went on from there, but i stopped playing after 17- 22 because of how much they changed the game lmao and everything was jus not the same but now i’m back

  9. Tell me if im wrong but dls was there when i was in 6th grade which was 2014 and it was out for 2+ years until dls16 came out , but ive been playing since 6th grade

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