Who else farms tips by pretending to be tilted…

  1. Excellent idea, but how you get your 1st tip from them? easy, tip 1 guy at the first blood, him and their friends gonna tip you every death.

  2. LMAO that is commitment to the grind. I sometimes get these for free without saying anything when I play Magnus, my level 30 dota plus hero. Whenever I die people usually tip me and sometimes say shit like "level 30 for what" or something. I think it's hilarious and also very telling for who's more likely to tilt, and when it's my turn I know who's the weakest mind to target

  3. When I die I usually tab out of dota 2 and just do random shit. Then I press alt tab again and for some reason still click the dota logo in the task bar which is the same location as the buyback button

  4. Bro how is your attention span that short. When you are dead you can still gain a lot of meaningful information about where the enemy / team is and where you should be playing when you spawn

  5. Ahaha same thing happens to me too. I bought back 1 sec left on timer once. Fortunately we were ahead enough for it to not matter.

  6. We mustn’t be playing the same game cause sweaty nerds loves the feeling that their tips has tilted someone that’s why they keep tipping. But little did they know I just played them.

  7. tips are fucking valuable! one guild contract is 100 shards on average, if you pretend to tilt at your team and 4 of them tip you it would have been like doing 2 guild contracts!

  8. I like this, i generally dont like the "tilt-culture" of trying to ruin the experience for everyone else for a few mmr-points. It just seems like something its so bad for the comunity and leads to a bad gameenviroment. This really is a win-win, and by thinking like you do it also makes you less tiltable yourself. GG WP

  9. i dont tilt as well and thought about doing that but it just feels like collecting scrap for change lol. not really worth the effort for that small amount

  10. So you are kinda like a stripper faking being into someone. Both of y’all get what you want… you the money them the “love” or in this case thought they are triggering an online gamer.

  11. I farmed tip by missing like 3-4 bLackhole in early game. I mean I aldy contributed and had so much impact early so well by skillfully building Warith Pact. Might as well farm tips by (purposely) missing blackholes

  12. I use my tips to make my team do things I want them to. “I’ll tip you if you follow me into enemy jungle.” “If you pull 3 times before 7 mins I will tip you twice.” I love TI time because people will obey now haha.

  13. If some1 tip me, i say always ty 4 the shards, enemy answers are always the same: omg are u dumb? U have no idea right? But i knw exactly what's going on

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