should I go engine or stance?

  1. Maintenance. Keep it reliable and save for something you’ll really enjoy. There’s no shame in just driving a normal car for a bit. It looks well taken care of and with some maintenance and a detail it could look brand new.

  2. As a fellow 6th gen owner. I fully agree. All I do to mine is oil changes and regular maintenance. And the old steed has been a good one. I save all the swaps and stance for my 86 wagovan.

  3. Haha I know exactly what you mean on that 5th paragraph. Was desperate to make my Fit (jazz in the uk) a lot more fun, and turn it into something proper cool... literally about to order a bunch of mods when I spot a C5 corvette that is my dream spec, and within affordability too. Put it this way, I'm not passing up on the vette

  4. Keep it stock and save for a project. Bought my first car that quickly became a project and its spent most of its time on jacks waiting for parts. Keep it as a daily. If you wanna make it pretty gets a set of used rims from fb markeplace(theres usually some decent looking stuff). Maybe swap the badges for some nicer ones, paint the calipers red, swap all the lightbulbs for some LED ones and get a good sound system. Doesnt need much more than that to be an enjoyable daily driver. Especially if you dont have much money, mechanical knowlege and time for it. In the long run you could def wrench on it and try to spice it a bit but if its your first car just keep it simple and enjoy it. Also fuck stance, might be a neat feature for show cars that get towed around and dont move much but were talking safety here. Dont make your handling much worse by slamming it on cheap coilovers and streched tires itll just increase your chances of ending wrapped around a tree.

  5. Seeing that you’re 15 in the other comments, I’d just keep it as is man. I’m of the opinion that your first car should be a beater that you can just thrash around, make mistakes in.

  6. Never go stance. Why make your car objectively worse when you can improve on it. Easy choice. More power baby, not more speed bumps.

  7. stance is better than camber tho a lowered car with maybe little negative camber is alr but fuckin 45 degree rims is ugly asf

  8. Detail it, change the fluids, and use this as a very clean base to learn about cars. Treat this car good and it will treat you great.

  9. Stance is for making your car look drivingly-challenged, not good or better. Also it will scrape everything, everywhere, while you pay for it, even more so the less experience you have.

  10. That's the coolest accord, the year they retired the prelude and we got an accord coupe crossed with a prelude. I have always loved the taillights on those, only had that back end one year :)

  11. You're 15? Go suspension mods. I wouldn't "stance" it out but a good set of coilovers and maybe some beefy sway bars to improve drivability. Don't forget some good tires if youre in need... plenty of Donut videos explaining the importance of a good set of tires.

  12. Coilovers seem overkill for a first car that's a daily driver. Why not just shocks+springs and sway bar(s)? I've heard coilovers are really only necessary if you'll be dialing in suspension with most people never actually do.

  13. You’re gonna buy coil overs which are gotten worsen the experience since you lack the funds to get Teins or anything worth the price. You’ll be driving with a shot suspension by the time it starts to snow and then your teenage friends and TikTok are gonna convince you to cut the original springs of the car just to still have a shitty driving experience. Once you start your stance journey you’ll go full retard and camber the shit out of your car and then your instagram is gonna be filled with post stories about you been stranded in the middle of the highway cause your tires lost air or you fucked the bottom of your car. Just get nicer wheels. If it’s a V6 it will probably be more expensive than Godspeed suspension or even wheels to make horsepower. It’s an awesome car. It would look great if you lowered it a little but you did mention you are short on money so just safe yourself the pain of even trying to do any crazy upgrades. If it’s your daily that’s even more of a reason to just chill with it. You likely don’t have much experience with mechanic work so you’ll likely ask a mechanic to do the install which will cost as twice as you expected to just lower the car. But I’m probably talking to a wall and I’m sorry if you feel triggered in anyway with my message. I’m just giving you the straight forward expectation from what I’ve read in these comment section

  14. I commend that you are letting me know your opinion on this, but I feel like everyone assumes I don't know shit about this. I wanted a honda in the first place and I have driven pretty low in the winter. I live on a farm with literally any tool you can imagine. Im not as bad as you think I am, I don't have tiktok😅 its the 5speed straight 4

  15. It looks like you live in rural Wisconsin and enjoy dirt roads. Definitely lower it, camber and stretch some tires.

  16. Modify it to make it reliable first, then add minor mods to start like intakes, mufflers/exhaust systems, spark plugs, etc.

  17. I say stance but nothing crazy, no crazy camber, jus some nice wheels and some coil overs. Power on these cars isnt worth it due to their shit handling (source: i own an accord coupe). If you want it to be a reliable daily just lowering it a bit and some nice wheels is all you need. (Im prepared for downvotes)

  18. Put a sound system in it. I can send you a design for a box that will fit in the trunk between the backseat and the board that covers the spare tire. I have that same car.

  19. My first car was a 4 cyl Mercury Milan. I wanted to mod it so bad, but the engine was so weak and the car itself had absolutely no modding scene. So I saved up and I bought a Miata. It’s lowered, has nice rims, racing beat exhaust, a roll bar and I’m about to install some harnesses. Just save and wait dude.

  20. I see that you’re young instead of spending money modding the car spend money on defense and track driving courses the best and smartest thing to mod in your car is yourself. Nothing will improve your driving experience if you don’t improve yourself. Trust me been there done that… and I wrecked it. I know it is exciting to mod and a great way to learn but wait until you have more money for proper mods and you’re already an experienced driver so that money on mods isn’t wasted by a lack of experience. Please don’t take this the wrong way, you asked for advice and I’ve seen a lot of great advice for you, I just wanted to add this as it is something I always wish others would’ve told me.

  21. Honestly, neither. Keep it reliable and as is. You could do wheels if you really want, but that's about it.

  22. Maintenance and save for an older Integra or Civic, then modify that lighter and better car for autocross and learn how to race. If you just want to burn money now, I’d recommend investing in the stock market or starting a retirement account.

  23. These pussies keep saying get a fwd bc you’re young. That’s a bunch of bull if you wanna have fun get something rwd

  24. Leave it… I have a 7th gen… it’s a great daily being dead stock with some tasteful rims… save for a fun car and keep it as it is for your day to day

  25. ‘00 2.3 Accord Coupe owner here, you gotta accept that people are gonna hate no matter what car and no matter what you do to it. I’m planning on rebuilding all the suspension on mine, throwing in coilovers, a Mishimoto rad, and a valved exhaust. I understand at the end of the day it’s an Accord but it’s also MY CAR and it’s an extension of who I am. Have fun with it but don’t go too far because cars, especially old ones become money pits real quick. Do what makes you happy, man. Mine’s gonna be the loud moron at 3 AM at the flick of a switch because you know what? I’m only 20 once and being 30 with a loud Honda is way more embarrassing. Edit: Address drivability first though lol. Any cooling issues or maintenance, you don’t want yours randomly blowing a head gasket like mine did.

  26. Neither, you're young, dont or at least dont do stance. You dont know how to drive well yet dont push it. If you absolutly want to waste money on this platform do engine and blow it up i guess but keep a savings account. Im 19 and thought it wasnt needed. Now i know how important it is

  27. Aye bro, in the user flair screen, if you press the edit button in the top right, it will allow you to change the flair tag to your car👍🏻

  28. Personally, I’d go engine, make it a fat sleeper, but do whatever car you like best because that’s what you’ll enjoy driving 😁👍

  29. I was always the type of person that went preformance first, looks later. In Need for Speed of course because I can't drive yet 😂

  30. Do maintenance, lower it on some nice shocks and springs (NO Maxpeepeerods), wheels and tint then call it a day.

  31. First mod should ALWAYS be stage 0. Full fluid flush, replace suspension bushings and links, brake pads and fluid, etc. Make it drive like brand new and then see where it takes you.

  32. Keeping it maintained and detailed/clean is all you need. But if you want to do engine work swap a v6 with 6 speed manual. I heard that it is possible to swap a cl type s 6mt and v6 combo into 6th gen accords and 2nd gen tls. I’m sure the 7th gen v6/6 speed manual may also be an option. Given there will be wiring challenges.

  33. Lower it a pinch. Decent Bluetooth stereo. Keep it clean. Don’t ruin it with all the bs you see on the internet.

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