Here’s my attempt in calming a coonhound before letting him out with guns blazing. Any advice? Besides don’t attempt down, don’t know why I even tried that.. this is progress lol

  1. Don’t know what you want for an ideal behavior but get the behavior or some beginning version of it, mark, reward, and move on. Don’t keep trying to get it over and over or you’ll confuse the dog and create frustration. Once you make the behavior more clear to him of the expectation you can add more. The very first time he sat and was quiet I would have marked and rewarded and let him free. Don’t overtrain it.

  2. He was still whining a decent amount. Which is why I continued. There has been times where he barked for like 10-15 minutes outsides, search the area, come back on the deck and bark more, come back inside and pace around whining and barking. I do let him out when he is excited or if there is for sure something he sees that I know he will give up once it’s gone. It’s night time in this video and I’m trying to not piss of my neighbors. And his barks are very distinguished, this is more of a im going to get that thing bark. I’m trying to achieve the same thing of like waiting for a dog to be calm before a walk so he doesn’t pull more. I know I’m like going against the advice that I was given but I’m just trying to highlight my reasoning for what I did lol.

  3. You're creating a ton of frustration in this video because your dog does what you ask over and over and never gets a payoff. So their repetitions keep getting worse because from their POV they want outside, you asked for a sit, they sat, but they never got to go out. So why would they keep sitting down over and over?

  4. I’m trying to reduce the barking, especially at night. He ran up to the door barking because he heard/smelled something. I did let him out and he did bark and ran around, but if I let him out with guns blazing like it was before it would of been way worse.

  5. You're building a lot of tension in your dog. For the entirety of the video he knows that he is just about to go outside and getting more and more hyped up about it. You wanna keep the time span of him actively anticipating going outside as short as possible cause that's exactly the time span that will get him amped up. What is the ideal behaviour you're looking for?

  6. He ran up to the door barking, he might of smelled something or heard something. If I let him out right away he goes crazy with barking. The idea of this is to make him more calm so he doesn’t bark like a mad man before going out.

  7. Best piece of advice I ever received when it comes to an entry/door is to always lead in/out. It’s a good way to prevent your dog running out if you ever accidentally leave your door ajar. I agree with the advice to treat at sit and reward stay with a release out the door.

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