Is my hound being playful? Obviously chi hates it, I do separate them because of that. I was about to but then I was questioning it. To me, hound wants to play but chi is like F off dude. Hound doesn’t bark to his other friends that he has, but my theory is that’s how the hound thinks chi plays?

  1. I told my husband that we should get another dog to occupy the hound so than they leave the chi alone. But my husband says that’s a terrible idea and really I don’t disagree. But I want all the dogs

  2. More info: the hound keeps a safe distance from the chi. There. Has been improvements, they used to do this at clockwork at 8pm but we have worked on that and it’s better. Now it’s just random. Now when other dogs bark at the hound, he keeps their distance and doesn’t go back to them. There’s a GSP that is very vocal about her space in my neighborhood and my hound respects that (obviously with my help too but he doesn’t continue to try) I know it’s different because they live together. But I’m just hoping that I’m reading the body language right.

  3. I'd say you got it. that barking from the hound reads as frustration/demand barking because the chi isnt playing though. My dog does the same thing usually with smaller dogs because shes scared of big dogs. But she doesnt realize that she is actually a big dog and the smaller dogs hate when she does that so I always seperate. Some dogs really hate being barked at like that and the chi doesnt look too jazzed so I'd seperate and play with the hound yourself to get some of his energy and frustration out

  4. He's being annoying. The chi is boring and doesn't do anything entertaining normally, so he's figured out a way of making it entertaining by forcing an angry reaction.

  5. They have lived together for over a year. I got the hound when he was 8 weeks old. They respect boundaries pretty well…. The hound could be a lot closer.

  6. I see some playful play half bows like, I’m trying to show you I wanna play, but all it’s doing is pissing you off… but who else I got here bruh… like ya lol

  7. Chihuahuas are weird little guys. Ours barks as a play behavior, to get attention, when a leaf falls. I'd blame it on dementia because he's 16. But he's always been that way.

  8. My chi mix is the cutest chi mix out there (though I may be biased ☺️) but honestly he has no idea how lucky he is with how the hound is with him. Yeah the hound is very annoying, but this is how close he gets to him for the most part. Sometimes the hound will walk past and like poke his head with his snout and then run away… I think my hound is just a little brat and likes to piss him off lol.

  9. What breed is the hound dog? We have (what we think is) a Catahoula/beagle mix but your boy looks so much like our girl I’m thinking maybe she’s got more hound than anything…

  10. Looks relatively playful to me, even might be “picking on” the chi or annoying him but doesn’t seem harmful. The hound’s fur isn’t raised, the tail is wagging, and you can even see some hints of a play bow. Just seems like he has fun annoying the chihuahua 😂

  11. Why don’t you attempt to give each one a chew only when they’re in each others company. For one they would leave each other alone and over time that would teach them to associate “ good” with being around each other

  12. Well the chi can’t have chews due to health issues for one, and for two when the chi gets a chew he runs to his bed lol. Always had even before we got the hound lol. But when the hound has a chew the chi likes to circle around him picking up the scraps. The hound doesn’t mind at all actually, I look at the body language (I did google resource guarding extensively because of that) the only thing the hound does is look at him while chewing when the chi is in front of him but for just a second and goes right back to looking at the chew. There was two times when the chi got ballsy and sniffed at the chew when the hound was chewing it and the hound let out a single deep bark. Chi walked away and went back to going around and hound appeared fine with that. That was months ago and chi learned his lesson to keep a safe distance. It is always supervised and I call back the chi if I feel he is too close. The hound likes to get the chew and then drop it to sniff at it and the chi like keeps his distance but extends his body to also sniff it. Hound doesn’t mind. A couple times I let them share the chew (one at a time) when I’m holding it, give them commands and stuff to wait and all that. I don’t push my luck with that one though. Another funny thing they do is when they are eating (with a decent distance) who ever finishes first stands and watches the other one eat from a distance and once they are both done they switch and lick each others bowels. It’s actually quite cute. They do get treats together though when I do training sessions with the hound. The chi knows sit, lay and paw. But I also got him to jump through a hoop lol. The chi just hates the hounds energy because he is a grumpy old man

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