My puppy’s tooth just fell out while playing with toy rope

  1. I didn’t realize that puppies lose teeth when I got my first day. One day, she was panting and all of her molars had fallen out and it was just a row of gums. She had been super chewy and I had no idea why. I immediately froze a wash cloth for her to chew to give her gums some relief.

  2. This. They will start ripping/falling out depending on toy play and will be replaced by adult teeth. Nothing to stress out about.

  3. Awe he's turning into a big puppy now!! His little sharp teeth will all be replaced with BIG ones soon

  4. Thank you a lot everyone for all the useful answers and advice, I understand the situation a lot better now, and I will consider all the great suggestions I got ❤️🐶

  5. I’ve had dogs where I never noticed them losing their baby teeth, dogs where I’ve found every tooth they lost, and some where it was just one or 2. They usually swallow them when they fall out depending on size and stuff, it’s normal and your pup should be just fine.

  6. This pup is almost at the age when all the teeth should be swapping out for adult versions, but that doesn't complete until after 5 months, so this is ok. Since you're going to the vet anyway, ask about good chew toys for this stage. He'll want to chew and gnaw to get his teeth to fall out and new ones grow in well, since they'll itch.

  7. Looks normal given the rest of the puppy teeth still in there! They’ll fall out like how human teeth do, basically. Nothing to be alarmed about 🙂

  8. I only managed to find three from my puppy. I think she must have swallowed the rest of they ended up in the vacuum without me seeing. I kept the ones I found, cleaned and then soaked in diluted bleach to make them nice and pretty.

  9. Looks like the third incisor of his puppy tooth fell out. The pointy one beside it is a deciduous canine tooth and the incisors next to the empty socket are adult teeth

  10. Totally normal! Mine lost her puppy teeth around 4-5 months. Hers was bloody though and kinda scary at first, I had to clean any toys she used whenever a new one fell out. I read that some dogs eat their teeth so you never find them but mine always spit them out. Fun little surprise when you’re walking and step on it 😂

  11. Totally normal. Your puppy is teething. I would suggest getting some appropriate chew toys for this transition or your pup will be chewing up stuff like furniture and your shoes.

  12. Being able to play with your dogs mouth like this is great! A friend told me, with my first young puppy, take her food out of her mouth and give it back to her. It was gross, but I did it, frequently. She never mind the kids near her when she ate, she confidently expected food to be given back to her even if it was disrupted. When she was 16 years old, and needed pills she just stood there as I shoved them down her throat. Not something you want to do unless your dog really doesn’t mind! She just sort of rolled her tongue around and many funny sounds. No struggling.

  13. So true. So many people say to me oh you’re lucky your puppy lets you touch his teeth/ears/paws. It’s not luck. It’s the fact I’ve been (gently) sticking my fingers in his ears and mouth since day one.

  14. Yesssss. I also touch and pet my puppy quite a bit while he’s eating to normalize things and mitigate any chance of resource guarding

  15. Don't be a downer and make sure you leave a piece of beef jerky under pupper's bed. There's no need to rush him into adulthood. He doesn't need to know that only Santa and the easter bunny are real, but it's you that leaves the treats under there. Keep the puppy a puppy for as long as you can.

  16. Puppies will lose a lot of their baby teeth around 4-6 months old. My puppy recently lost both of those teeth along the dog and tried to eat them XD. But it’s perfectly normal. A day later both teeth are already growing in and almost fully formed. They grow so fast most people don’t even realise their puppy lost any teeth. -^ don’t panic.

  17. Funnily enough, I was having a sort out at the weekend, and came across some of my dogs puppy teeth. I'd put them in a little ring box.

  18. Its about that age, they will be falling out like crazy for the next month or so. Might not be a bad idea to start spraying deterrent spray on any low wooden furniture or anything they can chew on, especially exposed wires if you havent already, teething can be a hell of a time for these little guys and their owners.

  19. I remember finding puppy teeth around the house with my 2 boxers. At first it was a little creepy because it was my first experience with that and I was a little concerned, but I have them tucked away in a box somewhere because I no longer have the boxers and I truly wish I did😔

  20. Years ago I stepped on a puppy tooth and got it stuck in my heel, I spent quite a long time trying to pull it out. Try to find the tooth.

  21. A dogs adult tooth is firmly anchored by massive roots. It is very difficult for an adult tooth to come out completely like this, it is far more likely the tooth would break off above the gum line before the root comes out.

  22. Cats do too! I was playing with a friends kitten and it ran full force into my arm and knocked out a tooth. No blood, but a LOT of googling bc there also wasn’t blood that I saw

  23. Congrats on a growing pup. And may my thoughts and prayers be with you for the next month and a half. I hope you have lots of bones.

  24. Be careful! Most of the time they just swallow the teeth but every once in a while they don’t and it HURTS to step on! I’d choose a Lego over a puppy tooth TBH

  25. I noticed my puppy had a really loose one that was bothering her, she kept trying to like chew it (best way I can describe it) and couldn't settle down because of it, so I purposely played a a light game of tug with her teddy and it popped out. She went straight to sleep after. So don't be alarmed, as a friend said to me "it wouldn't come out if it wasn't ready to come out" x

  26. It’s a puppy tooth, don’t worry. Mine lost one of hers chewing on her bestie, who happens to be my BILs pit bull, which is white with black spots… we were super worried when we saw the blood until we realized it was teething time! Raw carrots make great teething treats!

  27. Exact same thing happened with my dog, playing with rope, blood, missing tooth, she was a bit older though so I thought it was an adult tooth.

  28. Congrats! Mine stopped 3 months ago, and the last one fell off hours after he bit me because I took a contraband off of his mouth. I keep the loose teeth hahahaha just give them frozen lolies or frozen toy to chew on.

  29. I am in no way an expert, but I'm very sure that's a baby tooth that came out. They bleed a little like we do when we lose our baby teeth, nothing to worry about unless your pup is acting distressed. You'll start to find little tiny teeth every week or so around your house for a while while the rest come out.

  30. I’m sure this is okay. Pups lose their teeth just like our kids do. Playing with your puppy is a lovely way to have this happen though! 💞

  31. This is something I've never experienced as all my fuzzles have come to me when they have been well past their puppy stages. I think even though I knew about them losing the teeth if still freak out a little at first when it happened especially with the blood. I'd worry about them being hurt.

  32. I remember one of my kittens teeth fell out and I was tripping so hard for the time til I read they lose teeth too🤣

  33. 4 months old is around when puppies start losing their teeth, so as long as you don’t see any tooth fragments stuck in the gums, your pupper should be okay! My parents’ little Miniature Dachshund had one puppy canine left in her mouth, and the night before my mom was going to schedule a tooth extraction with the vet, she managed to yank it out herself while playing, and ended up being just fine, luckily!

  34. I’m an idiot and when I had my first dog I didn’t think about the fact that they lose baby teeth. I B was playing with her and all of a sudden like a bunch of her baby teeth all came out at once and I had like a horror movie moment while my brain finally realized we’ll duh she’s a baby.

  35. Even if the tooth breaks, our vet said the remaining tooth will come out on its own. Just gotta keep an eye on bleeding and infection.

  36. HAHAHHA OMG THIS IS SO CUTE this happened with my pup too a few months ago. I saw blood and a bloody severed tooth and he thought it was food so he tried to eat it and realized it wasn’t food so he spit it out! Good ol’ days when his tooth came out almost every other day. I collected them

  37. Omg that exact same thing happened with my Goldendoodle when she was around 4mo old (she’s 7mo now) and it scared the crap out of me!

  38. Totally normal to loose the puppy teeth! My dog would lose them while playing when she was a puppy. It would only be a concern if he lost one of his big boy teeth

  39. Totally normal, even quite a bit of blood is normal. That was a fun trip to the vet for them to tell me the amount of blood wasn’t a concern even though I thought my baby was bleeding out…

  40. Do you have the tooth? What does the inside if the tooth look like? He looks young I'm pretty sure that's just a puppy tooth

  41. It’s still better than my brothers puppy who actually broke one of his puppy teeth. The little shit was playing too rough and actually broke a tooth. It’s fine. He grew his adult tooth on schedule.

  42. Mine did the same thing yesterday. His was the bottom one though. Best part is I just brought home a plush R2D2 for him. He wanted to play tug. I was super gentle because he lost a tooth a few days earlier. R2 now looks like he’s been through a serious battle.

  43. My pup was left on the side of the road so we weren't sure of his age until the vet pointed out that he was missing some of his puppy teeth. I didn't even know they were gone.

  44. Hey, Hovawart Puppy owner here as well! My little one is just about 5 months old and lost a tooth yesterday in the same spot, no need to worry :) But during teething phase, make sure your puppy isn't playing tug of war a lot, it's better to let them fall out "naturally", but perhaps give him something to chew on.

  45. Nice to see a fellow Hovie owner. Unfortunately they are not really that popular here in Slovakia despite being beautiful doggos, so I can’t really share this breed’s problems with anyone. Also thanks for the advice ❤️

  46. 100% is a puppy tooth, adult tooth have really deep roots and are strong AF. It will break in half first rather than fall out like that.

  47. Baby teeth fall out, just like with people. They don’t have a full mouth of baby teeth, either. Some teeth come in just as adult teeth (molars). You only have to worry if an adult tooth comes out, and even then, you’d only really have to worry if it broke off with root present, because an exposed nerve would be just as painful as if it were one of our teeth. They usually wind up swallowing them or dropping them where we don’t find them, but I once found a little baby tooth from my first dog and I swear I kept it like a human mom might. I even gave her a treat from the “tooth fairy”. :D

  48. Some of those incisors look like adults but those canines still look like puppy ones. Im pretty sure it was just time for that one to drop esp at that age. Baby teeth start falling out from the middle most front teeth and go outward with the far back teeth being last to change out. Babys growing up :3

  49. This is the sweetest picture. Immediately my mind went to “Aaaaaaww look who’s growing up and losing their baby teeth 😍”

  50. Totally normal age to start teething!! Soak one of the baby’s rope toys in water, freeze it, and give it to him to soothe his sore gums. Frozen whole carrots work wonders too!

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