Is my dog too skinny?? I feel like I can see his ribs a little too well. I asked the vet and they said no. I feed him a half cup more than what is on the bag. He also doesn’t always eat all of it sometimes. I have never been cautious on how much treats I give him either!

  1. This for sure. My puppy gains 4 lbs a week right now and she looks rail thin and you can see her ribs. The vet doesn't see any problems and I free feed, so she eats as much as she wants. A lot of people just have fat dogs and think it is normal.

  2. Yeah. We have a great dane and her ribs are always visible, but every vet tells us that she's perfectly healthy and that danes are just lean

  3. “i asked the vet and they said no” then listen to your vet. no, your dog is not too thin. most dogs are just obese.

  4. Most of the comments about my dog´s lack of fat come from owners of fatter (pug-like) or straight up obese dog breeds.

  5. I think that’s where my concern came from… he was being weird with his food for a bit. I felt like I could see his hip bones and I was like okay mofo you need more food. He would just be like nah this is enough for me

  6. He is definitely not cooped up lol. He loves the outside and I live in the perfect neighborhood for a hound. Lots of wild life to “track”, very woodsy, and very close to a river. Yesterday he went swimming! I’m also very close to a state park that I like to go to when the weather permits! I also want to start going kayaking with him! In October I also plan on attempting agility, if anything for a confidence booster! He is 45 pounds of pure muscle

  7. Def not, my dog doesn’t eat his food half the time either. When they are hungry, they’ll eat. Your dog is in great shape!

  8. Some dogs are just lean. I have a doggo who has always been thin. He eats as much as he wants but has a high metabolism and loves zoomies. If the vet isn’t worried, if you’re feeding him enough, if he seems like a happy dog, you’re fine.

  9. No, he's in peak condition. Most peoples dogs are a little overweight. Its all good as long as es eating at least 2 cups per day. Even then my dog skipps meals sometimes.

  10. Leaving food in the bowl had always signaled to me that a dog is well fed but knows when they have had enough to eat. I wouldn't worry especially since the vet said they are fine. Your baby looks great!

  11. What brand are you feeding? He might need more protein. I’ve been a vet tech for longer than I want to admit, and my favorite dry brand is Purina. Solid nutrition, good shelf life (won’t go rancid too quickly, unlike a lot of brands) and consistent.

  12. He's so shiny! Looks great! I just had this problem with one of my dogs, two german shepherds one is 65lbs the other is 100lbs and still growing. The vet said my smaller gal looked great and was extremely healthy even though you can kind of feel her spine

  13. Rather than getting opinions from other people who are judging based off of a picture, you can just look up body condition scoring. This will give you all the details and then you can do an examination yourself!!

  14. No, he’s fine, it’s just a breed trait. Have had dogs like this throughout my life. He’s in beautiful condition :)

  15. His coat is shiny, he looks fit and healthy. I’d say there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and keep doing what you’re doing :)

  16. Generally, of course not in all cases, if you can see the spine well defined, like a pair of yoga pants on a Halloween skeleton, then that is a good sign of a problem. This doesn't cover all dogs as they are all different and have different needs.

  17. I work for a dog food start up and I’m working on my Master’s in Dog Health and Behavior. Your dog is perfect. You would not believe what people try to pass off as ideal dog for their dogs. Most dogs in America are overweight due to their owners over feeding them.

  18. He looks healthy to me. My dog was always naturally lean like this. The vet always told us he was the perfect weight. Even when he got older, they said dogs are usually overweight by then but he was still in good shape. My dog got way skinnier than this when he was sick 🥺 he was literally skin and bones. This is healthy! I would only be concerned if there was a dramatic change in weight.

  19. Listen to your vet. It’s normal to see a bit of rib and a visible waistline in a normal weight dog. Too many obese dogs out there make it seem normal to not see a bit of rib.

  20. Some breeds of dogs are naturally more svelte than others. You want to talk about a dog that looks too skinny but isn’t? I have a whippet.

  21. Firstly, he is a handsome boy, don't you body shame him. Secondly, I'll body shame him instead; why does he appear to have what can only be described as a cartoonish overbite? He looks like a Muppet, but one whose performer suffers from arthritis so they mushed the face. But most importantly, and all joking aide, gorgeous buddy you got there.

  22. Haha I didn’t even think of that but he does look like a muppet! His lip is stuck to this teeth lol. This picture was post roo… I tried to get the roo because it’s cute but got the muppet pic instead

  23. According to my vet because I also have a skinny dog you are supposed to see the ribs barely when the dog breathes in. So many dogs are actually overweight. He is a beautiful dog!!!!

  24. He doesn't look skinny to me. His bones aren't jutting out. His muscles look firm. He seems alert. He looks healthy.

  25. If he’s not finishing some of the food do not offer the same amount of food. Subtract what he wasn’t eating. That’s just standard. Your dog looks healthy from here

  26. I usually just include what ever he doesn’t eat for his next meal. I put what’s left in the measuring cup and add more to make the meal.

  27. No your dog is fine. You should be able to see their belly go up like that. I have one dog who looks WAY skinnier than he does and the vet says she's a good weight. I leave the food out all day and she just eats whenever she's hungry. People have asked me if I'm feeding her enough and I just tell them that she's built like that. I think people are just really used to seeing overweight dogs, unfortunately.

  28. Nope! You see how you can JUUUUST make the outline of 1, maybe 2 ribs? that's perfect. Dogs should be thin and muscular. There's a good guide somewhere. He looks like a healthy pupper. You want to feed him like he's an athlete, not like your Italian grandma who says you look too skinny regardless of the fact that you've had to poke 2 additional holes in your belt since Covid started.

  29. Looks fine to me. While it does depend on the breed/age generally you want to just barely (or think you can) see the ribs with the tummy tucked up a little bit behind the rib cage. especially when they're younger.

  30. Hes fit.... hes a hound... a fit dog is not skinny... youre not seeing his ribs because of weight its because hes toned and athletic...any more weight he would be considered overweight... you should always be able to lightly feel a dogs ribs.

  31. Mine is the same. Looks too skinny for some (mostly pug owners and fat dogs) but he is very muscly and stringy, a little bit more visible muscles on his shoulders and thighs. If light hits him in a certain way, his ribs become visible too. But he is very active so he always burns his calorie intake.

  32. My beloved Zuky was the same. The vet said as long as her behavior doesn't seem different or a little down, she was good. She started gaining weight until the last 2 years of her life

  33. Nope. He looks perfect. Remember. Everything you read is a guideline. I have a 45lb male pitty that can’t gain weight because his energy dial is on 11 with the knob ripped off. He eats 2x as much as my 50lb English bulldog did!!

  34. Your dog looks like an athlete, very good condition. Your anxiety about food will have an effect on your dog, so please relax and revel in the fact that your dog is nice and healthy.

  35. If she is allowed to eat as much as she wants and doesn’t always finish it, she is self regulating. Be happy about that. She doesn’t see food as a limited resource that may not be there tomorrow, so she must scarf it up today. Some dogs do self regulate. There is no other dog competing for her food either, so she doesn’t have to eat it before they get to it.

  36. Your dog seems to be at a perfect weight. Dogs are meant to be fit not fat and I’m not sure of the breed but looks to be a very athletic one so they burn off any fat from their food very fast.

  37. most americans can't recognize a healthy weight dog when they see one, anyone who gives you grief about your dogs body probably has an overweight dog...i know how it feels :/

  38. Looks fine IMO, just a muscular built dog, like my dog. I can see her ribs, but she's very athletic and active and muscular. You don't want to overfeed your dog.

  39. Sure he could put on a little whilst still being healthy but from what you described he seems plenty fine!

  40. He looks SUPER HEALTHY😊..and his coat looks nice n shiny...he looks really good..don't worry😊...BUT..that gray thing looks like a faceless weird ghost of some kind🤣🤣🤣🤣...I can't stop lookin at it...I've been watching too many creepy videos🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Not to skinny. I have one leaner than this. She eats like a horse and runs like the wind. My vet had no worries either. Healthy/happy/active was what she told me to look for for signs of good health.

  42. General rule of thumb for most dog breeds with short fur is there should be a visible waist line and you should be able to easily feel but not see the ribs when standing still. Some breeds carry weight differently and it looks like he just doesn’t hold as much weight on his back two ribs. If you wanted to be picky he could stand an extra half pound but I wouldn’t worry at all

  43. For dogs, you are supposed to be able to feel the ribs, but not see them. If you can do neither they are overweight, if you can do both they are underweight.

  44. He looks perfect to me! As a pet store worker I always tell people that the cup amount on the bag is an average amount for the average dog, and won't work for all breeds/energy levels. If it says ___ cups for a 40lb dog, you should feed less for a low-energy overweight dog or dog prone to weight gain, but more for a high-energy dog who doesn't need to lose/gain. Some bags do actually list this but the majority don't.

  45. That is perfect in my opinion. That’s not the bad ribs showing. Big difference, hips and other areas would also be bony. And you should trust your vet’s advice and suggestions, as they are professionals after all. Do you not trust their opinions on other matters?

  46. He looks healthy! Listen to your vet and don’t worry about it. I have a skinny looking little dog that I used to constantly worry about being underweight… it didn’t help that people would mention it. Every time we have a check up I ask and they say he’s a healthy weight and looks beautiful! I think we’re just used to seeing chubby dogs.

  47. OMG - hot bod alert!! Def not too skinny. My vet told me ribs showing a little is a sign of perfect weight.

  48. No your dog is not skinny at all. Most people keep their dogs too fat and it shortens their life span. A lean athletic dog isn't going to get arthritis at 8 like a fat dog will.

  49. My dog is the same way. Some breeds (typically hunting or athletic or working breeds) have naturally higher metabolisms than other dogs. My parents dog is overweight but even when he was at his “healthy” or recommended weight he still looked heavier than my pup did at the same weight. I feed my GSP 2 cups more than the bag recommends because he’s always actively running or chewing or playing so he needs the extra stored energy. But he also knows he can stop eating it at any point and come back when he’s hungry. There are days we are less active either because of work or weather and he may not eat all of his food but if there is a particular day where he’s more active than normal (long walk, dog park or some outdoor training) he eats more than just what I feed him in his bowl. It all depends on your dog. If he is happy, regular and if normal energy levels for him then he’s good to go. If that changes then start looking into it more

  50. He is not too skinny, he looks healthy to me. I’m sure whatever breed he has in him is meant to be leaner.

  51. Feed him Orijen puppy kibble it’s $110 a bag but you’re feeding him kibble that you could literally eat if you feed him bad ingredients you get bad results (not saying you’re just usually the common problem)

  52. I like the free feeding idea and it does make sense. I have 3 so it could be harder. My 1yo G-Doodle will almost always leave a bit of her breakfast. Lunch she does finish. I also have an E- Bully 1 yr. I have one of the grooved flatter bowls for her. She still seems to be gobbling at it but since her tongue is so big it takes her longer. I’ve caught her trying to get Shiloh’s leftovers. Slinky is 12 a Dorky. She can only do wet and a few small pieces. Now that dog can eat. She can still stand up and beg. I’ve noticed since it’s been so darn hot we haven’t been taking as many walks. I play ball with the other 2. It’s funny Shiloh is like a wide receiver and Dixie is like a linebacker. Shiloh will run get the ball and Dixie will get real low and pounce on her. Sorry off topic. How have you free feeders handle it with multiple dogs?

  53. Unfortunately I can’t do it because my chihuahua has health issues and can’t have that much fat. So if he eats it he can get a flare up and we have been doing so good!

  54. It’s probably his breed. I have 3 rescues, one of them being a corgi basset mix eats like a weight trainer. My son, a pharaoh hound used to concern me because his ribs protrude. He’s a pharaoh hound which is a running dog, he’s supposed to be lean. Corgi and bassets aren’t built for speed so they’re a little more pudgy. Your dog’s breed will tell you, but to me I your baby looks happy and healthy.

  55. He looks healthy to me, ribs are normal to see to a degree. If your vet isn’t concerned and your dogs energy levels seem normal I wouldn’t be concerned.

  56. Two of the things we humans can do to help increase our dogs’ lifespans is to 1) NOT over feed them and 2) do not feed them food with artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

  57. Not at all! He looks like he's in wonderful shape, most people just overfeed their pets. Since we're told that we're too thin if you can see our ribs, people carry that on to pets too.

  58. He's perfect! Dogs should be like that, most house dogs aren't because we over fed them and give too much junk food. Also a lot of house dogs don't do enough exercise.

  59. Your dog doesn't look too skinny to me and my humble opinion. I am 56-year-old woman who was that dogs all for life and has had her own personal dogs since I was 16. Trust me you don't want a fat dog. If you have ever been overweight you will know how terrible it is to try to lose that weight and it's even worse on a dog. My bet used to have a picture of how a dog should look and feel when they are at their correct weight and yes you could feel the ribs on that dog's picture. I made a comment to my bet that I thought that dog in the picture that was supposed to be at its ideal weight didn't look skinny but it sure did feel skinny and my bed told me that is what a dog is supposed to feel like. If your dog's not eating all your offering and you are offering a well-balanced diet for a dog do not worry in my humble opinion. But if you're still worried take it to the vet and see if there is some kind of disease that dogs get that prevent them from absorbing their nutrition or something like that.

  60. A lot of people are telling you to “listen to your vet,” which yes, it’s true; however, good for you to ask for a second opinion because it reinforces the first one.

  61. No, looks healthy! We’ve been trained to see overweight dogs as “normal” because most people don’t get their dogs enough exercise.

  62. My vet told me that when you pet them you should feel the ribs a little. Like a sparerib, ribs with a little skin. Your dog looks perfect to me. When you can really see all the bones, thats too skinny. But your dog isnt

  63. Looks like it’s healthy. How much does it weigh?? You can use a bathroom scale at home by picking them up and just subtract your own weight. Breeds have an ideal range, but if it’s a cross just try to keep them stable. This looks like a good size, so as long as they are not gaining or loosing to much (for no reason) they should be okay. I work my dogs in the spring to fall so they lean out and loose 5-8 pounds. We all get a little fatter in winter. Check out working dog groups on Facebook, you can see some real muscular K9.

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