DAE drive the speed limit, basically all the time?

  1. Insurance Agent here…an insurance company offered me to use their driving tracker to try it out (meant for a company with a fleet of vehicles to track their employees, not for consumer). Anyway, tried to drive the speed limit for a week to get a perfect score. I literally thought I was gonna die. I was tailgated mercilessly everywhere I went and people passed me on dangerous roads etc. I didn’t make it 2 days, went back to my normal driving (not a big speeder but I go with the flow). At least where I live, driving the speed limit is dangerous.

  2. My work vehicle allows 7mph over before it starts sending my boss a negative score, which is normally fine in my mostly rural/suburban area. When I fill in two nearby cities, I’m getting my doors blown off at 7 over.

  3. I tend to go with the flow.. on neighborhood streets, I'm typically going the speed limit, but in other roads, highways, etc, I'm going with the flow.

  4. I didn’t have a speedometer for like 5 years and it was the least stressful driving I ever did. Just going with the flow. Now that I have one again, it’s constant aggravation trying to maintain one speed.

  5. After 10 speeding tickets (Virginia is ruthless) I stuck to 5 over. I think with age, experience, seeing car accidents, having friends killed, and generally driving for a few decades all over the world - it’s just not worth it.

  6. What’s the deal with Jersey? I know you don’t pump your own gas (look at me being all American!) but what’s the deal with speeding?

  7. I'd rather they be in the right lane instead of the left lane if they're gonna drive slower than the flow or the speed limit.

  8. So people should break the law just because you're impatient? Staying to the right is EXACTLY what slower drivers are supposed to do. It's people like you the reason there are so many accidents. I'd bet 200$ you're a tailgater too.

  9. I always go the speed limit. I live on winding, country roads with lots of wildlife so I go slow and will always pull over when someone gets behind me and wants to go faster. I hate going fast, even on the highway, but always stay out of the way of others.

  10. I try to follow the speed of traffic. I think the best thing a driver can do is behave predictably and try to introduce as little chaos to the road as possible. If everyone's going 10 over and I go the speed limit, then all those people passing me are gonna have to change lanes, change speeds, etc. and these elements introduce risk.

  11. Yeah fr I was so surprised by this thread. The speed limit is the maximum speed you are allowed to travel at in optimum conditions i.e. dry road, day-time, full visibility and no traffic.

  12. yeah i don’t get why people slam on the brakes at the last possible moment. i swear i hate driving with other people because i’m slamming the imaginary brake whenever we come up on a stop.

  13. No, but I have a friend who follows them religiously. I think it is weird. Driving 75 instead of 65, when that is the flow of traffic, is not dangerous. Speed limits on freeways (in California) are set fairly arbitrarily. It is not "more dangerous " to go 10 mph faster with the flow of traffic. He has a very strict idea about laws and can't seem to understand that sometimes society changes even though the laws don't.

  14. The thing is that a cop can feel like a dick and use that as an excuse to pull you over. If you don't want to deal with that, I an see being overly cautious.

  15. I used to drive fast everywhere I went until I hit a realization that I really didn’t need to be speeding everywhere and I just started leaving a few minutes early instead.

  16. After 6 tickets in a year and all that gives you, I get in the right lane and drive 5 mph over. Much more relaxing and even enjoy driving more.

  17. Just stay to the right on the highway and do your thing. But if you think overtaking at speed limit while next to someone one mph under is appropriate and there are 25 cars behind you then you are the problem

  18. Depends on the road, depends on conditions, depends on how far until my next turn, depends on how far I'm going overall, depends which vehicle I'm driving, depends on if going faster is rude within the context.

  19. Yes, but I only do it in the slow traffic lane (righthand where I live) because everyone else here drives like their destination is more important than anyone else’s. And there are also some random towns that are speed traps so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  20. Sometimes I speed and sometimes I drive the speed limit strictly. Driving the speed limit seem more dangerous. On the hiways I feel like a target and on the back roads it pisses everyone off.

  21. I try to almost all the time. Sometimes when I know I'll get stuck at a light I'll go slower or just coast before I have to brake.

  22. Yep, nearly 100% of the time. If traffic is flying by me due to it being the interstate near a city with an unusually low limit like 55-60 I'll go about 5mph over. As a rule, I don't speed, text, or run lights/stop signs.

  23. The posted speed limit is almost always lower than necessary. A good driver can navigate at higher than the speed limit, and judge corners and other obstacles. Also, very few US cities/states use variable speed limits, meaning that a 55mph urban highway will still be 55 at midnight when nobody else is driving. Unnecessary.

  24. But it is necessary. People in general have a higher opinion of their skills than is the case, and also a lot of people are inexperienced, or are assholes, or not very bright, or have poor decision making skills, or... whatever. I don't want most people to be able to decide for themselves how fast they can drive everywhere.

  25. Well yeah, obviously the speed limit is almost always lower than the speed at which a good driver is unable to judge corners and obstacles.

  26. In FL you CANNOT drive speed limit or you will get hit or not be able to merge or make a turn It’s a real challenge to cruise at regular speed

  27. Speed limits are too low. Why go slow when you can go fast? I keep it within a few mph of flow of traffic, which is around 80 where I'm from. I stop at 85 these days. Most of our highways are walled so there are rarely any cops. If I'm in an unfamiliar place I definitely keep it around the speed limit out of fear of a ticket.

  28. No. Hate to admit it, but I completely understand the song “I can’t drive 55”. It appears that all speed limits have been set for newer drivers or possibly the elderly. It is hard to justify some of the limits that they have established and science doesn’t necessarily support their position in many cases. Driving slower doesn’t mean that people pay more attention. These areas are where you see people texting and eating and things like that.

  29. Yeah, I do. My passengers always say I drive like a grandma because I drive the speed limit, not below the speed limit, but the ACTUAL speed limit. I always say, “Are you gonna pay my ticket?”

  30. I do in the right lane. 100 feels so much safer (and is) than 120. I will adjust with the flow, but 100 in the right is common. City and residential I do MAX the speed limit. 40 through a street with kids playing just feels crazy.

  31. I drive the speed limit, I used to speed occasionally but with the price of fuel I try to drive as economically as possible which is usually about 55 to 60mph for my little car

  32. Great you're following the laws, but you may also be subconsciously pushing yourself even faster than you actually want to go.

  33. Nope never. 9 miles above all the time. Not fast enough to get me pulled over but fast to where I'm comfortable. Driving 30 and under makes me feel less in control.

  34. The old saying "9 you're fine, 10 you're mine" is something... I don't know if police actually say, but I've heard it said enough times in my life to think it isn't just a myth either.

  35. I generally follow the flow of traffic but think it’s fine if you are always at the speed limit. People who consistently speed can be reckless and cause accidents

  36. Yep. I drive at about 5 mph below because that quite safe. Like,I can drive at 80 but I've seen what a wall does to a child at 80

  37. Depends on the road. On the A road by my house I do the limit because it average speed cameras all the way down. Once I get to the motorway I do about 80. On B roads I do what speed I can do safely. Don’t know if I’m over or under to be honest!

  38. So usually I go 5 over. On the garden state parkway (NJ) I go 80 in the fast lane (left lane that’s literally meant for passing). So to answer your question, no.

  39. I only drive the speed limit in residential areas when it's 25 and just feels dangerous to go faster than 30, or parking areas where you can't easily see around bends so the limit is 5. The speed you should go feels intuitive once you've been driving long enough. You get this Spidey sense telling you that it's dangerous to go any faster. I rarely pay attention to my speedometer.

  40. I have two teenagers who are starting to drive. Have to lead by example. Minus the kids, I'd definitely be speeding...

  41. It depends on what song is playing on the radio. Some songs demand high speed, "Radar Love" by Golden Earring for example.

  42. I drive to the conditions generally but have got use to pootling along at 60 in the left hand lane (UK motorway). Got done speeding on the M5 just north of Bristol in an average speed camera zone - on bloody Christmas day last year, no less. Was going 79 in a Clio I borrow off a mate. Online speed awareness course so no points, or the £100 fine. The course was £80 though and I've got to be careful for the next 3 years.

  43. I respect you for doing so, however, if it’s a two lane road and the person next to u is goin the exact same speed, why not just move over and let faster travelers go on

  44. Canada here. In the city I'm usually slightly over. I live in a city that has photo enforcement and would rather avoid the stupid tax. Too aggressive doesn't save any time and only wastes fuel. On the highway I usually set my cruise at 6 km/h over. I'm keeping a good pace and ont usually in anyone's way. Never been ticketed for doing the above in the western provinces (BC to MB).

  45. New Jersey is probably the only place where you can you can go 15-2.0 mph over and not get caught because everyone else is doing it even the police 👮‍♀️.

  46. the average highway speed is 55-65 and i often go 65-80 depending on the road, the traffic, etc. going the speed limit is for old people and folks in work vehicles. AND YOU BETTER BE IN THE RIGHT LANE IF YOURE GOING THE SPEED LIMIT

  47. I also drive pretty slow and it’s relaxing. It’s mostly because my vehicle is 24 years old and just doesn’t like to do anything fast. It’s kind of like driving around a really old Lazy-Boy recliner.

  48. I drive slow, but I ride motorcycles fast. I used to be a street racer kid when I was younger, but it's just so much easier to get away with speeding on a motorcycle. My bikes are all pretty quiet, so it never sounds like I'm hauling ass, like a sport bike does. The vehicle I drive now is slow anyway, there's no use trying to make it go fast. A no-legged grandma could outpace me.

  49. I used to and then I got impatient the last couple years. Would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that speeding ticket last month. I learned my lesson. Back to nothing but the limit and no more now. Very harsh penalties in my state. 3 strikes driver's license suspension is our state law now.

  50. I'm bad, sometimes I stick to the limit, sometimes I have to go full overdrive. Sometimes people are looking at me and I say, what's the problem. Then they start honking and I tap the overdrive, going at least 40 mph faster everyone else in a span of 2 seconds. I'm like a speeding bullet. When people see me on the road they say watch out! He doesn't care he's a really good driver! I lick my lips and leave them in the dust...

  51. If you drive the speed limit only speeders will pass you so it can feel like everyone else is speeding, but there are a lot of us out there who drive the set speed limit. I figure I can’t be smarter than all the engineers that decide what the limit should be based on the average vehicle’s ability to stop and the likelihood of pedestrians being around.

  52. i drive the speed limit most of the time and whenever someone is tailgating me i’m even more careful to keep it at exactly the limit, just out of spite

  53. I used to drive a scion tC in which I’d typically drive pretty fast, but ever since I switched to a Prius you pretty much wont ever catch me going over the limit at all. Love to see my mileage at 99+ even if it’s not true. For context, I’m in my mid 20s, so stereotypically I think I’m not supposed to be driving like a grandparent lol

  54. Any other Australians here? Only just moved from Brisbane, a big part of the reason was all the new speed cameras they've put in since August. Absolutely no leniency for anything, I got screwed on a country road for over taking in a 100m long 90kmh zone between two 100kmh zones. I was overtaking, and the camera van was just waiting at the bottom of the hill to take advantage.

  55. Rarely do the speed limit but when I get that ticket..and I have gotten them (NEVER in a school zone!) I always own it and am nothing but polite and respectful to the officer who hands it to me. I accept that some of us were just born with a lead foot.

  56. Speed limits assume you're driving a fully loaded 18 year old Chrysler minivan on a day of mildly below average conditions. If you have a newish 'sporty' car or even just a modern econobox, you can generally safely drive over the limit, road conditions and traffic considerations aside.

  57. Everyone here goes 10k over. No ones gonna get be pissed if you go 50 but if you go 49 you're gonna get cursed at.

  58. On one of our interstates here, the speed limit is 55. Now I will say, they've been doing construction on it, but that is the speed limit (at least in city limits) even when not a construction zone. Very rarely does anyone go that (unless in an actual work zone). I've had people practically riding my bumper if I stay at the speed limit.

  59. Yes. I've evaded wildlife and accidents because of being watchful. That and I can't afford a speeding ticket, sooooo yeah :D

  60. I lived with an OTR truck driver once (the worst/best thing that ever happened to me 🤦🏼‍♀️) and he always said to drive at a reasonable speed you’re comfortable with and let all the stupid shit go around you. Pretty solid advice.

  61. I live in Western Australia so nope; speeding isn’t nearly as tolerated here as it is in other countries.

  62. In low speed areas I drive the speed limit on main roads I go with the flow I’m never in a rush though I’ll get there when I get there If you do drive fast please stop putting my life in danger because you got up late or are just generally impatient

  63. Always. Can’t be bothered to look out for cops and I have 4 children with one on the way. I’d rather just set cruise control and not have to worry about it

  64. I drive usually 10-15 over when on the highway and find most others do the same around here in the city. I’ve found that the more rural an area is the more likely it is for people to drive slower than the speed limit, or at least that’s what I’ve experienced.

  65. I’m teaching my teen to drive. I keep wondering why we’re going so slow and then I realize he is carefully following the speed limit.

  66. I do. I will very rarely drive 7 mph over. I received a $800 ticket for driving 20mph over in college and was arrested a few months later because the town I paid my ticket to never closed my file. Had a warrant, was dragged out of my car and taken to jail for a few hours! Something like that sticks with you.

  67. Form Texas, I had to poop so I was going 95 on a practical empty highway. Got passed by what can only be described as a monster truck as if I was standing still. Texas is not your state in a 65 the flow is 80/85

  68. Since basically all cars have a speedo error of some level, I would never drive the speed limit according to the speedo. But i usually drive accounting for the error and 5-10 kph over, unless someone tailgates me, then I definitely slow down to what the speed limit is. I also have a mode I can just set on where I drive the exact speed limit at all times, unless the conditions require slower, and thats when I'm driving kids to school for work. Its not about being in a hurry, its about feeling like the speed limit is too low.

  69. The way I see it, driving above the speed limit means that if a cop doesn’t like your driving, they’re basically allowed to radar gun you and pull you over. You’re accepting that risk

  70. I had a black box for the first three years of driving so its a habit for me, there have been times I’ve gone over when it’s been unavoidable.

  71. No, specially if you’re in the passing lane. People think they’re safe just because they drive slow when in reality what kills you is not paying attention.

  72. I do. I used to speed but got so many times within a 90day period that if I got another one, I’d lose my license. So I stick to the speed limit. Also, I never know where the speed cameras are in my city so I just keep it at whatever is posted.

  73. Probably because we use a dumbass rule to make speed limits. Driving is a passive activity as much as people want to think it’s not. People drive a certain way without trying. Based on road design, speeds change. If you want slower traffic, tighten shoulders and road width and put obstacles close to the ride. If you want fast traffic then widen roads, eliminate conflict points, and limit access. I’m speaking from a US perspective cause that’s where I live. But we design roads with large setbacks for businesses and single family homes. We design roads to be sped down at unsafe speeds. The 85% becomes a problem because they set the speed limit at the 85% of people’s speed after building the road. Meaning the speed limit will automatically categorize 15% of people as speeders if they drive how they normally would. We should design roads to be driven at speeds, not sign roads at speeds we want people to drive after the fact. If you look at a country like the Netherlands, they have better roads and people drive safer there.

  74. Yep. I get annoyed at anyone who drives more than 10% under the limit on a clear road, but I drive spot on the limit at all times road conditions allow. Never exceed the limit. I even have a heads up display that puts the speed on my windscreen so I don’t need to look down at the speedo.

  75. If everyone else is going fast you should do it too. Its way safer because you ain't a obstacle. And if the roads are empty the speed limit is not exiting obviously

  76. 5 over the speed limit is usually what I will do, unless I absolute have to pass someone. The drivers in my area are very reckless and constantly do 80-90 easily. I could never.

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