DAE think Trump will deem Republicans LOSERS for not voting for his preferred candidates and start his own party tomorrow?

  1. Forget party. I don't think he's gonna stop until he has his own religion. And you bet your ass that there are people ready and waiting to toss Jesus to the wolves for someone that tells them to grab everything by the pussy.

  2. Only IF the majority of the Republican leadership develops spines and actually stands up to the lunatic base they have created.

  3. What are you talking about? Trump will just think (probably rightly) that he will beat him in the primary.

  4. If DeSantis is smart, he'll sit this one out. He's obviously the next guy for the Republican Party, but all it takes is one debate where Trump buries him and it completely ruins the whole thing.

  5. Honestly that would be a blessing. Not all republicans like trump so if they get sectioned off to a new pro trump party they will definitely be a minority.

  6. My only worry is the people driven away by Trump will be cool with Desantis because he's not quite as brash and is more capable. I hope they split, if there is one, is large enough to just wrench both of them.

  7. I quit the republicans when they nominated Trump. Seeing the way they’ve conducted themselves over the last 7 years, I will never go back.

  8. I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow. There’s two possibilities I foresee revolving around the presidential primaries. It’s going to come down to Desantis VS. Trump. If Trump wins he keeps with the Republican Party. If he loses he creates his own independent MAGA party. Which will destroy Republicans in the general election.

  9. Which to noone"s surprise shows that he is in this all for himself. Every decision he makes is to benefit him.

  10. Lol in 2016 I was fucking around with coworkers in the breakroom talking about how Trump was a Demo plant/ringer who got in over his head and was swimming in deep shit. had only ever wanted to lose and claim msm bias and start Trump TV in exchange for splitting the R's and sinking their voter cohesion, but underestimated the number of people who were actually behind the messaging.

  11. Trump is the least Republican (actually supported Hillary Clinton and a former democrat), least Christian known to this country. More like the king of the losers. Reported he's more unhinged every day.

  12. Nope. It’s only happened twice in US History. Grover Cleveland in 1892, he served a term, lost the reelection, ran again and won. Teddy Roosevelt chose not to run for a second term believing that Howard Taft would mirror his policies after him. Taft did not and Roosevelt ran again, however the Republicans were not interested in him so he created a third party and lost. Trump running again would be unique in that he didn’t voluntarily leave office and then tried to return.

  13. The problem is that they are going to memory hole the Trump era just like they did the GWB era. There is no introspection, no apologies, just blind outrage at whatever new moral panic gets carted out onto conservative media.

  14. if he does it cripples the GOP. The whole reason the two party system was so supported by politicians for the last few hundred years is to stop splitting votes among a party. In-fighting amongst people who vote conservatives helps democrats. Like wise if sanders started a new liberal party, it would do the same thing.

  15. Ever since he came to power I feel the entire world is teetering on doing the right things (or not) in the very last minute. I've been glued to news stories etc during the elections even if I'm a European.

  16. Jared Polis, Gavin Newsome, and Gretchen Whitmer are some great democratic options, just among governors. People forget how much of a no-name Obama was before he ran. Even deep into the primary cycle a lot of people still thought Hilary would trounce him.

  17. The dems are sending in Newsom. He has no idea how unpopular he is out of the 46 square miles of San Francisco and parts of LA. DeSantis will eat him alive.

  18. There is plenty of talent in the Dems ranks. Buttegeig, O'Roarke, but finding a centrist candidate that isnt too polarising would keep AOC, Booker etc out of the race.

  19. I hope the GOP and MAGA have a schism and split up. Then they'll never win another election because they can't pool their numbers to get close to a win.

  20. It would be nice if the far right tumpers splint off into a trump party and the far left split off into a far left party so we can actually get some compromise happening in our government without the mentally ill 20% holding 50% of the country hostage

  21. They bickered after the 2018 elections too. They’ll realize they NEED his voter base and fall back in line. He knows it. We know it. We just really want a better timeline.

  22. It will be called Trump Party, it's color will be gold, and the slogan will be MATA (Make America Trump Again)

  23. That's exactly what I've been thinking. Nothing like a dummy screwing himself and his dummy followers. Whatever he needs to do to keep pumping money out of them and keep the FEC from making him spend any of his grift. He will easily doom both the GOP and what I'm sure he'll call the MAGA party all at once. And I can't think of anyone that deserves it more.

  24. Your mistake is operating under the assumption that trump has the mental capacity to accomplish anything on his own. The fact is that the Republican Party only put him on the ballot because they needed someone loud and obnoxious and dumb enough to let them get away with murder in the form of legislation. But now that they realized he is is so stupid that he empowers stupid people to a level of complete chaos that he no longer suits their purposes. If he did claim to start a party it would probably only do well with neo nazis and mouth breathers so I doubt it would be an issue

  25. Neo nazis and mouth breathers would be enough for Biden to win reelection in a landslide. If Trump did something like what Ross Perot did, siphon 10-15% of the GOP vote away, Biden would win 40 states. And that's just the Presidency. Dems would have a supermajority at all levels of Federal and State government if he set up an actual fully functioning political party with candidates running at all levels of government.

  26. Other than him getting convicted (and thus taken out of the picture), a split may actually turn out to be the GOP's best bet if he does this now. Sure, a fair number of GOP voters move to him. But this is 2022. Elections won't happen for another 2 years. That's plenty of time for Trump to disappoint his fanbase. Plenty of time for them to finally give up on him and come back to the GOP. But if he splits shortly before elections, the GOP have a massive problem.

  27. I think Trump will try to run for the Republican nomination. But if he doesn’t get it, he may start his own party. But all that’s gonna do is let the Republican vote and guarantee a democratic win.

  28. Great! You just had to go ahead and say that out loud - now you've jinxed it! (This is the equivalent of saying: "how bad could it be?"

  29. The Republicans are the worst type of losers! They are cry-babies. Didn’t they call the Liberals “snowflakes?” Who are the real snowflakes?

  30. Nope. Why would he? The republican party is his own party. No amount of "yes you caught us on camera but that's not who we are" from the other Republicans is going to change that.

  31. He'll run as a Democrat. He's always been one. He took down the Republican party from the inside. Just like Hillary paid him to do.

  32. Not a chance. Hes not a leader, he just stands in front of leaders and takes responsibility. So if someone else starts the party, he'll gladly lead it and call it his idea.

  33. That already happened in Mexico. He is president now. We are not doing very good. Trump is even less sane than this mf, so good luck if that happens

  34. No he’ll announce his run tomorrow. Then he’ll threaten to run as a independent if he doesn’t get the nomination trying stop DeSaster from even running against him.

  35. My guess is he’ll campaign against desantis in the generals then once the republicans inevitably choose Desantis to keep the party, you know, alive.. he gets pissy and runs as his own party to split the vote

  36. He believes he'll be the Republican nominee. If he isn't, I believe he'll run as a third party candidate. He doesn't admit defeat...ever. I don't think he's capable of admitting defeat. Even when he loses, it's because the process was unfair.

  37. He's the world's best attention whore. Every move he makes is done with the intent of somebody (ANYBODY) watching him do it. Good attention or bad, doesn't matter.

  38. He might threaten it but the republicans will meet his demands or otherwise compromise, no way they let their voter base split into two parts

  39. He's already been doing that and he already turned the republican party into the "Trump Party". Why else have they kowtowed to him for years now? He's even threatened to destroy the republican party if they choose to back DeSantis in 2024.

  40. He won’t run third party because that would require self funding and Trump is only collecting money. He ain’t spending it. Quite a few Republicans are pissed he’s piling cash and not funding candidates he backed.

  41. Entirely possible, we've seen something a little similar with Roosevelt splitting the vote during WW2 with the Republicans so this could do the same.

  42. I sure hope he does, it would fracture the GOP, and let progressive and rational candidates have a better chance.

  43. Crazy how delusional TDS has made people. His endorsement win% is massive. If he runs, he gets the nomination, and I'd prefer DeSantis to get it.

  44. It won’t make any difference if he does. The Republicans will never again get close to the Whitehouse. Democrat turnout is too strong with mail-in voting and republican voters are all concentrated in red states. And there’s just more blue states. Neither Trump nor DeSantis stands a chance.

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