Fight at my highschool (grey shirt is a wrestler)

  1. It is ridiculous how under utilized both kicks and solid grappling skills are in these fights. It is like everyone just throws hands and forgets about elbows, knees, and feet.

  2. This is one of my first tells that I’m about to pick someone apart. That and when someone tells me “no going to the ground”, first thing I do is bring you to the ground then put you to sleep.

  3. When you know you're superior on the ground you get to try out some cool shit on the feet

  4. I love when you hear stuff like this. Like didn’t you know we made up rules that say you can’t do stuff we don’t like? It is funny though how some stuff is still off limits depending on the type of fight? Like if it’s settling a dispute, there’s less dirty stuff, ball shots, fishhooks, eye gouging.

  5. I got jumped by seven people in 8th grade because the first person jumped me and I turned around and started punching his face. As all seven of them were trying to bury me in the ground with their feet they were screaming at me "NO HEADSHOTS, PUSSY!"

  6. The dude went into a fight with sandals and complained why his ass was getting kicked lol. I mean, even without the sandals, he was outclassed. Took a 2v1 situation for sandal boy to get back in a situation to retaliate. Game over.

  7. Wouldn't call it a 2v1. The friend only tried breaking up the fight, he didn't actually join the fight

  8. He’s more than a wrestler 😂 get him better comp the other dude is a pussy… “whatchu kicking for”

  9. Back when I was in high school it was universally known not to start fights with wrestlers. It takes a certain level of crazy just to participate in that sport.

  10. dude what a pussy ass bitch. Immediately starts squealing when he realizes he is outclassed. Dude is a chump. He also should have kicked the shit out of the dude that grabbed him. Both of the dudes in the black sweaters are pussies.

  11. Everytime. It's the same thing up here in canada with natives. My brother used to scrap alot. Every single time he'd get on top, they'd pull them apart and reset or worse.

  12. Lol like kicking isn’t allowed in a fight 😂😂 when a fight is activated, if there isn’t a referee or a league involved… any thing is fair game

  13. Dude pulling him back ruined the fight (kind of), granted he was running off but as my favorite south park character once said, "I didn't hear no bell."

  14. That was fucking dumb I hate when people are like why are you kicking why are you kicking… like shut the fuck up and take these goddamn feet bro

  15. Thats not that correct. Depending on the situation there are things like unwritten rules though. U can fight with a person and if u don't start kicking him in the balls or poking him in the eyes he won't to either. Not every fight is for life or death. There are so many different fighting cultures. I've seen ppl just boxing in streetfights. Or not grabbling and so on. Everybody in has different things in mind though. So better talk about it before starting or even better, don't fight at all.

  16. The other guy didn't fight him though, he just broke the fight up and the other guy went away. It wasn't like he hold him and the other hit him.

  17. Oh man this brings back memories. Was in a stupid (I drunkenly started) street fight and blasted some kicks on dude, cops show up and actually complained to the cops I was kicking him. Lol it’s a street fight, expect the unexpected. Lucky I didn’t get shot.

  18. What is it, and from what I’ve seen mostly in the black community about fighting a certain way and mor specifically not kicking. I’ve literally heard this since my first ever fight. There’s no rules in a fight

  19. Why the fuck did the guy keep pulling the grey shirt guy off!? I’d have beat his ass next - like fuck off man you’re not trying to stop the fight at any other point except when I’m winning - fuckin derp

  20. Big knowledge. Never fight a person who understands their own center of balance and never fight a person who knows how to sprawl.

  21. This is so incredibly beautiful! I love how that weak ass piece of shit screams “get him off of me” and then tries to act all tough when he stands up. 笑

  22. The side kick at the start was good but I really enjoyed the chase down and flying kick that followed

  23. Don't let spectators make rules. 'What u kicking for ' 'letem up' or 'no grabbing' That's your fight fight it How you want don't let somebody up or not kick because they don't know how to defend themselves from it they can give up if they can't handle it. If you didn't agree to box don't box.

  24. bruh the hoodie dude and his friend are pussy lil fucks. if you decide you’re gonna fight someone dont call in a pal when you cant handle it anymore. and then dude stood up like he achieved something. what dipshits

  25. My son who was a whooping 103 pound wrestler in HS had a bully swing at him and missed. My son used a double leg take down and was able to get on top and kept swinging on the guy until school police removed him. They were about 30 feet away when it happened and almost appeared to let it go on for a little longer than it should have. It was caught on camera. The bully was about 5’11 and 225 lbs. Let’s just say no one ever bullied him again.

  26. I was thinking it was gonna turn into a 2 v 1. Haply to see it was player 3 just wanted to save non grey shirt from a concussion, or worse. And that mon grey realized his error and backed off when separated. This is a good outcome!

  27. Nah dude 2 wasn't jumping in. Seriously how many of y'all ever been in a fight? You don't jus gently grab someone's shoulders in a fight dude. You go for a kill shot and if a man's back is turned to you and your a combant then you will fully take advantage of that situation. Dude 2 was watching his boy throw hands in a fair 1-1 and helped his boy stay outta the hospital.

  28. It is 100% jumping in. Maybe not to go 2v1, but He only did that when his guy was losing. You want to keep your guy outta the hospital, stop the entire fight not just when your friend is about to have his ass handed to him. He’s lucky he didn’t get his ass beat, too - just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️ the only time it wasn’t a fair 1:1 was when his friend was on the losing side… it’s a fight, not a boxing match.

  29. Those two dudes are clearly not street guys. Like did you watch this fight? Gray shirt has a better chance in the streets, any streets, all streets.

  30. I think any evidence of a fight that involves any kind of trying to drop someone on their head needs to be attempted murder and carry some time These punk ass kids can’t squabble like respectable people than they need to just stop

  31. Is gray shirt a pro wrestler? Dude started with Sweet Chin Music and went back in with a V-Trigger.

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