8 grade fight kid in dark grey hoodie started getting jumped so his friend hopped in and broke his hand

  1. Why tf the toilet tip over like that? Anyone else curious what kind of plumbing is going on here ?!?! Fuck the fight WHY is that toilet not properly installed?

  2. Bro school toilets are literally the cheapest things dude, they’re never properly installed or aren’t good quality, recently at my school there’s a big ass chip in the bowl of the toilet where the water comes out, so if ur taking a shit and flush while you’re sitting down you basically got a bade

  3. I know the staff can’t go in but why is it always in the bathrooms, that’s like the worst place to do it because the tile floor, concrete walls and hard porcelain everywhere

  4. Bc it's high school, can't fight anywhere else without teachers stepping in, and the kids can't like drive to a place to fight bc no licenses yet

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