With Willow launching tomorrow, should the Star Wars hub change to a Lucasfilm hub?

  1. No as anything related Indiana Jones isn’t even on Disney+ and Willow isn’t as big as Star Wars. Another thing is that a lot of Lucasfilm’s films aren’t even owned or distributed by Disney like American Graffiti and Howard the Duck.

  2. Another weird thought: Let’s say the rights to the Howard the Duck movie did somehow get to Disney. Would it be under Marvel or this hypothetical Lucasfilm tab?

  3. If not a hub, I'd appreciate a Lucasfilm Collection showcasing Lucasfilm's filmography (that is available to Disney), having different rows to show off their films (e.g. Star Wars films, Willow, Indy 5, Red Tails), animation (e.g. The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, Rebels, Strange Magic) and their live action series (e.g. The Mandalorian, Andor, Willow). As well as a row for "Lucasfilm Through The Years."

  4. Doubtful. Disney seems to be intent on minimizing the Lucasfilm name and instead just pushing the Star Wars name, as evidenced by the Star Wars intro that appears before all Disney+ Star Wars content. The original Willow movie just shows up on the main Disney section of the site.

  5. Probably. Maybe it will. Didn't realize it but is the only hub defined by its IP and not its studio brand (although Marvel straddles the line of being both).

  6. The marvel hub includes non-MCU content. So i like the idea of a more general hub. There is already Lucasfilm content on D+ that's just lost in the library

  7. Surprised people here are so against this, lol. It would be a great idea. Might encourage them to do more with other Lucasfilm properties.

  8. The answer is simple no you can't compare star wars with anything it was a way ahead of its time even being a genz and after binge star wars has left with so much fasination and all the chronological order with which ot was realised no one has ever done it makes it's goat

  9. I don't think it would be a great idea to add even a single additional step between the homepage and Star Wars content considering how massive of a brand that is. Adding it to the general Disney category seems a little odd as well, but maybe adding a Lucasfilm category or a "Browse by Studio" option to the menu on the left side might be an interesting idea?

  10. Add a Monkey Island Series and a Full Throttle Series then please. ( I know that is Lucas Arts technically, but I think there could be a fun modern twist on those)

  11. Streaming services need to fix their rights issues. For example: how can you release a knives out sequel on Netflix without the original film on Netflix. Same with Indy 5.

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