With Disney+ adding the 1950s Zorro series, what other classic Disney TV series would you like to see added?

  1. Since they've added this, it'd be great if they could also add all 4 of the hour-long Zorro specials that aired after the series had ended, since they continued the character's story:

  2. My dad constantly talks about how much he loved Spin and Marty. He used to try to get me to stay up and watch it with him when I was kid. It still came on TV sometimes but it was always really late.

  3. Any of those Disney vault shows they played at 2am on the Disney Channel back in the early 2000s would make me happy. Zorro is one of them.

  4. I doubt they have the rights to it, but should they pursue the rights the classic live action Incredible Hulk series with Bill Bixby would be a great addition to the Marvel hub. So would the classic (short lived) live action Spider-Man show.

  5. Actually if you notice NO one has that on streaming for some reason. It is like they want to bury that one away and not acknowledge it. Its always the one I have to skip when I am re-watching the MCU.

  6. More of the Disney Anthology Series would be nice. They haven’t added any since Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland and The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World in July 2020, which was over 2 years ago already. This is Disney’s original TV series hosted by Walt Disney himself. This very series is what made Disneyland even possible, as the show was literally made so that ABC could fund the park for them. It deserves a lot more respect.

  7. Disney+ is also the perfect platform to rerelease it too. DVDs would be too costly to produce and the extended clips from films would be less of an issue when you can easily skip those scenes. If the episodes were available for purchase outright, it would be a hard ask for Disney fans to essentially pay for the same movie twice. But with streaming, you can literally duplicate movie with another version like a "Sing-a-long" version and no one feels ripped off.

  8. I agree that I'd like to see more of the anthology series (especially Disneyland episodes and the EPCOT presentation), but a lot of that stuff is basically edited for television versions of things already available on Disney+.

  9. well they're finally adding PB&J Otter and Bear this month, still some more classic playhouse disney/90's/00s shows they're missing (no Corey in the House seriously?)

  10. They released this on Blu-ray via Disney Movie Club. I’m not apart of that but I wish they’d release those Disney Movie Club exclusives to everyone.

  11. All the classics that used to run regularly on the Disney Channel back in the day when it first came to cable. They should create a whole new section called Disney Classics.

  12. Wasn’t there a night where they’d have a bunch of older shows/movies on? I forget what it was called but I can sort of picture the intro in my head or just something. I remember they had The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew stuff on too.

  13. I want Charlie the Lonesome Cougar which is actual a movie. But the Wonderful World of Color or Walt Disney presents would be great

  14. I want that TV Special with Kurt Russell and The Osmond’s where they’re doing that concert in Disneyland and then go to the Haunted Mansion at the end, along with all the other World of Color/Disneyland Presents specials.

  15. WKRP is a fantastic show, but the music rights issues are a mess since it took place at a radio station and they used real songs when the DJs were shown working on the air.

  16. Considering Disney adds and removes promotional specials to Disney+ within a year window, I doubt they actually care about preserving history like we do. Someone from Disney Archives needs to have a talk with someone in Disney Plus to make this happen.

  17. Famous Jett Jackson but they kinda act like it doesn’t exist, which I think is due to the untimely death of its lead

  18. The rights went back to the Canadian production company. The whole series is on YouTube officially. The movie I think Disney is holding out on though.

  19. The Adventures of Spin and Marty. I only saw it once with it was on Vault Disney back in the late 90s. I think it would be nice to see it all the way through, that and the old Hardy Boys series.

  20. Technically I want all of Disney's library on here, but one that's long overdue is an uncensored version of Make Mine Music, the only canon film not on Disney+.

  21. Not a series but…Song of the south. I think it’s more helpful to have shows like that available to see and discuss than to try to erase them from history, but I also understand the other POV, even if I don’t fully agree with it.

  22. The 1982 version seems to be owned by Columbia (and in turn Sony), so it is unlikely to come to Disney+.

  23. Doubt these will ever show up, but Going Wild with Jeff Corwin and Omba Mokomba were my jam when Disney Channel had their free preview weeks.

  24. I don’t know of it’s the right place to mention, but more classic animated shorts. What we have is great, but there are missing a lot of them: more mickey shorts(karnival kid, both versions of orphan’s benefit etc) and rhe Disney-produced Oswald cartoons.

  25. I haven’t looked in awhile because not dealing with disappointment but for me it’s House of Mouse. I’ve seen some of them on YouTube. But I love House of Mouse.

  26. Wow, I didn't know they were adding these. Can't wait to revisit. I knew it was late at sleepovers when these came on Disney Channel.

  27. 90s Mickey Mouse Club was on par w All That and Amanda Show and I’m tired of people acting like it wasn’t 😤

  28. Oh man you totally made my entire night. I’ve been wanted to watch this so bad. I used to watch it as a kid (30 years after it originally aired) and have always wanted to rewatch them.

  29. I don't know if it's Disney, but I would love to see the original Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon TV shows.

  30. Earth Star Voyager and others movies and series that was played in polish tv in 90's like Torkelsons and others .

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