Upcoming Server Merge in EU (Deeds of Valor / Badge)

  1. You will carry the current badge progress and it will crash your loyalty score to 0 effectively dropping you to 2%. It is ridiculous and should be fixed but as far as I can tell here are a couple options to try and avoid it:

  2. I had the same issue. As of tonight they have addressed it. I’m now max loyalty. I’ll likely get the max shadow badge, but we did get screwed out of the immortal one.

  3. When you become a shadow you will also severely be behind all the current shadow clans buffs/ranks, so good luck making it into the top 10 when shadow wars start back up.

  4. So if the current immortals lost their rein after server merge , members will get a new badge after merge or what will happen?

  5. Anyone can confirm the loyalty score is fixed when moving from immortals to adventurer/shadow when servers are merged?

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