Dear blizzard: please add dmg done chart/meter to dungeons to make them less tidius

  1. Wish they would do this, but agree it will probably never happen. Be nice if they would at least make a target dummy with one to test different builds.

  2. Blizzard don’t like meters for damage. It just makes the player doing less damage feel bad, I mean is it really skill that’s making the damage difference in this game.. ? I don’t think so, it’s what gear and gems you have been able to obtain. If your unlucky you shouldn’t be made to feel worse by others.

  3. The top crusader from our clan did 9.9% DMG in our latest war. I did 4.4%. another sader with higher stats than me, did 2.2%... He has higher DMG, CR and reso..

  4. There is so much that goes into proper build and maximising DPS. Rather than only money, besides number of whales is very small. Also some 1* and 2* gems are absolutely killers for damage, probably even more so than some rank 10, 5*

  5. A completion time for dungeons would be nice. Now I just have to time it myself every time I solo dungeons to test builds. It’d be even better if they had a leaderboard for it and maybe reward top 10.

  6. I'd vote no. Not every class is about DPS. With this, DH and Wiz will simply rule the charts. Unless you make it so you can only see your own info.

  7. As always with metrics, they wouldn’t cover how important some aspects of the game like position opponents or providing Banner can be for progress.

  8. Im always happy to have a barb that brings sprint in most dungeons. Like SM, half the time youre just running from spot to spot and a barb that can sprint and destroy pillars before enemies spawn actually saves a ton of time.

  9. This is the only game iv come across where literally any build is viable.. like it doesn't matter what class, skills, gear, gems etc you have..all you need is the combat rating and you'll get through it no problems.. it would still be nice to compare certain builds against myself though, but it would be just out of curiosity.. not like it would make any real difference completing dungeons etc

  10. After you reach the Cr requirements, you can only gain damage with CR to a limit of 1000+, after that you can real test what build works better, because cr doesnt matter anymore.

  11. I couldn't see one in dungeons or raids since it would be a breeding ground for the toxic... But some training dummies would be nice for testing purposes.

  12. No thanks. It just brings out the worst in people. I'm ok with the idea of being able to see your own damage.

  13. The other advantage to feedback on performance is identifying leechers. I ran pit last night with a player that simply ran along with us but barely threw any attacks. His paragon and CR were high so it wasn’t like we were carrying a newb (which I never mind)… he just wanted maximum loot for minimal effort.

  14. Everything about this game is tedious. That seems to be par for the course, and yet I still grind out these tedious tasks every day.

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