@devs diablo immortal needs help before its too late

  1. Game is just a money pit, they will continue to collect all they can before players release more and more its just IP lent to netease to grab quick cash and f off.

  2. What this game needs is real clan war, battleground but by clan members. That should be fun n incentivize pvp skills. Shadow war is boring.

  3. Shocking people haven’t realized that, Diablo immortal is basically diablo 4 beta. They’re just testing to see what they can get away with monetary wise and balance wise for diablo 4’s end game content

  4. Rite of Exile is BG, followed by Immortal/Shadow War battle. If BG got some expansion with new versions that would be cool. A dedicated warband version, a dedicated clan version. Also, I agree with OP, give us content that means something not just bragging rights. Implement some server player balancing by increasing the drop rates for gems (and legendary) for players who are below the "server resonance level". We already have a server paragon level where it's exp boost, just expand it to level the playing field for all. Make events meaningful; fractured plane for some scrap materials is pointless, how about leaderboards for speed run. Maybe implement something that is a stat boost like Helliquary (I can run refine scoria from raids for a CR bump) for events. Same for BG, aside from giving players some new modes, give it meaning in-game (maybe a new currency type for winning with minimum participation rewards that can be used to purchase scoria).

  5. Yeah I was about 2.3k res heading to 2.5 and said fuck it because the cost is just not worth it for what this game gives. I used to enjoy the PvP in the first season when it was competitive but now it’s just mortgage spenders clowning on everyone. They screwed this one fast.

  6. I'm always surprised by the amount of redditors that play battlegrounds. In my clan, very few players play PvP, lot of whales don't even set a foot on battlegrounds. Everyone talks like PvP is a major aspect of the game, talking about balance but I think battleground should be considered for what it is : an optional mini game, in a mostly PVE grinding game.

  7. The what is the incentive to be the best? What is the incentive to buy all that crap just to be the king of pve? That’s ridiculous. That’s like paying to be the coolest kid with Down syndrome.

  8. I’m with you on this, the only time I join is when my shadow tasks say I must….and then…I just run around and shield my team mates before inevitable being taken out by a whirling whale barb, relentless volley DH or a vortex freezing mage….given up trying to compete in BG and think I’m one of a handful in my clan that actually do

  9. PvP was one of the better aspects of the Diablo games. There's no low level dueling with the way items work anymore or really any variation. I play bg and enjoy it for the most part but there needs to be more varying modes to keep the game going

  10. wtf is this even supposed to mean? The game has its fair share of issues but whenever I see people saying "it's not a real game" I have to assume that person is 12 at most

  11. People are spending too much money for blizzard to give a fuck lol. You've all dug your own graves. This game can't be saved

  12. Y’all are a bunch of whining bitches I hate Diablo Reddit lol.. all you do is continue to complain about a game you keep playing. Just stop playing and stop crying on Reddit lol.. it’s so stupid.. why waste your time if you feel this way. Move on already

  13. Wtf bash him down then agree with his main point, are you trying to bash yourself cause that's what I got out of it.

  14. So if anything goes wrong in your life or you are faced with injustice you just escape the problem than trying to fix it or influence people to do so if you can't yourself?

  15. Respectfully, I feel like this joke would work better without the “i”. Cryablo rolls off the tongue much better, at least to my mind.

  16. I like the game alot, I got my 3/5 and 4/5 gems ranked to 4 and any further it's not worth it for me. They are still working on the game, look at D3 it never stopped evolving.

  17. Quite after I made a refund money I spent. And spent it on real games as Immortal not even a game. Damn why don't you play PoE for example. There is nothing to save but play

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