Questions for dev team?

  1. Ask them what the purpose of forcing players to group for dungeons was in the grand scheme of the design. Some players just like playing solo and I also have zero intentions of ever grouping with anyone outside of my guild. If it's late night and my friends and clanmates are sleeping, why should content like H2/3 Dungeons be gated behind forced group play? It's just going to force players like me to make alt accounts and make my own groups, it's annoying and I'd like to understand why they think this is necessary.

  2. Any plans to cap the crests from shop? Or you guys just want to go down in history as the most p2w game from Blizzard?

  3. I know a lot of people asked this question but I'm very curious if they did changes to the p2w aspect of the game

  4. Also, after launch, do they plan on implementing other PvP modes such as Arena or MOBA style battleground (like Wyatt discussed they experimented with during D3's development)?

  5. Will we be able to disable damage numbers in the release game? They create a lot of screen clutter for small screens, and players have asked for this since Alpha

  6. Will you make a payed version of the game so us with limited funds can enjoy the same content as people with unlimited funds? Ie the Awakening and Resonance system.

  7. A few? A few hundred would be better. 1. what the first replies said. 2. How will you keep the market makers from controlling and distorting the prices. 3. Will the higher rifts allow solo. 4. Any plans for findable/free transmogs. 5. Where are the pets! 6. Will you normalize pvp even more than has been reported from beta? 7. Are there any hidden side areas/secret quests to hunt for?(not lairs).

  8. You can't really control the market prices in this. You only get a few sale slots and they take 24 hours before the item you're selling is available to purchase.

  9. will there eventually be class upgrades. like necromancers becoming death knights or something ? ik its a strecth but i just wanted to ask this question

  10. Some of us are not interested in ever touching pvp or the leaderboards. Will there be plenty of content to keep solo players busy even after they've beaten the main story?

  11. If you do a class change, will cosmetic sets like the Horodrim set or any previous battlepass earned/purchased sets follow and be available to the new class?

  12. Will they change it from the beta and make the game Solo if desired? I know there were several parts that forced to play with other people, was curious if they are going to change it so we could solo the entire game if we wanted.

  13. Do you plan to create an Esport championships based on PvP system? Something like 10 teams of 3 players to fight last-man-standing battles like shadows do after killing the immortal boss?

  14. Please ask if the monetization system will impact PvP as well? For example, will the "whales" P2w players that will be investing thousands of dollars into their characters give them the advantage over F2p players in PvP? It's something I have been wanting to know. Imagine those whales in PvP and how insanely overpowered they will be to the point of killing you with one single strike.

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