Release date guess

  1. If I’m Blizz I’d want D:I released before the WoW mobile announcement, which is in May. You release D:I and WoW mobile announcement becomes their “what’s next”. Letting people get their hands on D:I builds buzz that Blizz can do a mobile game well and now you get people excited for WoW mobile.

  2. Btw its warcraft mobile, not wow mobile. Only guessing, but mark my words. Its a 4x strategy game

  3. heh:) still exist so high % from young peooles , which lose his faith about release date. Look so many voted for "Releasee What?!?!"..

  4. What should they test, its all tested, and they already announced changes that will come after first Patch. So they are planning for Release and what might come next, will be in patch

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