Who's your favorite villain?

  1. How y’all going to like Trinity more than Dexters bro. Had they kept him alive like in the books I’m sure the opinion would be much different. Brian is a super creep.

  2. Trinity was great, but have to go with ITK on this one. The mystery they intertwined with him, how you didn’t know who he was until many episodes in. And the relationship he and Dex had. I always found it sad that he wanted to kill Deb so he had to be taken out. Would’ve loved for him to be alive and part of the show for several seasons

  3. ITK. Trinity is frankly overrated. If he hadn't killed Rita, he would not be as popular as he is. There is nothing unique about his storyline outside of killing her.

  4. Favorite is such an odd word to describe either of them. Who is more likable? Brian for sure. Who is more significant to the story line and thus ends up being the better antagonist? Trinity for sure. So this question is going to vary based off of how someone answers it. I prefer Brian. Trinity is a cunt.

  5. Ice Truck Killer, definitely. Trinity is the best villain, but ITK is my favorite of the two. He was one of the only villains in the entire series whose death was sad.

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