Looking back, which season finale are you most angry/disappointed about?

  1. NB. Dexter breaks 9 seasons of character by killing Logan. Then deserving to be shot by the completely unsympathetic Harrison. I liked the season, but Dexter earned a better ending. Bot the show and the character

  2. New Blood hurt more, because seaosn 8 was shit in general, but I was actually really enjoying New Blood up until, like, the last fifteen minutes. Once I started realizing what was happening, my heart sank. The best part of the ending was Dexter's letter. But, still, my heart can hardly bear knowing that this show has had not one, but two shitty finales.

  3. New Blood, because I had such high hopes for it. I never thought it was possible to screw up TWO finales.

  4. Even if I thought that the New Blood finale was objectively better written, which in my opinion due to the number of leaps in logic, out of character moments and missed opportunities I do not believe, I still think New Blood is more disappointing due to the fact that almost a decade passed between the original extremely maligned ending and New Blood and they still couldn’t get a story enough together to give a very satisfying by and large ending.

  5. NB, annoying, Mary sue characters, just plain annoying characters. If I knew all this beforehand I would've told them not to bother making NB lmao.

  6. Personally I would’ve been okay with Harrison killing Dexter if we got the “plot twist” that Harrison had been hunting Dexter and toying with him to learn the truth only to put him on the table at the end (kinda like what Dexter did with trinity.)Honestly would’ve been okay with the ending we got if they gave us a little more lead up and higher stakes so it made sense.

  7. The only thing I liked about season 8 was Dex getting away with killing Oliver on camera in a police station, with a pen. Hardly believable, but I thought it was hilarious and kind of as far as they could push the whole "people knowing he's a killer" thing since they knew they were ending it there.

  8. It's definitely the new blood . It's out if discussion, it's the worst ending i wasn't expecting that. I know it's the idea of the new blood and that his son maybe gonna be like him (kill the murders maybe) But not get killed that way🥲💔

  9. Season 8 from start to finish was pretty lackluster, so I suppose I sort of expected a bad ending.. but New Blood episodes 1-9 was SO GOOD, therefore its finale was much more disappointing to me

  10. It's NB....I think the story of the final episode wasn't that bad but was rushed. They should have stretched it out over 2 more episodes. Maybe have Harrison go with Dexter and actually try to make it work hunting down bad guys. Then have Harrison realize Dexter can't really control it....maybe have him do something that INDIRECTLY kills Logan or someone Harrison loves....then have Harrison inject Dexter and put him on the table.

  11. Season 8 had a steady decline in quality for multiple seasons before the end. New Blood was good up until half way through the last episode.

  12. New Blood ending was more disappointing because the rest was good. Everyone expected the original ending to be shit because the show sucked since season 5.

  13. NB for a couple reasons. For one, the season itself was WAY better than 8, so I expected way more. For another, it actually built to a climax a lot of us wanted since Day 1 (Dexter being found out by the world), only to wimp out at the last minute and not even have Dexter and Angel interact. I think the ending itself is okay, but in context of the season as a whole...not at all.

  14. New Blood hit harder because there was so much hope and promise about giving us a satisfying ending after all these years... "...best thing I've ever written..." ergh

  15. New blood but that’s just because I was watching new blood as it came out, so of course I was more disappointed cause I didn’t know it was gonna be bad

  16. I actually was fine with the original ending. Leaving everyone behind he's ever loved and his only safety nets was definitely not what I thought Dexters "punishment" would be. It was always jail or death.

  17. Season 8 was probably the worst finale of any show in history, i just watched it again last night and forgot how stupid and poorly done it truly was. New Bloods finale wasn’t great, but by no means was it worse than the shit show that was season 8

  18. Neither one. I thought the season 8 finale made perfect sense. I would have preferred Angela kill Dexter rather than Harrison, but I knew he was going to die the moment the new series was announced

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