1. I dont even hate Brain surgeon’s mom, she was just incredibly stupid. She outsmarts one killer just to be murdered by her son who she knew was insane. All those degrees can’t give you common sense I guess. Also I liked Travis and especially the professor.

  2. +1, loved the character so much, that’s a pity he died early, even though I can’t imagine how he could have been implemented into the show Who knows, he might have been a legend if he stayed longer in the show

  3. another comment in agreement. brother sam was the highlight of season 6 imo, and what happened after was interesting and unique for the show and for dexter's character.

  4. I enjoyed Lila’s character. She was so wacko that she was funny. Didn’t shed any tears, however, when she departed

  5. Brother Sam & Issac could be in legend category Quinn, Maria, Rita, Capt Matthew’s could be moved to hate to love them category. Teenage Astor and Jamie could be moved to didn’t like category Travis Marshall move to Piss Off

  6. Why do people hate Travis Marshall? That's one of my favorite seasons imo. He was truly an unpredictable and highly dangerous character. I also loved Brother Sam's character.

  7. How DARE you put brother sam in anything less than legends! And Zach too, you're doing him super dirty he was a massively underrated character and one of the only good things about s8 (he should have at least got decent)

  8. I feel like there should be a row for ‘Love to Hate Them,’ occupied by Louis, Lila, Hannah. I didn’t stop watching the show because of them, they’re good actors, but they were supremely annoying and I’ve been talking shit about them for approximately 10 years

  9. Lundy deserves GOAT, and I think Brian is neutral or ugh. The kid that got his head cut in half by brain surgeon should be neutral. Quinn is UGH. Pastor is also a legend.

  10. No clue why season 8 gets so much hate, I actually thought Saxon and Vogel was pretty rad, I would def also say the doomsday killers were pretty good. I mean it’s no trinity but you can’t strike gold twice.

  11. the fact that masuka isnt a GOAT makes this meme, your computer, your keyboard, the mouse you used, the monitor you stare at, and your life....not matter. i hope the fbi finds your ip address after seeing this meme and puts you on a list of people who should never make memes. may your god bless your soul...

  12. I hated Hannah. So much. More the first time I watched it, and nothing against the actress, but she was a murderer who acted like she never did anything wrong, when she DID. I hated her "I'm just the victim" attitude

  13. Thank you. I hated Hannah more than any other character on the show, and I think a lot of people like her just because she's hot. Every season with her turned to shit. This was even more apparent re-watching Dexter. A large part of it was the writing with her character, nothing wrong with the actress.

  14. I definitely don't agree about Oliver Saxon, a very creepy villain and a powerful rival for Dexter, one of my favorite.

  15. A few changes I would make , like I loved Hannah- have no clue whose in the picture next to her ? Leaguerta sucked, and JUST as I was starting to like her, she decided to go on a dexter vendetta l would put brother Sam & Harry higher than just “decent”, and the rest I’m good with

  16. Why and how the fuck is mr. fuckboy Joey Quinn who probably is a fucking coke addict in RL make it to legend status ?? 😂😂😅 yeah okay…

  17. I liked Hannah. The Brain surgeon should be even lower haha. I feel like the new season would be interesting to add characters into. Clancy Brown has to be towards the top, along with teenage Harrison

  18. Quinn should have been at the bottom with Louis. SPOILER: They should have started the show with him, killed HIM off, and continued on with Doakes for the rest of the show,,,

  19. I'll bite the bullet and swing with you on this one. Rita was a broken character to begin with, and became unbearably privileged when she got past her old self. I don't think she got a fair shakedown being murdered, but I think she would have been a nightmare if she wasn't stopped in her prime. Especially since Dexter was totally submissive to her in the relationship. The Karma Chameleon scene will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  20. I would have put Harry in the Legends category. Especially in the first seasons, him and Dexter walking through scenario's were among my favorite parts of the episodes.

  21. Despite being a pretty awful person overall, I classify Harry as either GOAT or Legend. He was so instrumental to everything and I genuinely always loved his scenes whether they were flashbacks or Dexters mind.

  22. Agree on all except for this first ugh. I think they could have done amazing things with that storyline. Instead they tried to do it with his son in New Blood, and THAT was 100% UGH.

  23. Deb is a GOAT,Harry is whatever the hell is below the lowest level, Hannah is an down there with Vogel and the guy with the camera, and idk about Quinn but he's most definitely not a "legend".

  24. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I damn near hated Rita in the show. He character went from soft and cushy to stern mother. Never see her as a “Legend”

  25. You have Brian in your goat list? Ahead of Deb and Lundy and Batista? Dude was one of the worst villains ever lol

  26. Masuka and Angel are Goats. Zach Hamilton needs to be in at least decent. And Lumen is a legend as far as I'm concerned. And LaGuerta is Ugh.

  27. Deborah has to go to GOAT. The show just isn't the same without her involvement in everything. I'd bring Rita down to hate to love them, move Matthews and Jamie to Decent, swap Lumen and Hannah.

  28. I completely forgot about Louis. I was ready to sling Titty Vampire, Bertie the Brain Surgeon and Barrel Boy into the bottom tier but I’m with you

  29. I didn't mind the story of season 5, but Julia Stiles was just a bad casting in my opinion. Really just did not like her in the show.

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