In the end, do you think that Lundy knew about or seriously suspected Dexter as the BHB?

  1. This is the real answer. He totally got vibes from dexter but there was just so much evidence for Doakes that Lundy’s analytical mind couldn’t see past it.

  2. Not even the best of the FBI was anywhere close to finding Dex out which is why the newest season makes no sense and will forever be trash.

  3. Laguerta found him, it wasn't hard either. She just saw his name on the list of boat owners for one of the marinas the BHB was suspected to use. Angela found him because he left unique injection marks on two different people. The FBI didn't have the right leads.

  4. In the scene where Lundy questions Dexter about the murderer that went free because Dexter was sloppy with the bloodwork, and that murderer ended up being a victim of the Bay Harbor Butcher, Lundy must have had the idea.

  5. I think Lundy always knew that Dexter was the BHB. When you think about it, Doakes, even Quinn knew something was off with Dexter. Lundy was portrayed as one; if not the best serial killer hunter out there. I do not believe he would miss seeing a dark side to Dexter and I think he has showed us that he did very clearly! And all the decisions he made afterwards were smart and calculated. If anyone wants criminals and serial killers to be hunted, it's definitely Lundy and I believe he took Dexter as an asset to his work so he took his time and carefully watched over him. It's not a coincidence that the first person he goes to see is Dexter when he returns to Miami and is hunting for the trinity killer. He seems to value Dexter's imput more than he should, for someone with "sloppy blood work". Also, he cares deeply for Deb. It's interesting to see how each character deals personally with Dexter because they go onto him in very different ways.

  6. So Lundy makes an innocent man (Doakes) stay guilty by ruining his reputation after death and setting a serial killer like Dexter free by going to ask him for help years later for another case? The super detective?

  7. Seeing how 'married-to-the-job' Lundy was, I feel if he did put the pieces together, there is no chance in hell he'd keep it to himself, regardless of Deb. He's loyal to the law.

  8. I think he practically knew. I think one note we need to realise about Lundy is he has his needs he cant control. He loves the hunt. It controls his life. He thinks like a killer. I bet if he wasnt a serial killer hunter, he could have would up as one.

  9. Lundy was one of my favorite characters. My top 3 were dexter, Rita, and Lundy. Two out of the three died in the same season. I was heartbroken

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