Dexter: New Blood be like:

  1. I don’t think they realize that the majority of us actually like the anti-hero aspect of the character and don’t just see him as a monster. Lol

  2. What a pile of shit. Just finished the new season and can’t believe that Angela is supposed to have caught dexter in a few episodes when she couldn’t catch Kurt killing girls in their hometown for 20+ years. I don’t even understand how or why she went from going after Kurt for her friends murder to completely dropping that and becoming hyper focused on dexter.

  3. Kurt survived in Iron Lake for the same reason that Dexter survived in Miami: he put himself above suspicion and never left any obvious evidence behind. Angela had nothing but traceless disappearances, there was no direction to look and nothing to go on. When she finally found Iris and got the sample, Kurt delivered a story that she actually sort of believed. Then she happens upon evidence that her boyfriend, who she just found out has been lying to her about his very identity since the day they met, may have murdered someone in Iron Lake. Then it seems that he might have murdered two, and then it seems like he might be connected to a series of crimes where he used to live. And this is all happening in the span of a few days. She's a police officer, she investigates crimes when they need investigating. Kurt was turning into a dead end, but a new problem arose that demanded her attention.

  4. I actually enjoyed the first 8 episodes. I didn't care for Angela finding out and believing so much so quick, but it was how they hurt Dexter's whole persona and character arc in the last 15 minute or so. I disliked him at that point

  5. What sucked even more was that I genuinely enjoyed it at first and I don’t think Dexter dying was inherently a bad ending but how it unravelled and having Harrison kill him was dumb as shit

  6. As did I. I felt it gave closure to a story I wanted to see to the end. Dexter’s story. And frankly the other responder to this comment is an asshole.

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