How would you answer this? Showtime is obviously thinking about the future

  1. They are gonna be disappointed when 99% of the answers only say Dexter and Debra and none of the new characters.

  2. The sad part is that it's not a failure of acting on the part of the new characters, just insanely bad writing and attention to detail. I feel bad for the actors.

  3. We want the first scene of this show to be Dexter waking up from a terrible dream called New Blood.

  4. Just show him waking up after the White Deer knocked him unconscious for getting too close and how Matt saved his life by shooting the deer.

  5. I still think you could salvage the gunshot to Dexter. Make him wheel chair bound, or paralyzed, or something. The final season is all about the Trial of Dexter Morgan.

  6. Dexter could only return as Deb did, so I don't know how good it would be. Michael C Hall is one of the reasons this show is so good: take him out or limit his screen time, and it's not the same at all. Even a prequel wouldn't work because of ages.

  7. Dexter cuts away from his day dream of breaking the code to kill a police officer and break out of prison and in reality is set free in a few hours when they can't hold him any longer on their garbage evidence.

  8. Definitely. If he comes back as a ghost I'm not gonna watch the show at all because IT'S FAKE if you get me. I want MCH in a real capacity just like how I wasn't a huge fan of Debra being a ghost this time around it felt fake like none of it was real so why even bring her back then?

  9. i thought the whole point of harrison's ending is he's not a monster like dexter is. if they were to continue the show featuring harrison, wouldn't he just end up following harry's code and ending up just like dexter, something he didn't want to do.

  10. If that really was supposed to be the point (I don’t doubt it) they really swung and missed. Dexter’s vigilante status notwithstanding, you’re a monster if you murder your parent, when you could just as easily walk away. And probably get said parent legally executed. Or at the very least, imprisoned.

  11. Yeah. To me, the obvious point of the season is he's not like Dexter. He drives off into the sunset to move on and heal. Absolutely no point in a sequel to New Blood.

  12. This. Had they ended it differently I still would have been on board even if Dexter took a backseat.

  13. except Harrison knew about Dexter all along, and also went so far as to basically be a copycat killer, replicating kill weapons from Trinity and Caldwell.

  14. No. I think it'd be super cool to see Harrison move around, stuck on the road, having "hallucinations" of Dexter in his head telling him to do shit. Dexter is dead, but so is Debra and yet she was still in the last season. Why shouldnt Dexter be the little devil on Harrisons shoulder.

  15. Harrison will kill to save lives. The opposite of Dexter who killed to satisfy his dark passenger w/ a bonus of saving lives which didn’t matter to dex.

  16. A show from Masuka’s POV where we found out he knew all along that Dexter was a serial killer but just didn’t give a shit and in fact sometimes helped him avoid getting in trouble because he valued his friendship

  17. They can easily start with Dexter opening his eyes while sitting in prison, fresh off of concluding his daydream of breaking the code and killing a cop to escape prison in a cop car when in reality the evidence against him is piss poor and he will walk in a few hours when they can no longer hold him. Then it's off to Los Angeles.

  18. If they somehow manage to bring Dexter back, they goddamn better bring Deb back as well. I don't even GAF is this becomes a supernatural show.

  19. Yep, have him fake his death, rubber bullet, vest, blood pack, medication causing respiratory depression and slowed heart rate. Doesn't make much sense but maybe sending his son off that way was the only fucked up way Dexter thought Harrison would have a normal life.

  20. DP stands for dark passenger? You mean ghost? Yeah I also would have zero interest in that. It's so weird that so many people think dark passengers are what the ghosts are called. As far as I know the phrase "dark passenger" is just an expression or figure of speech which refers to Dexter's innate compulsion to kill people, that's it. Debra and Harry cannot really be referred to as Dexter's dark passengers.

  21. I like the thought of touching back to Miami and seeing how the story plays, but yeah MCH is the show. Idc about Angela. She went from likeable to hateable in like 2 scenes (arresting him, then proceeding the say she was going to send him to death row after he solved her case). No one from Iron Lake is memorable.

  22. Funny Angela is on there when Clyde confirmed her story is that she'll lie that she killed Dexter is self defense and move on. "There’s no doubt that this will be a hard time for Angela. But now that Dexter’s gone, hopefully, she has solace and can begin moving forward." But he wouldnt comment on Harrison because he wants to continue his story.

  23. This also (currently) rates the rating as an A which I don’t think is accurate to the fanbases opinion

  24. Am I the only one that would really enjoy a prequel series about Lundy and some of the serial killers he hunted after and then the series ends with him seeing the news break about the BHB or maybe if go through that season from his perspective.

  25. The only way I'd watch a Harrison spin-off would be if it was one season and ended with Lumen killing Harrison to avenge Dexter.

  26. Look if they are going to continue the dexter universe with Harrison in mind they will have to plan and write so creatively that the executives will probably thinks it’s futile. I really wanted a season of dexter teaching Harrison the code and Harrison killing dexter because he didn’t meet the code he himself taught. That would’ve been such a smooth Segway to a spin off. There’s nowhere else to go. I know money talks but Jesus Christ don’t tarnish a brand that out showtime on the map as a viable production company. Do something new. Let dexter rest. It’s done.

  27. ITA!! Leave DEXTER alone now. It looks like Showtime needs to expand their writing team and come up with some new ideas for series. It seems like HBO and Showtime are both weak in series development right now. With most series only given 10 episodes these days, you’d think they would add more to their schedules.

  28. Only way I'd be interested is if the finale was either a dream sequence or if Dexter somehow survived the gunshot(Harrison missed his heart lol) then he knocks out Angela and leaves and we finally get a season with him being hunted. Without Dexter, there is no show. Harrison was unlikable for 90% of the season then kills our beloved main character and showtime expects us to watch a series with him? They're on crack.

  29. I think it came from a private focus group - it's not for the public domain. But I did want to hear how others would answer this!

  30. I just hope that if they do end up making another season Dexter is alive. Idc how as long as it's believable, I just want a proper ending to the series.

  31. Hear me out. Maybe Dexter wakes up in prison, having survived being shot. Meanwhile Angela’s big bust allows her to move on to FBI or something, all the while using Dexter’s help for certain cases. This allows him some goodwill, being released early. Then we start…

  32. Why are dead characters an option? Is it just gonna be 55 minutes of footage of their graves/corpses? Will it be ghost adventures?

  33. if they are going to continue the dexter universe, I hope they make a spin-off prequel about trinity. this way we can leave the messy plotlines about dexter and harrison behind and start fresh with a character we already know. and well, not love, but love as an antagonist

  34. I would say that the whole thing with the rifle was just a thought in Harrison’s head and then it cuts to them killing simeone

  35. NO ONE CARES ABOUT HARRISON AUDREY AND ANGELA do Miami metro reacting to Dexter being alive. The fact they even suggested Angela and Audrey pisses me off

  36. It’s so laughable that they truly thought we’d root for Angela and welcome her character for seasons to come. While watching the show I thought we were supposed to not like her based on the writing and acting.

  37. You know you fucked up when the entire fanbase is literally willing to ignore the fact that you killed the main character in favor of more seasons with the main character.

  38. Hey Showtime- I’ll pay for a year if you give me 5 episodes epilogue of Angela going back to Miami with Batista- piecing together the BHB case.

  39. Nah don’t do that if you’re a real fan you wouldn’t harass the actors just cause we didn’t get our way. Guy doesn’t wanna play Dexter anymore he wouldn’t have agree to that ending if he was open to doing more then one season.

  40. If dexter is possible then dexter but if not then definitely angel and masuka, that'd be a funny crime show

  41. I only really wanna see a Harrison spinoff if it includes the Miami metro team in a big way. But I don’t even know how that could work. I want to see the aftermath of them all finding out about it dex. Astor and Cody too.

  42. Nothing against Alcott..I like him as an actor but I have -1,000,000,000 interest in him as a lead character in the Dexter universe. No idea what showtime is smoking. Why do they keep pushing this. For me personally the ones Ive seen thus far for reboot ideas that I like 1000 percent more is Trinity, Debs life before she became a detective, Harrison and Hannah from the moment Dexter fakes his death to when Hannah is dying of cancer suppossedly to Harrison in foster care etc but again my attention wanes once its Harrison by himself, Harry before he becomes a detective or Matthews..Brian Mosers story and lastly Quinn, Angel, and Masuka just not really sure where to head it without making it a complete Dexter repeat just minus Dexter, Deb, Laquerta. I agree with one of the other posters I just have 0 interest in any of the new characters being in a reboot. I just cant see any of them carrying the lead..only way I would buy it is maybe starting it with Batista showing up the day after Dexters death and speaking to Angela but from there have no idea..hmm a reboot with Batista as lead would be a good first step especially if they are trying to still attract viewers but no idea where to head after this meetup with Angela. Of course my number 1 choice is MCH survived somehow just saying if he is 100 percent done with Dexter which seems more likely than not

  43. I would never watch anything dexter related ever again (Besides a reboot) after 2 terrible finales its time to let it go

  44. I'd follow a show about Harrison but with a different actor. No offence to Jack but he couldn't carry a show by himself.

  45. Yep, agreed. I do think the storyline with him ends. He can be better than dad, move on, no need to see him again.

  46. Angel Batista obviously i would love to see a show about him investigating Dexter as the bhb after his death starring david zayas, cs lee and desmond harrington

  47. Angel Batista obviously i would love to see a show about him investigating Dexter as the bhb after his death starring david zayas, cs lee and desmond harrington

  48. I said this a few weeks ago. When a show is done they put SERIES FINALE in the show description. When there’s more to come they put SEASON FINALE. Dexter New Blood said ‘season finale’.

  49. Ah that’s a good obs. I do think they will try something. I am just hoping they don’t destroy the Dexter universe in the process.

  50. I bet they weren’t planning on people crapping on the finale. What they should Marqued it as was the Harrison show. It would have prepared folks for the inevitable.

  51. I would be interested in following Harrison, only if dexter is his guide. Like deb and Harry were for dexter. Coming to him in visions

  52. I'd say very likely and check all characters. I could see it working and would love to watch it. Who knows though I don't work for showtime.

  53. Had I a choice, the show would pick up with a much older Harrison (better actor please) with Dexter and Debra as the dueling sides of Harrison's conciousness Edit: spelling error

  54. I expect a ghost story! With Dexter, Debra, Rita, Brian Moser, Doakes, Laguerta, Harry, Lundy, Arthur Mitchell, Lila.

  55. I would like a prequel. Maybe Dexter growing up, going to college. Starring Harry, Debra and Dexter, and the mother.

  56. The only way they could continue is to have Harrison start murdering bad guys with Dexter being the Harry/Debra figure he talks to. Without Michael C. Hall it's not going to be worth watching.

  57. I would only care with Dex and Deb with the original cast or part of it being back, anything else apart from that is a no go. And don't come with the Harrison Spin Off bullshit because it's clear few people will care.

  58. I'd like to see the Miami PD and how they've been. We know Masuka is getting married which is something I'd like to see

  59. I bet you there will be a lot of interest from casual fans. People that don't go on this sub. The ending was a lot better received by that group of people it seemed

  60. i'm a little weird because i like the ending of the original series finale and the ending of new blood. but i agree with most here that i absolutely HATE the idea of a spinoff about Harrison. horrible.

  61. If we got another season with Harrison, they could salvage the ending by giving him more of a motivation and explaining away the sloppy writing.

  62. Harrison, but older, and played by Lucas Till, who slowly succumbs to the toxicity of society and becomes the new Trinity Killer.

  63. Angela is a strong character. Center the spinoff on her, call it "Iron Lake," it's Fargo meets Heat of the Night in the aftermath of Dexter & Caldwell.

  64. Is that what the true fans want? A phoned in sequel that they’re only doing to cash in on the success of the original? lol There aren’t even any original characters left to follow. If they couldn’t do the show right with Dexter alive, how are they gonna do it right with him dead?

  65. SIGN THE PETITION: Demand that Showtime continue Dexter: New Blood Season 2 with Michael C. Hall in the role of Dexter (assuming Michael C. Hall accepts and willingly signs on for the role).

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