Who didn't want a season 2? Showtime, the writers, Michael C. Hall? I just don't get it...

  1. MCH has always been a Broadway guy. Six Feet Under was his first big break into TV and even as that show was wrapping up, MCH talked about how he was done with doing another tv series for a while. He wanted to go back to doing Broadway. His agent gave him the script for Dexter or talked to him about it and it caught his interest.

  2. I have lost all faith in them. They’ve now fucked up two series finales for me. It’s like going back to a cheating partner…at this point, I’m done.

  3. Yeah, I read those articles too. But they were from 2013-2014. You should think an 8 years break from the show would motivate him to do more Dexter. Especially since the return actually happened, but only for 1 season though...

  4. "I think he just didn't want to be typecasted. He thinks he's better than the character and is tired of being asked about it, so now it's dead."

  5. If you think he doesn’t want to be type casted you clearly have no clue about his career lol One of the most diverse and respected actors in the game so no, that wouldn’t be his fear.

  6. Clyde was the problem. He kept pitching the same story, which was Dexter reverting to s2 Dexter (his Dexter) and getting killed. MCH obviously didn't want to play a character that had no growth in ten seasons and said yes to get it over with. Showtime should never have gone back to Clyde, he's a dry well.

  7. Some version of Dexter dying was always the plan. So there was never really a possibility of more than one season.

  8. The whole show seems built under a premise that Dexter cannot, nor should be allowed to attain happiness, because he's not letting the justice system execute criminals system. I hate that type of low spectrum analysis, and it severely limits the writing, because any time Dexter is in real danger, his intelligence and capacity for reasoning seem to drop through the basement, and he reverts to some base level of animalistic evil.

  9. Don’t know. I’ve no interest in Harrison. Id rather watch a full scale reboot of Dexter with a fresh actor if Greg aren’t going to have MCH as Dexter. Or just nothing if no MCH as the main character. No offense to Alcott but Harrison is of less than no interest at all to me. Especially the way they ended it with Dexter.

  10. I'm thinking MCH and Clyde only agreed to come back if they could end it the way they did. Showtime had made clear to the producers on the first series finale that that was not allowed to happen. I'm sure Clyde demanded it this time around, and Showtime had no choice but to agree or else there'd be no show.

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