Poll about what viewers would like to see if there's ever a season 2

  1. Number 2 doesn't really make sense. Harrison despises his father and he doesn't even know the code. So can't see that happening. Wouldn't personally watch it either...

  2. May be he turns into someone like Brian Moser and finds Dexter had another son with Lumen who was born in blood because he watched about his father dying on the news (lame ik lol but born in blood is born in blood) and lives by code pretty much like Dexter guided by Lumen like Harry did.

  3. Yep. This show was about a serial killer who justified his actions. The fun was seeing him make it out of trouble.

  4. Would prefer Dex to cheat death but what would make the most sense at this point is a Cody spinoff where he tries to emulate his boy the Dark Defender like when he wore the costume. With the support of Astor who is his Deb. And his bitch grandma who was absolutely down to clown.

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