Dexter killing outside the code.

  1. He was very wishy-washy the whole time about turning himself in. And he didn't seem too broken up when he drove up and found out Doakes had died. There's no guarantee he wouldn't have changed his mind.

  2. No, he did plan to turn himself in for half an episode and then something with Rita changed his mind, so he went BACK to wanting to frame him.

  3. I don’t think he was gonna go threw with turning himself in he was reconnecting with Rita and Deb and even afterwards he laughs at the fact he even considered it

  4. The problem isn’t that he killed Logan outside the code, it’s that he had no reason to kill Logan at all. Angela’s evidence would’ve never held up and Dexter killing Logan just to escape was incredibly stupid and sloppy. And the other examples you provided aren’t super convincing.

  5. I think people just have to accept that in the context of the episode, what Angela had on Dexter is enough for him to go down and he knows it. If you think they should have written better, stronger evidence, that's fair, but "the case wouldn't have held up in court" isn't part of the story they told here outside of her acknowledging he could get away with Matt before dropping the BHB stuff on him.

  6. Liddy specifically says he won’t go after Lumen and just wants a confession from Dexter. It was the idea he could be caught that made him kill Liddy. Same with Logan. After Angela mentioned Batista, Dexter must have thought some hard evidence has come up if he’s coming up here from Miami and she’s talking about extraditing me. He doesn’t know what they have but that bit of information was enough to make him decide he really has to escape and run. As soon as Angela mentions Batista, that’s when Dexter asks her to turn off the camera and convinces her to go to Kurt’s. He was already just trying to get Logan alone so he could escape by any means necessary. No way he was taking his chances in court after being arrested (and obviously freed quickly) for being the Bay Harbor Butcher.

  7. Tbh it didn't look like he consciously killed logan... I'd say rewatch it, it was moreover a struggle and he did the wrong thing.

  8. Dexter got no choice. If he stay and meet Batista, its wrap from him. Evidence will be backed by Batista and he cant talk his way out of this.

  9. Logan’s death doesn’t work as an example of “Don’t Get Caught” because if anything he made his chances of going to prison even worse because at least he could’ve talked his way out of the BHB and Matt allegations because the evidence was flimsy, killing Logan did nothing but make any chance he had of not getting sent to prison completely disappear

  10. No he didn’t. He was in jail and had no control over how any investigation went at that point. He stays in prison and there is a real possibility more evidence piles up.

  11. First rule of the code is "Don't get caught", therefore Doakes, Liddy, & Laguerta all fit the code.

  12. Absolutely didn’t seem like an accident, and they didn’t shoot the scene to make it look like an accident. I’m calling bs and them trying to get out of OOC and ‘decision forced on the character to justify their death’ accusations.

  13. Yeah the point with Liddy when Quinn is there Dexter looks at Liddy’s body and internally goes “just leave Quinn don’t make this any worse”

  14. It’s that and then it’s also the audience perspective. None of the previous instances were Dexter just randomly killing a totally innocent, upstanding, likable person. They made him kill Logan for one reason, to try and make Dexter out to be the bad guy as fast as possible to get to the end. None of the previous examples did that

  15. Yup. Because they needed a reason for Harrison to suddenly turn on his father enough to want to kill him despite the contents of the letter, and despite the fact that they’d finally made up the day before and become best friends. But Harrison was also BFF with Logan after knowing him for two weeks. It all makes so much sense 😂

  16. This pretty much sums it up perfectly, Dexter killing Logan is only in character to the extent that there is literally no other choice outwith getting caught (similar to LaGuerta)

  17. Because he was caught and he had a small window of opportunity to escape the jail cell and get out of Iron Lake with Harrison. Logan was in his way. He tried to not kill him but when Logan went for the gun he did what he had to do - killed an innocent man to save himself.

  18. Why is everyone ignoring the part where Angela said Batista was coming in the next day? You could immediately see once she told Dexter that, he was freaking out. Batista is exactly the kind of person Dexter doesnt want to see. He felt trapped with Angel closing in. That combined with the possibility that he may very well be separated from his son again made him irrational and he snapped. All of it is explainable and makes sense. Whether people think they had enough evidence to keep him in jail is irrelevant. Dexter didn’t know how much Angel knew and being forced to face someone from his past like this wouldn’t have ended well. So he runs.

  19. Honestly, if Harry would have been able to see into the future, he would have made code rule 3; kill anyone when you feel like it the first time, don’t try to learn from them, then save them from suicide, then let them get close to you and kill your wife, then kill them! There has to be room for interpretation, otherwise we wouldn’t have had season 4!

  20. Some seem to forget that rule one, “don’t get caught,” reigns supreme over his other, more morally focused rules. Of course, I do see the point that Dexter did not need to kill Logan because all evidence against him was circumstantial.

  21. I’ve been saying this from the start. Yes he tries to stick to the code when possible, but mainly because he doesn’t want to be caught, not because his strong sense of moral justice

  22. Dexter had no reason to kill Logan. Everyone could see Angela didn't have proof enough to clear Doakes and convict Dexter as the BHB. How Dexter of all people doesn't keep his cool is in fact out of character. But there were 20 minutes left of the season so they had to make Dexter do something that would get him killed before the episode and season ended.

  23. Dexter at no point in the series had ever been in custody charged with murder. Also I don’t think people are thinking big picture. Dexter has no idea what Batista has access to from Laguerta and Miami Metro files that could hurt him. Likewise Angela’s evidence was gathered over a couple days. Are we saying Dexter didn’t leave more evidence against himself that could be found if he’s the primary suspect and everything is geared towards finding evidence in relation to him?

  24. There’s an argument about whether or not Dexter actually needed to kill Logan (I believe not), but Dexter had so much pinned against him, that he was in a very bad spot. Maybe he could have evaded conviction, but it would have been a long, difficult process, and I don’t think Dexter fancied risking that.

  25. Dexter is a psychopath after all. He works hard to feign empathy. I don't blame him for killing Logan, I blame him for being sloppy and impulsive (which contradicts him). The code is an afterthought, an MO.

  26. The problem is that the studio wanted to stretch the show out so much that they had the writers constantly flip-flop between whether Dexter was a true sociopath or not. Every season but S8 and DNB followed the same formula, really: Dexter does his thing, gets involved with someone who makes him feel "normal" and considers giving up killing, loses that person/development, and goes back to killing.

  27. But at that time he had no idea what Angela had on him. When he killed Logan he was aware of all the evidence they had. (Or didn’t have.)

  28. Yea, its not against the code to kill “innocents” and protect his identity. Afterall that follows rule 1 “dont get caught”. But killing logan wasnt his only option, which is why its out of character, considering dexters iq

  29. I don’t agree that Logan go into don’t get caught. Logan was arguably on dexters side and Dexter was definitely going to be getting out, Logan wasn’t within dexters code.

  30. I agree. You could see that Logan was really not happy with how Angela was handling everything. She was shutting him out, not giving him the full story. And Logan even had to step in when she was about to lose her cool with Dexter during the interview when Dexter was trying to comfort Angela and brought up Iris. Logan very well could have ended up on Dexter's side, and may have even been able to sway Angel back into seeing things Dexter's way (Angel and Dexter were very close friends. IDK what Angel had in that file, but the BHB case could not be easily reopened as there was not a lot to go on). Also when Angel arrived, and then he asked to see the similar BHB killings. What was Angela going to do then? The only killings they had were Kurt's Victims and Matt's Murder which was very much up in the air for who was as behind that one. Logan was leaning towards Dexter's story. Keeping Logan alive was very much in Dexter's best interest if he wanted to get out of this.

  31. Obviously, he needed to get out of jail. Before anyone could come after him as part of a BHB investigation. Plenty of reason. Plus, he needed to get back to his partner in crime, sorry, his son Harrison.

  32. Lmao it’s almost like most people didn’t I do t know when people started viewing Dexter as a hero

  33. I think He killed him because the guilt was getting the best of him. Turning him into the monster that he really was. Oedipus Rex- like. Even had to the blood on his face. Possibly not a coincidence?

  34. YES! I’ve said this 1000 times since the finale and everyone is all butt hurt. It’s because they made Logan so likeable. But he’s killed innocent Miguel’s brother, Johnathan Farrow, Liddy, bathroom beard guy, and that weed dealer in S6 for his knives.

  35. I thought the ricochet killed Logan. It was hard to tell watching it on my phone, but Dexter was just going to choke him unconscious and escape. And the reason he didn't explain it further to Harrison is because ultimately he was still responsible for Logans death. Or did he actually shoot Logan?

  36. He snapped Logan’s neck, apparently by accident but he doesn’t feel that bad about it because Logan was in his way

  37. Everyone of those except the redneck guy fit the first rule of the code. Killing Logan was straight up a pointless way to make that final woods scene happen. It was completely out of character trash.

  38. To be honest, I think more people are mad because Dexter could have taken quite a few different actions, but decided to go for the Worst Ending choice.

  39. The only difference being he subdues constantly when killing is not required and covers it up later. He easily can and should have done that here

  40. I'm not mad he broke the code. Both Matt and Logan were impulsive kills, and I don't like Dexter being impulsive. In Matt's case he still clumsily got rid of most of the evidence linking him to the crime. But in Logan's case, he is already in jail but he has no actual evidence against him. He kills Logan just to get out and now they definitely have evidence that he killed Logan.

  41. He was gonna frame doakes, he killed Oscar Prado in self defence, and he killed that photographer because he thought he was a murderer but was wrong

  42. damn people really need to know that Dexter is a piece of shit human garbage just like Tony Soprano or Walter White. They have something in common, good at lying, good at manipulating people, and HYPOCRITE. Dexter served the ending but the writing is so garbage on this finale.

  43. "Was gonna" isn't the same as "did". In fact, there was a whole moral dilemma in regards to what to do with Doakes. Where as Logan is just "this sure is inconvenient, SNAP"

  44. At the end of episode 11 he literally said he was gonna go through with it, if Lila hadn’t killed Doakes first Dexter would’ve ruined his life and sent I’m to death row. Don’t try and justify it and make Dexter out to have morals

  45. He was definitely going to kill Angela in her kitchen, you see him about to reach for a kitchen knife then Logan walks in.

  46. Personally I think Rita is a line he wouldn’t cross and definitely would never hurt the kids I think he’d give up if it ever reached that point

  47. Harrison was right when he said that the passenger wasn’t a passenger, it was driving. Dexter obviously enjoys a kill and has it in him to just kill if necessary without remorse. You’re right OP, at the end of the day Dexter is a serial killer.

  48. Liddy was in self defence. If someone attacked me, tied me up, and stuck me in the back of a van, I would seriously wound or kill them in defence at any chance I got.

  49. But none of those reasons came close to the reasoning for killing Logan. Liddy had him tied up in a van with video evidence of him and the other girl, and was also threatening them both. The struggle ended with Dexter killing Liddy.

  50. Yeas I’m taking about killing outside the code, like how he’s only supposed to kill people who deserve it

  51. You seem to forget that the first rule of the code is "don't get caught", and it goes above all else.

  52. Exactly Ithats what I’m saying he will always do whatever it takes not to get caught, but the whole point of his code of killing however he’s broken it multiple times so idk why people are so mad that he did it with Logan

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