I'm ready to get downvoted, but...

  1. "It seems like a lot of people are just mad that he dies, and don't actually care about anything else."

  2. I mostly agree with your complaints. Which is why in my post I put that Harrisons motivations should have been clearer and Dexter should have had more evidence against him since that's the only reason he would kill Logan the way he did.

  3. I dont think it's a perfect ending, or even necessarily a good ending, and I've said as much in my post. It does have flaws and they are noticeable, but not as many flaws as seasons 5-8, and none that are unforgivable for ending what is mostly a pretty great season with an episode that has inconsistencies and flaws, true, but that is also clearly made with a love of the original show.

  4. Everybody’s focusing on Dexter. But the finale is really about all the other people surrounding him. Perhaps, if they had shown that (Batista, Harrison, Miami Metro, all the relatives of the victims), maybe viewers would have a better understanding. Dexter was just a random dude living isolated in the woods.

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