Everything that's wrong with New Blood...

  1. Honestly I would have been so happy to see the conversation with Batista and Dexter. Really only 2 more episodes could have wrapped it up beautifully.

  2. I think this would’ve been a great season if they were just less ambitious. Just make it about Dexter and Kurt. Make Harrison not be in it or have a more limited role. No Angela investigating Dexter. Most if not all of the bad part of the season were a result of Angela finding out about Dexter

  3. Agree 100%. So much potential to just become the "Harrison's High School Musical". Maybe if there were few more episodes to let us see Dexter bonding with Harrison, teaching him the code? And then a completely different ending? Just a few more episodes of Dexter being Dexter without all the extemporaneous subplots. It seems like Showtime ran out of money half way through season, or writers were on ketamine? All questions, no answers😱

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