Britney makes extremely fatphobic post and even mentions Christina…

  1. Seriously. Strange, insulting, extremely rude to the people she mentioned. We can acknowledge the conservatorship wasn’t right while also acknowledging she isn’t perfect and could probably benefit from some mental health support.

  2. I can kind of see what she was trying to say here (she’d be a different person if she hadn’t been under the control she was) and that’s an okay message. But it definitely gets lost behind the rest of it and needed to be edited down… a lot.

  3. I think at this point the best thing for Britney is for us to stop reporting everything she says or does. Obviously she has issues, but the vibe I get from the reporting on her is that they want us to think that releasing her from the conservatorship was a mistake. Britney doesn’t have to be likable for me to believe that she deserves the right to full personal and bodily autonomy. It’s so sickening to me how quickly public opinion turned on her once they realized she wasn’t gonna be the perfect victim.

  4. To be fair, if literally any of the pop singer girlies made a post tearing down another singer’s dancers, we would have posted it and discussed it?

  5. Exactly. People even called it before the conservatorship was removed- she’d either do things that seemed like she needed one or be painted as needing one anyways.

  6. I thought this was a celebrity gossip/rumor subreddit. Why are half of the posts about cancel callouts and other things I couldn’t care less about? I don’t care about tracking which celebs are where on which stances. This isn’t a rumor and this isn’t gossip. This is something I could just go on her Instagram and read if I wanted to and make my own judgment.

  7. This is a problem online that I find frustrating when people hyperfocus on the mistakes victims make. The likeable victim narrative helps no one and doesn't acknowledge that sometimes recovering from something traumatic will cause you to make impulsive choices that can absolutely alienate you, but it shouldn't suddenly justify abuse. Yet too often you see people say "I no longer sympathize with x because they did xyz and I don't care that this horrible thing happened to them..." Which is an incredibly shitty way to think.

  8. 100%. I don't see the point of posting and dissecting every random instagram posts like this. I feel like we've learned nothing-- leave her alone.

  9. I think ascribing an ulterior motive misses sight of the fact that Britney is, and has always been and always will be, big business. That is why she is reported on. But the reality is that too many people only see mental illness in terms of black and white. You’re either healthy or you need to be fixed. And the truth is that mental health is all shades of gray. Britney is allowed to exist in this world and publicly even though she is mentally ill. Being mentally ill doesn’t mean that she needs to be locked up. But people treated her like she was the internet’s group project and didn’t have realistic expectations of what Britney today looks like.

  10. This is a narrative that only crops up when supporters are trying to shield a celebrity from the consequences of their own actions or to hide something that will make the public think there is more to the story than what narrative the celebrity has claimed.

  11. The best thing for her right now would be to have somebody in her camp that actually gives a toot about her, but everyone from her family to her 'friends' and other seem to be nothing but users and enablers.

  12. I am in complete agreement with what you said. My weight fluctuates because of chronic illness and mental health, and the medications I’m on to help with those. My ex, body shamed me constantly when my weight would go up. If I took our dog for an hour long walk, that wasn’t good enough for him because I wasn’t working out as much as he was. He even would try to control how much I hung out with certain friends who weren’t his idea of the ideal body type. Because he said if I associated with them, I’d learn bad and unhealthy behaviour. None of his actions were in any way a concern for my health, because he’d never be at the hospital when I had surgeries and never educated himself on any of my health issues. It’s far too socially acceptable for people to judge a person based on their weight, and far too many lack the empathy or understanding to think of the myriad of reasons why a person can be overweight. People are still far more accepting of individuals who are underweight than those who are overweight.

  13. The part that gets me the most is that 2/3 of the folks in the US, specifically, are overweight or obese. So chances are, the people insulting fat people are fat themselves. It makes zero sense and is so damned toxic.

  14. And it's such a cheap thing to hate on. People tearing others down to feel better about themselves, acting like it's a moral victory to lose weight or be thin.

  15. I was always thin my whole life, i mean not stick thin i had big hips but besides when i was pregnant i was always size 6/8 and because of my hourglass body it fit me well. I gained 60lbs last year and am now a size 14. The difference in the way people treat me is crazy!!! When i was considered attractive everyone was super nice to me, I'm now realizing how fake that shit was. I wasn't prepared it. I have hashimoto's disease, which is hypothyroidism, which makes my metabolism real slow. People keep telling me to diet and exercise, like duh i am but I'm not losing weight that way, i have to get my thyroid back under control which i am working on.

  16. At this point it really is only a matter of time before she burns up all the goodwill she generated in her fight to end the conservatorship.

  17. yeah there really needed to be some middle-ground between conservatorship big brother hell and absolute freedom. i don’t know if anyone is holding her accountable for getting mental healthcare. who in her life really has her best interest in mind?

  18. People quickly forgot that last month Britney also taunted Christina for having an abusive father and for being Latina. Christina is literally just living her life and this woman she hasn't seen in 25 years is taunting her on Instagram.

  19. I'm not the most tuned-in to Britney but during the end of her conservatorship period wasn't she very vocally anti-therapy during her court proceedings? The conservatorship and being put into therapy against her will probably will make it hard for her to get the mental health assistance that she deserves, from a caring, thoughtful therapist who isn't answering to anyone but Britney and her needs

  20. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if she refused to heed to any advice of the sort given her past, regardless of who it comes from. It just sucks all around.

  21. I totally agree with you. I think a lot of people fail to see that ending a conservatorship is not saying the person will make great decisions all the time or they aren’t an asshole; it’s just saying that she should have the ability to make her own decisions. I can think of many people I know that could probably benefit from someone else making decisions for them because they don’t think things through or make harmful decisions. Heck, a third party would probably make better decisions that I make for myself!

  22. I am certain people have told her that, but she's not under a conservatorship so they can't force her to, and if she wasn't a money making asset for her family, she never would have been under one. This is just the reality of garden variety mental illness. Countless kids across the world have their parents posting equally nutty shit on their town FB groups (heck, I see that every day). It's not bad enough to force care on her and as far as she's concerned, nothing is wrong, her sons are poisoned against her, etc. I mean just imagine if this was a kooky divorced mom in rural Florida, venting her frustrations on social. Its the same thing, just with way more fame and money. I do feel bad for her sons but she's probably never going to get the help she needs (I'm sure her husband doesn't care, and she's not listening to her kids) in part bc of her trauma. Its sad AF but it's not uncommon either. I blame her family for exploiting her when she was a child, basically.

  23. she needs to log off. for good. mental health is not an excuse for all these shitty takes and attacking everyone in her path.

  24. Today is also Jayden Federline's 16th birthday and no acknowledgement of that but her last post before this is another dancing video with the caption "offended?? Don't watch me" and the one before that her naked on a bed. She deserves her freedom but it's hard to not read those posts as another dig at her son who said he's uncomfortable with it.

  25. Christina is a 40 year old woman. She’s not going to look like she did when Genie In A Bottle came out. Britney needs a new PR team. Perhaps Adele’s team.

  26. I think she is still affected by the constant comparison the media did between their bodies. They shared the stage as presenters, once, at the VMAs (i think?) and Christina is such a small person that the media said what a giant she looked like, called her fat, etc.

  27. I gained some extra respect for Jennifer Hudson after a previous time that Britney attacked Christina on Instagram. Jennifer and Christina performed at the same event a while after and Jennifer posted a picture of the two of them together saying how it was always lovely to see her.

  28. does Christina ever retort back?? I would be so annoyed at having my rival drag me into this nonsense..its wild both women grew up in the same time/period yet Xtina seems remarkably well adjusted. I am honestly curious as to why because they both seemed to have had show-pony parents/handlers (pre-conservatorship)

  29. Their response to her publicly disinheriting her teenaged sons was wild. If you try to point out that it's wrong to do this to children, they'll come back with "well they aren't children, they're teenagers" or "they started it".

  30. It's so sad that Britney will probably never mentally fully recover, the fact it's possible for you to lose full control over your mental state is terrifying... like who is the real you?

  31. There is a huge percentage of the population that is in this exact situation every single day. Often people aren't arseholes, they're unwell or have trauma. She has both

  32. I think she's bitter that Christina is happy and by all accounts peaceful and thriving whilst Britney isnt given their similar stories. Its awful but I can see how her mind has warped that way into resentment if shes not seeing things clearly. Shes really obsessed with her 🥴.

  33. I’m lost- when did Britney start beefing with Selena? I thought she was a fan, had posted how happy she was that she was at the wedding.

  34. She brought her up the other day again… including her doc titled “ME AND MY MIND” in a rant. She has some issue with her, too for some reason.

  35. Wow I really hope she doesn’t post about her but if she does, Selena seems like a gracious person and I doubt she’d respond

  36. In the most recent Beyond The Blinds, Troy and Kelly mentioned that Selena and Brit were both managed by the same management firm. Apparently there is a conspiracy that their friendship is fake and was encouraged for PR. It allowed Brit to rehab her image as a cool older wholesome mama bear for Selena and it introduced Selena to Brit’s older fanbase and helped promote her to new audiences.

  37. Do i support Britney in her fight for freedom and think she was put throught years of abuse? 100%. But the thing is, this doesn't give her (or anyone for that matter) the right to bully other people online, not to mention what she's doing to her own minor children. This is a 40 year old woman, her fans need to stop treating her like she's a child. It's obvious that she's surrounded by yes men so people need to stop giving her a pass on everything (that doesn't mean harrassing her by the way, there's a more gentle way of calling out people online)

  38. I feel like a lot of her fanbase is infantilizing her by making excuse after excuse for her behavior. She went through a lot and that can help explain some things but it doesn’t excuse them.

  39. Every time Britney posts something out of pocket the immediate response is “but her conservatorship”. Obviously, the conservatorship was an extreme violation of her rights but also, words are still harmful no matter who says them!

  40. These days Britney seems to think she’s the only one who can be hurt by words and actions. It’s disappointing to say the least

  41. Unpopular opinion I’m sure, considering how everyone treats her w kid gloves, but turns out the real Britney is not very likeable and is mean. There’s a reason her sons keep their distance. Unfortunately she’s surrounded by enablers including an entire fan base that would rather keep her in this place of hatred & resentment, rather than actually wanting to get and be better.

  42. This is disgusting. As someone who has struggled with weight for a number of years this is just not it. Let’s stop making excuses for Britney.

  43. i have zero excuses left for her. while she deserves her freedom as long as she isn't a danger to herself or others (as that are the rules in US i believe), i reserve the right to think maybe she just isn't a great person. despite that, i wish her well, and i wish for her to stop lashing out at people that don't deserve it (her sons, Christina).

  44. do people on britney’s side, currently, not tell her, hey i think you shouldn’t post these things on social media…or does she only have yes men and her fans who support her instagram post blindly and attack whoever britney is mentioning that day 🥴🥴🥴

  45. Bruh she needs to be quiet …she’s proving that she’s not capable of being a normal parent and that she has shitty opinions. As much as I feel bad for what she had to go through, she has major issues that she needs to sort out in therapy, not over the Internet.

  46. I’m not here for pretending fatphobia is excusable because of the justified sympathy we have for Britney in other areas. Honestly I don’t see this as even having shit to do with mental health. Plenty of mentally well people wake up every day and perpetuate fatphobia and make my life worse. Hating fat people is a very normal thing for lots of people. I don’t have to accept it, even from people who are victims in other dynamics in their lives.

  47. Yep, being mean isn't a mental health issue. Britney is the victim of abuse, has mental health issues, and is an asshole and shitty parent. All of these things can be true once.

  48. I don't know if Britney focuses her anger on Christina because she feels that she got to live the kind of life she was robbed of, or if she thinks that as her childhood friend and a contemporary that she should have somehow intuited how bad things were for her and somehow rescued her from the conservatorship. But she needs to work those feelings out with a professional not with social media.

  49. It's absurd that people were actually claiming that her horrible behavior toward her children was just normal parenting. There was also her casual racism when she posted about how Kevin smokes more weed than a list of Black men who aren't even known as potheads. Yes, she is a victim, but that doesn't mean she isn't also a nasty person.

  50. i feel really bad for christina. obviously britney has years of issues she needs to work with but it’s unfair that christina has to get all this weird and inappropriate stuff dished at her and her feelings aren’t really being taken into account because of what britney has gone through.

  51. I am sorry I saw this & laughed. Not because it’s funny haha but funny weird. Her thought process is wild, how is this where she landed? Christina at home minding her business and boom, with no warning. 😭

  52. But we have all experienced that media indoctrination and we’re all not punching down at people whose body doesn’t conform to a delusional societal standard

  53. Exactly. She was a teenager and young adult during the worst of the worst of the early 2000s diet culture in pop culture. Pick up magazines from 2000-2007, especially tabloids, or watch any old Oprah taping and you can see how prevalent fat shaming was. Its taken nearly two decades to undue a lot of the damage its caused and clearly theres still a long way to go. I dont think Gen Z kids understand this.

  54. She worked in an industry where no one was allowed to be fat and when her dad first took control of her life he told her she was fat and needed to lose weight.

  55. 2007 repeating itself. The best thing for her would be for the media to ignore her entirely. Too much money to be made off her, here we go again.

  56. This is fat phobic but Britney is not crazy for posting this. She is very behind the times. The weirdly juvenile competition with Christina, the obsession with her body. This is all very teenage. I think she just got stuck in that era. Like she wouldn't understand what being "cancelled" is.

  57. She’s a grown woman, she has every opportunity now to grow from this but continues to dig in her heels and speak her hateful ‘truths.’ People needs to stop giving her a pass, it’s how abused people become abusers later on in life.

  58. She needs intense help. She is a victim who is lashing out and becoming a bully. It’s sad. Christina hasn’t said anything about her at all so why is she being a bully? Not only towards Christina but towards her dancers?? Like Wtf. She is in need of help

  59. Britney has severe body dysmorphia. The amount of times she talks poorly of her body and how she looks fat or old or she wasn’t photoshopped enough or “the paps always make me look awful”. It’s sad. She then lashes out and puts other women down. It’s sucks that there are people supporting that behaviour. She’s sick and people praise her for hating on herself.

  60. It should have been before now, but this was the final straw for me and I unfollowed her. Which really bummed me out I’ve loved her since I saw her in a mall in Markham, ON in ‘99.

  61. I will never agree with any kind of conservatorship that violates a woman’s body and freedom, that being said, this is a very unhappy comment coming from her. I get why Xtina unfollowed her, I’d have done the same. We take Britney’s feelings into consideration but what about Christina’s? It’s hard on her too

  62. At a certain point, I don't care anymore why she is the way she is. She doesn't sound mentally unwell here; she sounds vain and cruel. Maybe it's just time to accept that sometimes Britney is a mean-spirited person who builds herself up by putting others down. She should remain free to do whatever she wants, including making bitchy Instagram posts, but I don't like her anymore.

  63. we can be happy for britney being freed from her conservatorship, while also realizing she’s been doing some shitty things recently. i don’t think she has a healthy relationship with social media at this point

  64. I'm surprised at all of the top comments on her post because usually they're all yes man fans but it's actually people calling her out. The post is so gross and I'm kinda shocked it's still up.

  65. This is so sad I wish she had better people around her that she could trust and lean on instead of doing whatever this is

  66. This isn’t great but I’m wayyyyy more concerned about how she’s been fighting with her sons . . . Via the internet. She really needs to keep that private if she wants any hope of not alienating them forever.

  67. I feel for Britney and everything that she went through and is still going through. At the same time, she is an asshole. Enough.

  68. I am so happy she is finally free to do whatever she wants, but it sucks so much to see the things she keeps using her platform for. Ugh. Hurt people hurt people I guess.

  69. I'm going to say this, but where is this alleged husband of Britney's at? I'm not saying he needs to slap the phone out of her hand or control her, he needs to actually step in, talk to her about these posts and have her reconsider posting this shit.

  70. I have respect for Christina for being the bigger person. Funnily enough, I had a lot of respect for Britney in the 2000s because she was always the bigger person and took it in her stride when Xtina would randomly come for her saying personal and hurtful shit. They’ve exactly switched positions lol.

  71. I really feel like we need to stop giving Britney so much of our attention right now. It is great that she is freed from her conservatorship, but that experience clearly traumatized her and that's impacting how she's acting on social media. I don't think she needs anyone coming in and taking control over her actions again, but I think the best we can do is allow her time to heal and figure out her boundaries on her own. I hate how ingrained fatphobia is in the way we talk about celebrity culture (including on this sub) but I'm not going to hold a mean instagram post against someone who is clearly mentally unwell.

  72. Lotsa fans look up to her so her words have impact, and based on the prevalence of weight bias in society, there’s no room for celebrities to perpetuate the problem. Gross!

  73. She's not well and I'm so glad she's out of the conservatorship, but these posts and the posts about her children are not it. She knows her stans will lash out at her children and others she puts down. I'm a fan and always have been but she needs some kind of help. It's like in watching her meltdown all over again

  74. Eventually there will be natural social consequences to her acting like this. I am glad she is free, but she needs social pushback from fans for this crap.

  75. I don’t keep up with who follows who on Instagram but I saw someone say on Twitter that Xtina, Selena Gomez, and Paris Hilton have all unfollowed Britney since this post. Don’t quote me bc I have no idea if they were already following or not but thought it was interesting.

  76. Xtina and Selena make sense but Paris Hilton unfollowing someone for saying something bitchy towards fat people strikes me as odd lol. If anything it seems like something she and Britney would joke about together.

  77. It’s been obvious for a while how image/weight obsessed she is. She’s brought up her body and size many times. Her perception is very warped likely because of who she was/what she represented and the time period she was peak famous in. It’s sad to see a person so obviously obsessed with their weight and bringing others down because of it.

  78. I think that her mental illness and her being a generally crummy person are not mutually exclusive ideas. Yes her conservatorship was horrible and she did NOT deserve any of the shit that happened to her. Suffering does not make a person inherently good, it seems like she as a lot of racist, sexist and other phobic values that she just casually drops.

  79. Obviously she has some very messed up internalized body image issues that she should work on, rather than spouting fatphobia at Christina Aguilera and her dancers.

  80. I had a male friend in college and we were watching her disastrous VMA’s performance. I distinctly remember him making fun of Britney and saying that she’s “fat” now. I went off on him! She wasn’t fat at all. She had just had 2 babies! The fatphobic comments were terrible.

  81. Someone in a different thread commented about how Britney was 5'4 and ALL her backup dancers were smaller than her, whereas Christina had a more diverse group of dancers, some of whom were larger than her. Britney's food intake was controlled and her dad called her fat, so fatphobia was one of the tools in their abuse toolbox. In her fucked up IG post, she refers to not choosing who was on stage with her, so maybe exclusively smaller dancers were hired to make her feel bad about herself and she projected this issue onto Christina because of her jealousy that Christina was in control of her performances during that period.

  82. Britney needs to log off of social media. She is clearly unwell and needs to seek professional help.

  83. I feel for her with the conservatorship but I don't like the person she portrays on social media. A mental illness and the fact that she went through a pretty tough time does not give her a free pass to just say whatever she wants without consequence. Unfortunately I don't think she has figured this out yet.

  84. I mean, I imagine for the majority of her career she will have faced massive pressures to stay thin. While being in an industry surrounded by other celebrities facing the same pressures. It's not surprising that she's internalised 'skinny = good'. She's barely had any contact with the outside world

  85. Honestly, if Christina can recognize that Britney isn’t well and that there’s no point in responding or giving her attention, then I feel that other people should do the same. The Britney posts on this sub as of late have made me kinda uncomfortable, I get that there’s nuance to everything and this is a gossip sub at the end of the day but it’s starting to feel voyeuristic

  86. It turns out that when people are mentally ill they say or do things that aren't considered right.

  87. I know she has trauma surrounding therapists and mental health professionals but holy fuck she really needs professional help and I hope someone can help her figure out how to get her the help she needs.

  88. It’s a classic cycle of abuse. How Britney has been treated, it does not surprise me that she can be toxic and mean. A lot of people come out healthy and fine but it seems like a lot of people who become famous while they are young don’t mentally grow up. I hope she can heal, she’s being hurtful and lashing out.

  89. It’s not just the fatphobia, it’s the bullying too. She can have her own issues but pushing those issues onto others is a real problem that Britney stans want to ignore.

  90. I sincerely hope she is seeking help. People are expecting her to be mentally well when she was in a forced conservatorship for years. Seems like she has behind cognitively. I think she needs to have some sort of watcher over her social medias and gradually post stuff because she clearly posts whatever is on her mind even if it is distasteful.

  91. I never understand what she’s saying. I’m sure this is a result of the trauma she’s experiencing/experienced for so long. Her posts are stream of consciousness cycling. It’s sad and scary.

  92. As a fat person, this hurt to read, but also I feel like Britney hasn't had the chance to grow and evolve like everyone else. She's stuck in a mentality from years ago and hasn't engaged with the conversations around body shaming and fat phobia. Not excusing it but I just see someone who is super damaged and probably shouldn't be navigating healing on the world stage.

  93. I really love Britney and want the best for her but it really looks, to an outsider, like she is blocking/removing anyone who gives her any sound advice or constructive criticism. Paris has seemed super supportive of her and is relatively trauma informed. I don’t know that she would’ve unfollowed Britney after this. Supposedly multiple people did but I’m really wondering/thinking that Brit may be blocking anyone who reaches out and tries to tell her she’s doing anything wrong. It’s likely a response from being so tightly controlled that she’s rebelling against ANYTHING that feels like a way to control her but in reality she’s likely pushing away any friends who have sensible takes on the things she is saying and maybe suggesting she put down the social media.

  94. I am so fucking annoyed by everybody acting like they had no idea this women is unwell. This is what everyone gets for thinking her social media posts were some sort of hostage decoy thing. I am fully supportive of her having her autonomy and not being in a conservatorship- that much is clear and her being freed of it is huge. But to feign surprise when she acts like this and all the pearl clutching and assessing her like the average celeb…. Give me a break. She’s unwell, she’s going to act unwell, stop judging or condemning her this is precisely what we all should’ve expected. Good grief.

  95. It’s clear she still needs some serious guidance. It’s really messed up tho that her parents took advantage of her situation and made it worse. It is clear she needs help and won’t probably ever get it now.

  96. In this very same post, she says "Don't you think my confidence would have been a bit better if I could choose where I lived, ate, whom I called on the phone..."

  97. We only like well spoken, "cleaned up", palatable-for-the-general-public victims of abuse: take Jennette McCurdy, she wrote a book that is very articulate and well spoken, and yet she described some messed up things about her life/family/herself. But she's doing that from a place of mental stability, recovery and healing. Not all victims of abuse are lucky enough to be where she is. If she had come out 10 years ago about her abuse, it would have probably been messier and not well received at all.

  98. Nobody should have endured what she went through, but this venting would be better done in private to a therapist that can actually help her. She's just further alienating her kids and making herself look even more unstable!

  99. Britney came up at a time when body positivity wasn't as wide spread as it is now and women, including her, were pressured to be rail thin. The "It girls" at those times looked scary thin. I think she's still stuck in the mindset of late 90s/early aughts developmentally and I hope one day she can also experience the freedom of body positivity. She talks quite a bit about her struggles with body image.

  100. I really don't think this means she's "not well"... I think I saw the post and just scrolled through, not the first time some mom would post some dumb shit. It's on the level of minion memes and mean boomer jokes.

  101. fr. She’s not being unwell in this post, she’s just being bitchy. She probably is unwell after all the abuse even if she somehow wasn’t to begin with, but this isn’t any sort of sign of that. But making a 2000s style fatphobic joke is apparently equivalent to Ezra Miller’s heinous crimes according to some people on here.

  102. This is disappointing coming from Britney who I sympathized with due to being used by her family for her money and being under a conservatorship. With that being said this is an extremely offense post which she should immediately take down and issue an apologize for. This seems unprovoked and way off-base.

  103. This is deeply offensive and immature. What is unbelievable are the likes. She needs to have a trust worthy team that can tell her what not to post. Or limit her insta to just pics of herself and people. I don't want to excuse her actions, but it's possible her isolation for all those years makes it hard for her to gauge what's appropriate and what isn't. This sounds like something that someone would happily post in the 2000s and get away with it. Soon enough people will forget about her situation and will give her the full force of backlash. She should be careful.

  104. I wish she would seek help but I also realize why she wouldn’t want to :( this poor woman has been abused in so many insidious ways to the point where she cannot trust anybody.

  105. the problem is that we have somehow expected this very traumatized person to return to her healthy and sound self the day after decades-long abuse ended. i mean, she herself might be thinking that as well, but that’s because she’s still processing.

  106. Britney is very mentally ill. We all know this. Pearl clutching when she says something ‘problematic’ is beyond asinine at this point.

  107. Absurd I have to search for realistic, not sugar coated truth bombs in the downvoted comments. I might as well leave this sub, because at this point it feels like people have seen her conservatorship story lost its fairy tale sheen and are shitting on her for it lol

  108. I’m so sorry that she was raised in such a toxic environment that she sees things this way. She doesn’t even have the framework to love her whole self. I really feel for her for having these toxic ideas, but let’s be honest it can take years to unlearn the toxic ideas about womens bodies that we grew up with. I can only imagine given what Jeannette mcgurdy (so?) has exposed about being a child star, coupled with a toxic family

  109. I hate that so many people are supporting the conservatorship now (not necessarily here but in the Insta comments). Yes, Britney is clearly not mentally well. She's still an adult who should be able to make her own decisions, even when some of those decisions make her look like an asshole.

  110. I feel awful for Christina and her dancers. That's all. I don't think Britney has ever gotten the help she needs and it's not going to start now.

  111. Honestly with how much shit she gets about her weight, I can see why she'd feel this way. It's a crappy thing to say, but I get why she feels this way.

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