Britney Spears Rips Son Jayden, Says He's Mad He Won't Get Anymore Money Soon

  1. while i do feel bad for britney, i don’t think people realize how hard it is to have a parent like this

  2. As a child of this, I have to agree. I always advocated to free britney from the conservatorship but I do think she does need continual daily help

  3. exactly. both of my parents were mentally ill to varying degrees and my childhood was just… bad, so i relate a lot to what brit’s boys are going through.

  4. The more I think about it, I have to agree. While I understand she is finding her own voice again, it really must be hard for her children. I do wish that she, Kevin, and the kids could have a private conversation and work things out.

  5. Exactly, I love Britney and will stand up for her whenever needed, but this is so wrong and sad on so many levels. I truly wish she would have left the kids out of this mess, and break the generational trauma. But instead she is adding two more victims to this car crash. Like all things Britney you wish you could just reach in and help, but instead you watch helplessly as it gets worse and worse.

  6. Yes reading this just made me want to cry about it all. Your parents can make or break your well-being in many cases unfortunately. I've supported Britney as a victim and a woman, but parenting is a separate issue. Both of the parents here need to put their children first and this doesn't seem to be happening. And that's gut-wrenching.

  7. I had a mentally ill mother so I find it very hard to sympathise with what Britney's doing. Too many people make excuses for her behaviour because of her own past. There simply is no excuse for how she speaks about her teenage children to millions of fans. Someone needs to help her and take her phone off of her immediately. I can't even imagine the stress this is causing her sons. She willingly using her legions of stans to actively bully her children ane validate her own victim complex. I'll probably be downvoted for this but nothing triggers me more than a bad mother who wants treats their children poorly.

  8. Same. It took me so long to understand that whatever my mom went through had nothing to do with me and i shouldn't be punished for it. Having a mentally ill parent a lot of times means that you feel your anger/hurt towards them is not valid or fair.

  9. Totally agree. I can’t believe so many people still defend this and say her kids are selfish and need to be taken down. She’s awful for doing this to her children, hopefully she gets help and feels shame over this someday very soon.

  10. Agreed 100%. Watching is unfold gives me so much deja vu. My mother publicly trashed me on her facebook when I was young (11,12) for just being a kid on several occasions. It was embarrassing and told me that I couldn’t trust her at all. She needs to put the phone down, like, yesterday.

  11. Thank you for saying this! My mother is bipolar and has a terrible past as well, but I cannot excuse it for her behavior. People want to say because that’s your mother you need to accept it. It’s just a cycle that keeps going (which is why I won’t have children).

  12. I completely understand. My mom also struggles and I never know what side of her a new day will bring… it’s a never ending battle. I really empathize with her kids. I don’t know if Britney’s struggles were always there, or if they were triggered by a past occurrence (or both) but she needs serious help. Unfortunately, she probably will not accept help going forward as she feels she can’t trust professionals. It makes sense that she wouldn’t considering what her family did to her, but it’s not a reason to continue on this way.

  13. It's insane to me that people keep defending Britney's behavior toward her children. I do feel sympathy for her because of the abuse and trauma she suffered for so many years, but her boys are also traumatized and she has contributed to that and continues to do so. She is only making things worse with this nasty compulsion to vilify her teenage sons to her millions of followers.

  14. Britney has never been a good mom and that's just the sad truth. The conservatorship isn't the csuse of her treatment of her children, her treatment of her children was a large weighing factor in the conservatorship being granted and persisting.

  15. Right?!??! I mentioned that on a previous post and the abuse got was outrageous. is she a victim? unquestionably. has she been horrifically used and abused? without doubt. has she every reason to be raging at the people that did that to her? absolutely. HOWEVER her children are not those people. they are minors. they were little more than toddlers when this all started. they absolutely carry their own trauma from this and her taking out her pain on them will not help anything.

  16. The lack of self awareness necessary to rail against how you were treated by your parents while treating your children like this publicly over and over is breathtaking. Victims can also be perpetrators.

  17. That last line! I know it's difficult to find nuance but so many people are capable of cruelty even while being victims of cruelty. I really hope Britney finds an outlet for all those years of trauma and unprocessed emotions through a therapist instead of social media.

  18. I’ve loved Britney so much for so long , I wish she’d just stop. She’s acting like her kids are the same as the adults around her who hurt her, which to be honest is something I think a lot of emotionally abusive parents do. No understanding for the fact that her kids are just kids. Which is ironic considering the way she was forced to act like an adult as a child, too.

  19. It’s honestly just ensuring that her kids want nothing to do with her. It’s bad enough when celebs beef and the stans go after the other celeb but in this case it’s ensuring all your fans are hating on your teenage son. I got downvoted in the freebritney sub the other day for trying to explain the difference when it’s her son who is a child and someone replied to me telling me that a 17 year old is not a child💀

  20. You’ve really hit the nail on the head here. She’s acting like her children are her conservators too and it’s really fucking sad to see. That does a lot of lasting damage on a child.

  21. Yeah. It’s called parentification. The last post where she asked Jayden to explain to her what was wrong with her next time they meet have me the heebie jeebies. My (undiagnosed but probably) NPD mother does the same thing where she expects me to act like an adult confidant/mediator but simultaneously pulls the “i am your mother” card and it’s an incredibly confusing role for a child to have.

  22. Okay, honest question. Given that she’s now lashing out at her minor children, who haven’t said anything terrible abt her, (if anything, they carefully chose respectful & hopeful words) - is it at all possible that her hatred/lashing out at all of her family members & even childhood friends may also be misguided…?

  23. Britney went through a lot, and I feel for her, but holy shit this is a vile way to talk about your minor children, especially when you know you have a fan base that is hanging on your every word and have already been hateful towards your kids.

  24. I honestly wonder whether Britney even has the kind of introspective nature that would’ve helped to make her a better parent. It’s hard to remove yourself from the cycle of perpetuating abuse, and takes a lot of inner, continuous work to do it. This isn’t to say she’s not capable of it, and maybe she would’ve been able to if she wasn’t abused by mental health professionals and everyone else for years, but I do wonder.

  25. I'm sorry but i'm done with her. What her family did to her was horrific but that doesn't get you a pass for acting however you want. The fact that she's deleting the comments trying to understand her sons perspective while keeping up straight up hate comments about them says enough.

  26. This. Victims can be abusers too…and often are. Instead of ending the cycle, she’s using the abuse she endured as an excuse to publicly act like an asshole. She has had all of my love and support until now. She just keeps doubling down and her rabid fans are encouraging her shitty behavior.

  27. I'm done with her too. She doesn't want to grow or change she wants to stomp her feet and marry her bf have babies, live a fantasy.

  28. Yeah. This situation with her kids made me unfollow her. Her having being a victim doesn’t excuse the abuse she’s inflicting on her own children. I hope she seeks treatment ASAP.

  29. It surprises me how she directs this anger at minor children who don’t know any better. Kids will respond like kids. If parental alienation was happening then direct that anger at the adults in their lives who participated in it, not the kids who were also victims.

  30. especially so publicly which she surely has to understand will result in them receiving harassment from millions? like why would she want that for them?

  31. She's got some mental/emotional arrestment due to the abuse she suffered as a kid- and while I can understand it, it prevents her from being a functional, capable parent.

  32. It’s incredible how in 2022, so many people are making tiktoks about how their parents traumatized them in the most covert ways, telling us every ex they had is a “textbook narcissist”, and diagnosing themselves with multiple disorders, but will still yassss queen this behavior. It’s beyond.

  33. I saw a Tiktok about her and all the people in the comments were moms being like “what’s the deal? sounds like a normal mom LOL” and “I see nothing wrong.” I ran so fast

  34. I commented earlier on a different sub that watching Britney do this shit with her kids so publicly makes me sick to my stomach, and I had quite a few of her fans chewing me out and acting like I said she should go back into a conservatorship. Yet here we are. Another headline where she is being emotionally abusive to her children. But there’s nothing wrong and it’s everyone else at fault, right?? /s

  35. Anytime anyone mentions Britney is doing something wrong or that she shouldn’t be on social media her fans act as if we are saying she shoud be in a conservatorship…

  36. Look, I love her so much, I’ve been a fan since she first made it big and really looked up to her as a little girl. I’ve been yelling Free Britney and want nothing but the absolute best for her but this is absolutely not it. She should not be in a conservatorship but she is clearly NOT well mentally and tbh her husband is just enabling her in the comments on all her posts. She SHOULD be seeing someone and SHOULD be on some sort of medication and her accounts SHOULD be run by a PR team.

  37. Truly, Britney needs somebody trustworthy with her best interests in mind to take control of this ship and stop the bleeding. The flip side of her being free means there’s nobody there to do just that.

  38. Excellent point about the accusations that her sons are simply afraid of being cut off. Some parents actively leverage their finances to reign their families in, and this accusation may actually be a veiled threat.

  39. Honestly Britney entire abuse and whole life has been about making money. Everybody in her life as thrown under the bus for cash, and that’s why she assumes that everyone will, even her own children. Pretty depressing.

  40. Yeah, I think she's just parroting stuff from the Internet again. Giving interviews isn't going to pay as well as a steady stream of income from your rich mom.

  41. i just saw a tweet with over 100 likes that said she needs to cut them loose and live her life and that they’re over the “love children unconditionally” crap. like it’s actually unhinged what people will end up saying to defend celebrities they like.

  42. Fr they're really deranged over there, they really want this woman to cut off her own children and "make a new family" with sam like do they hear themselves?? It's giving "my puppy isn't small and cute anymore so I'm going to give it away and get a new one"

  43. Love Britney, but this isn’t the take. I feel awful for her AND for her sons. Your mental health isn’t you fault, but it is your responsibility and as a mother I hoped she would’ve reined it in.

  44. Being a mother isn’t innate. I know we talk about naturally “good” cat/dog/ whatever moms. In humans, it’s a bit more complicated because our society and brains are more complicated. Parents usually model their parenting styles after their own parents, unless they read books and go to therapy.

  45. Jayden is FIFTEEN years old, a child is every sense. HER child. Her behavior is despicable. What she went through is not an excuse. She is publicly mocking her son, publicly threatening not to financially support him if he doesn't behave exactly how she wants, and actively encouraging her obsessive fanbase to go after him.

  46. and not just a fanbase, a husband who seems to encourage her rants against the kids and their dad in public as well. who has she got to give her truly good advice? if her goal is to see her children more, then this is the opposite of what she should be doing. is there anyone still in her life who can advice her to take this off social media? it gives me the creeps

  47. Listening to her audio reminded me so much of my own narcissistic father who guilt trips me constantly and makes me feel guilty for the financial support he provided me. Respectfully, it is a parent’s job to financially provide for their children.

  48. I noted a bit of the classic "missing missing reasons" where she can't understand why they would have wanted to do things by themselves when visiting, or leave early, or not want to see her, as if it's totally isolated and not related to her erratic behavior. Any parent comfortable enough saying this stuff in public says ten times worse stuff in private.

  49. This is the issue I always had with those clamouring to #FreeBritney. It feels like no consideration was given to the long-term aftercare and therapy she would need to heal from the trauma. These are people's real lives and not just some celeb bandwagon cause.

  50. I love Britney, and I was super happy when she got out of her conservatorship and I know that she’s been exploited and used by pretty much everybody her entire life, but I do not think that she is doing right by her children right now. It’s not entirely her fault, it is hard to be a good parent with so much trauma, but the way she talks to and about her children rubs me the wrong way. Teenage boys are notoriously assholes; it is up to their parents to raise them into empathetic adults. I fear these boys have been failed by both their parents and the rest of the extended families.

  51. I think this is a clear example of how the cycle of abuse and intergenerational trauma works. Her behaviour towards her children and her trauma/mental illness isn't an either or situation.

  52. Ok. I've always loved Britney and I was so glad she was out of the conservatorship. But to suggest the kids are only upset with her because money? Come on. I myself have mental illness and I could never speak to my teen children like that. As a mother, it's all about your kids. But she's only worried about herself. They are worried about her, and that's ok. They have a right to be worried. But why is she bashing her children? Children don't know how to deal with erratic behavior and shut down and go to their rooms. That's normal. If they don't want to see her because it's traumatizing to them until she gets help, that's ok too. And to do this publicly where her rabid fan base can post nasty comments and threats about them is so horrible. How can she hurt her children like this, especially when they seem to only want her better? I only hope she gets the help she needs so she can begin to repair her relationship with her children and get better for herself too.

  53. When she’s 50 she’s going to wonder why she’s surrounded by ‘yes’ men and not her own children. I hope someone close to those boys gets them into therapy so they can begin to unload the trauma they’ve experienced through this horrific ordeal.

  54. You know what I find funny. Everyone complains when celebrities show too much of their kids and how kids should give consent before their showed. Nevermind that normal people post their kids all the time too.

  55. I wonder where Sam Asghari fits into all of this? Like is he encouraging her to post this stuff or maybe advising her against it? I would hope that he has her best interests at heart

  56. I wonder too. I will never understand why people have exempted him from the enabling grifter title like so many other people who became close to her over the years.

  57. If you check out the post she actually hasn’t deleted, yet, dragging Kevin abt needing to mow the lawn, you’ll see Sam commented underneath making fun of Kevin about this.

  58. This is starting to feel like a classic case of abuse being cyclical, with someone who was abused by their parents turning into abuser of their own kids, but with verbal/mental abuse as opposed to physical.

  59. Her fans are like like " Well, Maybe they shouldn't have bashed on that interview then" If they are allowed to trash their mother so publicly, then Britney gets to trash them publicly. Her fans are completely unhinged.

  60. Yikes. I feel like that interview made her freak out like I thought it would and she’s directing it at her kids instead of Kevin where the blame should be. I do feel sorry for her, it would be damn near impossible to be a mom in her situation but what she needs right now is time away from the spotlight so she can start to heal, otherwise she and her sons will never be able to reconcile down the line. All she has are yes men and people who egg her on.

  61. At the end of the day if those boys feel safe and loved by their father (and Brit’s own family) that’s all that truly matters. Lashing out at Kevin for being a ‘dead beat dad’ isn’t productive if he’s meeting their needs as a parent. Sure, Kevin should probably get a job, but throwing him under the bus isn’t doing anyone any favors.

  62. I got downvoted to hell last time I said I struggled to be sympathetic towards her...but seriously take her off the fucking pedestal.

  63. South Park totally hit the nail on the head with their episode about her. She will not be left alone until she's no more, and that's incredibly sad.

  64. Ok I know Kevin isn't seen as the best father but he did raise these boys the best he could and Britney is angry with how her family treated her. We aren't seeing the whole picture and as a observer of seeing how my narcissist aunt treated my mom (her sister), my grandma and her ex husband and kid along with me. It's hard to say if she really cares or is just taking her frustration on them.

  65. Kevin only raised the boys because he received many thousands of dollars monthly from Britney, plus thousands more from Britney's dad.

  66. Her maturity seems so stunted, likely from a mix of mental illness, being controlled for so long, and how young she was when she became famous and had children. This is just not it, girl.

  67. What a sad situation. No one is really looking out for the well-being of anyone else here, which is what family should do. It’s tough to blame Britney after she’s been used and abused for so long, but impossible to blame her sons who are the only faultless victims here.

  68. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors we dont know what those boys have been though and her sick cult fans attacking her teenage sons are disgusting and also gaslighting to the boys to do the blame Kevin narative whatever you think of him hes raised 2 well adjusted happy boys who they love and have said him and there home is there safe place.

  69. Keep going after her sons like that just encourage her psycho fans to bully her own kids. Truly disgusting. Does Britney follow them on social media to see what they write about her kids?

  70. Jayden was trending on Twitter earlier tonight granted I think another Jayden was also causing it but part of it was stans dragging him I read a lot of them, it was really sad :(

  71. I don’t think he said anything that bad. He’s not wrong for saying she needs help, she has been diagnosed with mental health issues. As the child of a parent with bipolar, I know how difficult it can be on both child and parent. She’s been through a lot, but her children are also allowed to say how they feel.

  72. I think I need to stop reading about her and her kids. Having had a mother that was similar growing up it’s so hard to watch her do this to them. I have empathy for her as a victim, but as a parent this isn’t something I can support. I hope the sons find healing.

  73. i really can’t support her anymore. i’ve been through this. having a parent say vile things about you and threaten you over money. children don’t owe parents anything it is the other way around.

  74. There has been a lot of revisionist history going on implying the conservatorship made her into the mother we see her as today, with those people either forgetting or being too young to actually remember the kind of mother she was publicly pre-conservatorship.

  75. Can we have a moratorium on stories pertaining to these kids until they are of legal age? Matter of fact, let's just make it all celebrity kids.

  76. this post isnt about the kids, its about how Britney Spears - a celebrity adult- is treating her own children. the information about Brad Pitt abusing his children needed to come out, in order for there to be any consequences to this wealthy, powerful man. I think it would be weird to silence any news about Britney's behavior towards her own children. Should she have no responsibility what so ever concerning how her actions hurt others?

  77. It sounds like the kids did hope they could repair things and they've been trying not to go nuclear on her, but the more she keeps pushing like this, I fear they will and her relationship with her sons may reach an irreparable point.

  78. Imagine your mom putting you on blast and denigrating you to all her Facebook friends. That’s what Britney is doing, but on a world scale. Hurt people hurt people, however, this is not good at all. Her kids are not her peers. Model by showing the example and being the bigger person, instead of hitting below the belt. What. A. Mess.

  79. Britney is a victim of some extreme abuse and I don’t think she is mentally well enough to be a parent unfortunately. Being the victim doesn’t mean you aren’t human and are always in the right. Britney is mentally ill and she cannot be objective when it comes to her kids. It’s doubly unfortunate for the boys that their father is an idiot and also not putting their best interests first. I feel so bad for those boys

  80. This is depressing from all angles. I do think people with severe, untreated mental illnesses tend to cause a lot of grief and anxiety in their kids. It's not her fault but I can definitely see why the kids are lashing out. I honestly don't think it's about money at all.

  81. Sure, if you ignore that her mother has only ever said she loves Britney and will always love her. A bit different from calling your kids selfish and money hungry.

  82. This is one of the most fucked aspects of the conservatorship. There's been lots of reporting that her dad, management team, etc. would use her children as bait to get her to do what they wanted. "If you don't do X, then you won't see your kids." That's gross and manipulative, especially since she was clearly struggling to parent pre-conservatorship (hence not showing up to court and losing custody in the first place). Any logical adult should have foreseen that using her kids as pawns in this way would get us here and mess with their long-term relationship.

  83. I really think that she was probably unfit to see the kids in 2008. She had her custody taken away indefinitely. Genuinely helpful medical professionals could have told her 'if you want to see your kids again, do rehab, get some counselling, and come back in 6 months.' She could have made that choice as an autonomous person, and it wouldn't be tied to working as a pop star. Instead, the kids were exposed to her within weeks of the conservatorship being created, and they were dangled over her as incentive to work. This probably meant that they were exposed to her on days when she wasn't well if it meant she'd stay compliant, which can't have been good for them.

  84. so i have empathy for britney of course. however… what happened to her assistant? the one who helps her run her insta? does she have any input at all? this is starting to cross a line and i wonder who, if anyone, she would have around her who could advise her to not publicly attack her kids?

  85. I am a big supporter of all things Britney but this is not what you do. attack kfed. Jamie Spears. but not your own children.

  86. I keep coming back to this and wonder if Aunt Sandy hadn't passed, how different it could/would be... Sandra seems like the only "adult" in the family who Britney could trust.

  87. She needs to be directing her anger at Kevin who allowed the boys to do that interview. The reporter filmed and interviewed the entire family for a week and now Kevin is shopping it around for a reality show. This isn’t going to end well for anyone. The boys are put in the middle of it and it isn’t right. Kevin shouldn’t have done any of this. I thought he was a good guy, but now we see it was all for the money. Britney is lashing out on social media because she has no one in her life she trusts to talk to. My opinion is that she thinks it was social media that “freed Britney” so now she turns to it hoping her fans can help her again. But this is only going to be used against her. It’s just so incredibly sad that there is no one in her life that she trusts and that can get through to her to help her adjust to her new way of life.

  88. And it hurts her kids to see her bizarre posts everyday, sometimes rambling nonsensically about them, interlaced with shitting on her family, followed by posing naked.

  89. I have a paranoid schizophrenic birth mother who I have no contact with. I was abused by her pretty bad. I’m talking not fed, not allowed in the house at the age of 5. I had Satan in me, you name it, I probably heard it. I stopped talking to her after left. My dad wanted me to keep talking to her but all she wanted to talk about was how much of a bitch my dad was. How much my Nan, his mom, hated her. How much anyone in his family were evil. How she lovingly gave me up so I wouldn’t have to steal food (my dad was court awarded custody because she was mentally unstable). How my dad brought men home for her to screw (that one was true according to my aunt who found letters from the guys thanking my dad for a good time). I couldn’t deal with the toxicity for my health. I was too young to fight my dad, so I would just leave the house if I heard him or my brother or sister on the phone with her. I’m so much older now and in a much better place. She is still unstable and she has locked herself up in her house away from society since my stepfather passed away. Because of her instability, I never got a chance to meet him. I have empathy for her because you can’t help a chemical imbalance in your brain. Thanks to a stroke, my sister just became paranoid schizophrenic. I worry about her because I see history repeating itself and it saddens me. I emphasize with Britney. And I emphasize with her children. I was once one of them. I have C-PTSD with DID and OCD because of severe abuse and trauma. I understand what it’s like to live with mental health issues and trying to raise a child around that. So I see all sides.

  90. I empathaize with Britney but this situation is awful and these kids seems to have no guidiance from both parents.

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