Spencer Pratt claims Lisa Kudrow told Heidi Montag he has ‘eyes of a serial killer’

  1. I know him as my fav host before I’ll ever know him as the basically the main star of community . I watched the soup religiously as a teen!

  2. I wish I could find old episodes of The Soup anywhere! I would buy them if I could but they don't exist!

  3. Her creepy nose. Was the plastic surgery clinic having a 5 for the price of 1 discount or what? And then she has the gall to deny all plastic surgery....pshhh

  4. People are loving it on tiktok they keep saying how they finally are seeing the true Spencer and love him, seems like the same asshole to me but now tiktok famous not celebrity famous.

  5. technically it wasn't unsolicited. someone asked him about his worst celebrity encounter, he named lisa kudrow and then someone asked for the follow up. spencer is definitely doing this for 5 minutes of attention, but there apparently are people on tiktok who want to hear his thoughts about stuff like this...for some reason...

  6. No he’s just talking shit about everyone on tiktok right now, he’s reminding me of mid 2000’s Perez Hilton.

  7. hes never stopped trying! I actually do have respect for him, he is very aware of what famous for being famous is

  8. kristen cavalleri is doing a laguba beach recap podcast and i’m seeing more labuan/hill content on tiktok from the stitches and whatnot.

  9. His eyes are totally creepy looking. He constantly looks like some weird animated doll that never blinks but somehow the eyes follow you no matter where you are in the room.

  10. As someone with blue eyes, I think they can look kind of flat I guess. Some blue eyes just aren’t very expressive and it makes them look a bit painted on.

  11. I'm mad at people who are rewatching The Hills or watching it for the first time giving him some new platform. There's this new narrative that seems to be happening that is framing Lauren Conrad as the "bad" "toxic" friend, and as someone who watched The Hills during it's airing and was up-to-date on the media shit going on at the time, the idea that she's worse than Heidi and Spencer is absurd. She was a teen and in her early 20s for one, so yeah she as messy and not always the best, most mature friend, but she's nowhere near their level of horrid.

  12. It's completely bizarre to me too - are people forgetting or not aware that he lied about having a sex tape of Lauren he planned on selling and publicly spread vile, misogynistic rumours about the appearance of her labia? Has Lauren ever done anything nearly as bad as that, absolutely not. He also went on Infowars pushing an antisemitic conspiracy theory, he's an absolute POS.

  13. Ugh, yes! I just googled and found this thread, because I'm watching Whitney Port & her husband react to The Hills and her husband says people vilified Spencer because they're projecting their own experiences onto him. And a lot of people in the comments agree. I just can't believe people are suddenly pretending Lauren was the problem – of course she had issues, but I was just as much of a mess in my early 20.

  14. Guarantee Lisa had (has) no idea who either one of them was. It was probably a joke and she realized that they were too stupid to get the joke which is why she walked away 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I think she knew exactly who they were. In 2009 they were ubiquitous. That’s why her joke was so funny, she was 100% telling Heidi the truth! 😂

  16. Let’s be honest on the show Spencer came as highly possessive and abusive. She wouldn’t be wrong to say an abusive relationship can end in someone or both dying. He can’t be mad that he played into that character and that people would have an opinion on it.

  17. The thing with Spencer saying "it was all just acting, I wasn't really like that" is that even if that's true, you have to be deranged to agree to go on a reality show under your real name and look abusive. A normal person wouldn't be fine with the world believing they're abusive and would say fuck no to that if they were asked.

  18. Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.

  19. I’ve found him insane ever since he randomly painted that fugly graffiti on Heidi’s living room wall and she had to dramatically paint over it as the credits rolled

  20. Tbh everything about that struck me as fully contrived, as was 98% of The Hills. You know production absolutely had that mural happen for a storyline.

  21. If I was batshit insane with serial killer eyes, I hope I’d be smart enough to keep it to myself if a famous woman mentioned to my wife 10 years ago that she noticed my serial killer eyes.

  22. no he's smart enough to say it because he knows he's a joke and his relevance is dependent on his cartoon villain persona. like, I only had the faintest idea who he was and now I'm following his tiktok for hummingbird content.

  23. I’m sorry but this is so funny. How could he say this and not see this as something that everyone would laugh at lmfao I love Lisa kudrow

  24. he knows exactly what he's doing, he's a fame whore adapting to a new era on tiktok. I don't know about what he was like on the Hills (it was slightly before my time) but at least his new persona is self aware/deprecating and slightly wholesome

  25. Does anyone know any other stories about her? Apparently Bethany Frankel agrees. I was obsessed with Friends growing up and she was my favorite 😢

  26. I have heard nothing but nice things about her for 30 years, I think these Bethany and Spencer are extremely unpleasant to be around and Lisa couldn’t hide that she didn’t like them.

  27. If Lisa Kudrow is disliked by noted fuckwits like Bethany Frankel and Spencer The-Clue-Is-The-Name Pratt then she really must be a gem.

  28. They are D list people jumping on a bandwagon. I would disregard anything that comes out of either of their mouths 😂

  29. Those two are jerks imo. I never ever got the Bethany hype from housewives fans…I really think she’s the ultimate bully. Lisa not liking this two is good, imo.

  30. Bethenny and Spencer are both known for being dicks, so I wouldn't worry too much 💓 I think Lisa is just REALLY intelligent and wasn't down with their bullshit.

  31. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Lisa. She is extremely intelligent and low-key. How anyone could dislike her is beyond me.

  32. She does a pretty good Diane Keaton impression. She was cast in a movie and Keaton hadn't chosen her. Also close friends, dated briefly, with Conan O Brien from way back when. Keaton imitation after minute 8 of this pandemic interview.

  33. i recently watched fboy island and could not for the life of me figure out who garrett reminded me of... it's spencer pratt. thanks spencer for answering that weeks long question in the back of my head

  34. Spencer Pratt has been a creep since his days on the Hills. Lisa calls it like she sees it. No lies detected from my POV.

  35. Y’all. He’s fucking hilarious. Check out his tik tok, he is just trolling and exposing all the famous people. Lovvvve him for that

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