Johnny Depp's VMA appearance confirmed: Will dress up in moonman suit via video

  1. I just knew it was going to be via video. 💀😂 This is how his latest appearances at award shows have been -

  2. via video + as a statue + do music videos even exist + insufferable/gross/cheap TV network = hot garbage that makes me wonder if we are living in an alternate hell dimension

  3. I personally think this is hilarious. He’s a mascot now, not a movie star. And he’s not even going in person, so he’ll be at home in his little moonman suit pretending he’s relevant?

  4. hahaha this is perfect. who could have predicted this after the success of the first pirates. he truly has done everything he can to ruin his own life (and AH's). sad.

  5. I was going to say, I don’t think I’ve watched a new music video in ~5 years? Maybe it’s just me but I thought music videos were a dying breed

  6. I’d need Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Rihanna to perform before I ever tune in again. We have no more stars!

  7. Don’t forget all the interviews with people denying all personal responsibility being like “we couldn’t have known! Different times back then!”

  8. you know how the feed dogs peanut butter to get their mouths to move and they can add a voice in later? have a feeling it'll be the same vibe

  9. Indya liked Depp's post so fuck her (like Depp misgendered iO multiple times, not to mention the JK of it all how can a Trans person support him).

  10. It's honestly a very fitting gig because neither Johnny Depp nor MTV have been relevant in over a decade. I'm pissed off to see him get any work, but if this is the best he can do that speaks volumes

  11. I was going to say "does anyone even watch the VMAs anymore" but I legitimately don't know. I've never been an award show person so; are they still a big deal?

  12. VMA’s are the video music awards right? I was never big on award season but I always equated it to a slightly more upscale teens choice. Not sure if that’s true though.

  13. Can't wait till he sues Amber again claiming that she forced him to sue her in Virginia which ruined his reputation to the point that the only role he can book is the Moonman 💀

  14. I’m really glad most of my faves aren’t going. I’ll just watch BlackPink on YouTube and I hope Depp gets booed.

  15. I’m not gonna watch but on some level that has to be embarrassing for Depp right? Reduced to wearing a mascot character like a drunken cast member at a low budget theme park.

  16. This is so embarrassing for both parties. Sure, they’ll let him pop up, but they won’t let him show his actual face and he won’t even bother showing up in person. It’s so pathetic I can’t even be mad.

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