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  1. Ran an escape room for Dan Radcliffe a few years back in NY. He was with some non show biz friends and spent most of the game hanging back and looking for clues on his own a bit. I didn’t recognize him until I sat down to watch them after the game started (we monitored the games via camera and gave clues when needed).

  2. In light of the Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who announcement, does anyone have any tea on him / experiences meeting him? He’s great in Sex Education so I’m intrigued.

  3. He is a lovely guy. My friend was at RCS with him. Charming, kind and gentle guy. Everyone in the uni fancied him. He moved to London quite a few years ago now.

  4. does anybody know why pretty much every model big and small is either partnering with our starting their own bikini company? has modeling money dried up or something? a trend i've noticed in the past two years or so.

  5. It seems like most of them are essentially just re-selling stuff from like AliExpress or maybe one step slightly more legit than that which I imagine is very low cost investment/high $$ returns and when they find out how much other influencers are making from it $$$ then they all want to jump on board. And I would guess that bikinis are a lot easier in terms of sizing/material etc than like real clothes

  6. Modeling as a career can really only be profitable for a small window of time. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to age out of and as one’s body changes with age, having a family, etc etc it becomes harder to make as much money as before. It’s also a career that requires full in-person dedication, so if you have other life obligations it directly cuts into your money. That’s why so many models try to make brand partnerships, or fashion labels, or anything really that can provide “passive” ongoing income.

  7. I’m not sure, I’m not in the industry. But I would assume since “influencers” is now a thing, models aren’t as needed to sell stuff.

  8. Andy Samberg? Don’t know what he’s doing nowadays apart from some movies (mostly voice roles) and his appearances via message on Seth Meyers’ show.

  9. His Lonely Island crew are just douchey fratboys, I've never been able to look past Taccone defending a guy accused of assaulting Aurora Perrineau.

  10. Kaley strikes me as one of those people that's in love with falling in love not so much the relationship part.

  11. I worked with them on the first season on ST. The boys were all super professional from the get-go. Caleb and Gayton had already been on Broadway by that time. I believe Caleb played Simba in the lion king, and Gayton was in Les Mis, I think? Anyway, they were great. Parents were nice. Finn's dad was around a lot, and seemed like a good dude. Finn had a huge knowledge of music way back then. I remember thinking he was BS'ing me about knowing who some musician was, but he wasn't and I felt bad 😂

  12. Caleb seems to know every Black actor in Hollywood, a lot of big stars leave comments on his ig posts. He's also started a music career on the side. Idk if he's dating anyone, if he is he doesn't post about them.

  13. Michiel Huisman? I love him but he is so mysterious. He is also one of those actors who seems like is in everything and nothing.

  14. I met her at a bar in Bristol (Mr wolf's) around 2009. She was absolutley off her head, and openly asking people to buy more drugs. Rolling around the floor ect. I was super young and was just of thought all rockstars were like this. When I read about her getting sober I was like ahhhh makes so much sense.

  15. I saw her at Electric Picnic in Ireland in 2009. My friend was right up the front wearing a flower crown, Florence took it off her head and wore it for a few songs, then placed it back on my friend's head and gave her a swig from a bottle of whiskey she was drinking on stage. Pretty cool lady

  16. Honestly whoever has tea on Alex will have my eternal gratitude. I stopped lurking the Tumblr blogs cause shit's too crazy over there. Conspiracy theory kind of crazy.

  17. not hit but it rubs me the wrong way how Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard talk about the things that happen with their children.

  18. lin manuel miranda? there were people in the divorce blind speculation thread saying he has a "loosey goosey" broadway relationship and mentioning infidelity whispers but the only bad things i've heard about him are politics/social issue related. curious if anyone knows more on the personal side

  19. To be honest I thought that was kind of a bit of a stretch for that to be about him. I would be shock shock shock speechless if him and Vanessa ended up getting a divorce. I mean it’s certainly happened but sometimes I think people just don’t want to see other people do well

  20. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny? Supposedly they clashed a lot on set, yet on pr tours and bloopers they are all touchy and seem to get along quite well - I know that acting is their profession, but it all did come across as rather genuine.

  21. i once read this long ass thread that documented their whole history, i wish i could link it here but i don't think i'll ever be able to find it again. what i remember is that they hooked up while shooting the pilot (an actress close to them even confirmed it recently in an interview) but things got weird so during their first years shooting the x-files they didn't get along quite well, they even admitted it themselves. they said that happens when you have to spend so much time with someone, but eventually they got close again. throughout the years they hooked up again once or twice and if i remember correctly that caused problems with the partners they were currently with. now from what i understand they're friends and still spend time together once in a while, if you watch their more recent interviews, like this

  22. What was that old podcast, where an actress confirmed that the two of them slept together during the pilot, never thinking they’d make it to series, and ended up clashing for the rest of the series? The actress was saying like, “thank god i never slept with (hot male lead on her show) or we’d have been like Gillian and David.” It was some show that was a contemporary of X-Files.

  23. I haven't really followed the whole thing but Stephanie March, Bobby Flay's ex wife recently came out and said he had a fling with January Jones, and when you look at the most recent pics of him he looks like a dead ringer for Flay.

  24. Anything new on My Chemical Romance? I used to stan them, but stopped after they broke up, so i know some old stuff. I'm picking them up again since they're releasing new music, it's pretty good!

  25. Does anyone know if Rachel McAdams went to the Top Gun: Maverick premiere for any particular reason? Was she supporting someone? She’s not in the movie.

  26. Can I piggyback off this to ask on Rachel McAdams generally? Is she supposed to be nice to work with? I know the story of her and Ryan Gosling on the set of the Notebook, but nothing else

  27. On Elizabeth Olsen's Vanity Fair lie detector test, she mentions her and Chris Evans "were very close" but that they don't hang out anymore. She does say they used to live close together in LA and hang out, so maybe she just means since they aren't in the same area they don't see each other. But then when asked her favorite Chris, she won't pick him and says they're all good, says she can't pick him over Pratt because they're all nice guys.

  28. I suspect CE is a very flirtatious guy who probably treats life like one big summer camp in terms of dating. So yeah, I believe it but who knows. I do hope, in 20 years, someone does a juicy tell all Marvel behind the scenes book. Until then, it is all just speculation. We need a Kitty Kelly for Gen X/Granny Millennials

  29. I met her when I was a flight attendant and she was delightful. Very sweet and going on vacation with her girlfriends.

  30. Scarlett Johansson is currently in my city filming something! Some people on my uni course sent a picture of her to our group chat!

  31. Just started a new movie. Has some things on post production that I think comes out next year. I feel like she truly has the work/lowkey life I think many of these actors/actress (the ones who are not obsessed with celeb culture) would dream of.

  32. My friend used to work in a hotel in Dublin and met a bunch of people. I guess they would stay in that hotel when they were in town. She said right before Saorsie became famous, she saw her and her mom in the pub and she seemed so down to earth and normal and friendly. I hope she's stayed the same!

  33. Dominic Monaghan had hidden braces on the insides of his teeth when he was filming Lost. He once popped a wire while eating a burger and came into the dental office I was working for to have it fixed.

  34. Take this with a grain of salt, because I don’t fully believe this myself, but - I apparently sleep on the bed frame that Orlando Bloom owned when he was living in New Zealand. It’s two degrees of separation in New Zealand, and apparently my parents know people who know people and we ended up with their bed frame.

  35. I grew up in the town where the actors lived for most of the filming. Viggo Mortenson was a regular at a cafe my friend worked at and he was so kind and low key. I also used to work for quite an exclusive restaurant when I was in college, and when the hobbit came out we hosted the cast party. One of the chefs got talking with Martin Freeman, and when the chef asked what Martin did for the film he just said ‘oh I’m in an actor, I was in a few scenes’ instead of making him feel bad. Honestly never heard a bad story about either of the casts!

  36. So I don’t know if this is true or not but back in high school when the Hobbit trilogy was being filmed, a guy in my year went up to Orlando Bloom’s house and Orlando Bloom told him to fuck off (rightfully so).

  37. Super kind and generous from everything I’ve heard. During the pandemic, a college theater program I work with did a streaming/Zoom production of a show. The director of the show knows him and he surprised the student actors by showing up to their Zoom “after party” - It was a rough year for a lot of them (as with so many during that time) and his support and encouragement meant so so much to the students.

  38. Random but he was on my college track team (not while I was there) and is #10 all-time in the 110m hurdles.

  39. not tea but i was so sad that she had dropped out of her next project “Saint X” on Hulu! i was excited to see her in a new project

  40. Did the Derry girls cast had a fallout ? I know social media isn’t everything but the four of them used to post each others often and now it’s like they created two mini groups except James’s actor that seems in good terms with everyone

  41. It does seem like they’ve sort of gravitated into two groups. I don’t think there was some sort of fall out, though. Nicola (Clare) did say that due to filming Bridgerton s2 around the same time as Derry Girls s3, her role was reduced. I’m not sure if you’re watching the new season, but it looks like they gave Jamie Lee (Michelle) a slightly bigger part to compensate. Maybe that’s why her and Saoirse (Erin) seem to be the closest in the cast.

  42. Not sure if you’ve seen this and I don’t recall all the details but allegedly she ran out crying during her recent wedding? Rumors have been circling she’s not really close to the Beckham family either

  43. She and Paul came to see little shop of horrors together a couple weeks ago, which I thought was cute - didn’t know they hang out irl

  44. The mass cancellations are in part due to the fact the CW is preparing to go on sale to Nextsar Media Group and so they’re cleaning house to try to look as profitable as possible and give Nextstar as much of a blank slate to start their own acquisitions to fit whatever vision they have for the CW (whether it’s more superhero shows, more female-targeted content, etc)

  45. Pete Wentz dated a 15 year old when he was 23. She became addicted to drugs and had a lot of trauma from the relationship.

  46. Mia Wasikowska? One of my faves, fantastic, crazy talented, underrated actress and seems very cool and grounded. Any stories about her? I know she and Jesse Eisenberg dated and that she and Pattinson might have or not dated (or fling?), tho I'd like to know how she is from people who've met her.

  47. I love his music too, but that man has done a truly insane amount of drugs back stage and on tours. He also got into some trouble during a concert where I live.

  48. Julia Garner? I watched her on electrik children like ten years ago, kinda forgot about her, and was happy to see she’s doing well with Ozark and whatnot.

  49. I saw a video of a girl on tik tok this week where he was at her catholic school, visiting the place with her teenage daughter, and she couldn't believe that he was there and she kept staring at him and he stared back like she was a creep LOL

  50. This isn't tea, but I only just found out he's only 5'6". When listening to his music, I always thought he was taller

  51. the song auntie diaries on his new album is getting a bit of heat on twitter because he talks about his experience with acceptance in relation to his aunt/uncle, who is a trans man, but deadnames caitlyn jenner and said the f-slur several times in the same track

  52. Cary Fukunaga? It's been a week and we haven't received any major publication regards his behavior. I'm wondering whether there's some article cooking up. Vinberg/Froseth/Qualley are following each other so maybe something bigger is coming up.

  53. Apparently Ronan Farrow followed one of the women so I do believe something is coming. I’d really love to hear Kristine’s side because I actively watched their relationship for the 2.5 years they were together and always found it strange that she didn’t realize she was being used. Apparently Cary cheated on her with Rachelle.

  54. I hope the silence from the big outlets and trades on this is because someone is working on a big expose and not because they're all getting threatened by his team 😑

  55. Someone I know who works in British TV told me that Matthew Goode was notorious on sets for being very handsy and sexually harass-y with women. It would not surprise me but I haven’t heard this from anyone else, so…?

  56. The hadids are distancing themselves from the karjenners. I suppose they finally came to the realization that they’re awful people, and will only do harm to their reputation.

  57. This is random but is something going on with Cara Delevingne? I remember that video of her trying to kiss Megan and the met gala at at the BBMAs that girl was practically attached to Megan's hip. And she looks kinda Are she and Meg genuinely friends???

  58. Timothee chalamet. Especially how he was in high school. Also heard he mean behind the scenes on set? Any of it true?

  59. honestly i heard a lot of different things. someone said he was a jerk or even a bully in high school (and there's that one story of him fatshaming a girl at a pool party when he was a freshman), but i've also seen a lot of people say he was a nice kid, maybe odd but funny and even a little shy, some said he was very popular cause he was basically the most talented and that everybody loved him. some said he was "an angel compared to ansel elgort" (who notoriously was a dick to everybody) and that his classmates were upset when ansel got famous before him. i've seen a girl on twitter who claimed to be a childhood friend and that his mum was her dance teacher saying that the whole family was lovely. another girl gave him a shout out when beautiful boy was coming out and said they went to the same high school and that he was a "sweetheart", and then told the story of when they were both auditioning for something, that she was really nervous so he gave her a hug or something like that. another person on twitter said they were proud to see him succeed because they used to spend time together smoking in between classes and said he was a weirdo but also "a good kid".

  60. He only ever gets boba fett’s sloppy seconds and embarrassed himself when he was at Ord Mantell with dash rendar. Everyone knows he’s washed

  61. I met her during the Electra Heart tour, I was walking to the venue and literally ran into her leaving her tour bus lol. Freaking gorgeous, so sweet and her voice was so melodic like a fairy lol

  62. She supports Evan Rachel Wood but doesn’t wish to comment further as she wants to keep details of her marriage to MM private but did say he wasn’t violent with her.

  63. Honestly, him and Conan being best friends IRL makes me so happy. His bit on how his wife and children don't give a shit about his career is funny as fuck. They seem to both love their wives genuinely but not in a performative way.

  64. Austin Butler? He looks fantastic in the new Elvis movie (like he seems to be eating the role up), and I know he and Vanessa has a long romance but anything else?

  65. It seems the industry is really setting up a big push for the guy. Apparently Denzel helped him get the role in Elvis. They were in a broadway play together and he recommended him to Baz. Apparently he had good "work ethic" lol.

  66. i have no evidence to back this up whatsoever but he and kaia's relationship seems like such a PR thing to me

  67. How does Joe Alwyn have writing and production credits (Edit: also a Grammy) on Folklore? I have read conflicting stories on it. It sounds very improbable from his recent interview!

  68. he did help taylor write some songs…they were together during quarantine. the grammy part is a tad controversial since he didn’t have enough credits to get a physical grammy. she “forgot” he helped produce some things and added his name after she won so he was qualified to get one. there r previous discussions if u search for it

  69. This isn't tea but an anecdote. My boyfriends sister ran in the same social circle as Henry when she lived in Malaysia. One day she was sitting in a movie theatre and the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians come on and she was absolutely shocked to see his face. Like I said not tea lol. I'm sure I could ask her what he was like back in the day but she's always ran in pretty higher-class circles so I'd imagine they had some great parties.

  70. Ok, so I've worked with him (in a role where I actually had to interact with him). Here's my take: He is always, always on. He is very calculated, and takes great pains to always seem very nice. It feels like he's acting all the time, which I find creepy and off-putting BUT I watched his magic work on almost everyone on the crew... We only saw him blow up a couple of times (and I honestly agreed with him).

  71. I hate to say this because his Scientology stuff makes me want to despise him, but he’s nice. I know two people who have met him in a non-Hollywood setting. He’s lowkey, and if someone is doing a task (like carrying stuff), he helps out.

  72. Super old tea (and take with a grain of salt) but back in the mid-2000s, I was a member of a gossip forum and someone there posted an audio of a voicemail SMG left Matthew Lillard. She was screaming at him because she couldn't get a hold of Freddie. I will say it did sound just like her. The person who posted it claimed that her sister was either friends with or dating Matthew Lillard at the time (I can't remember which) and he told her SMG was "psycho" and super controlling, like when Freddie would hang out with him, he would have to check back in with her multiple times and let her know any time they were leaving/changing plans, etc...

  73. Any behind the scenes tea of American Horror Story? Particularly of first 4 seasons with OG cast (Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, etc.)

  74. I've heard that Jessica didn't like Emma and found it hard working with her on the set of Freak Show but then again these are just rumors. Not sure if any if it is true.

  75. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? I’m curious, like, are they friends? Do they hate each other? Suki W making a song about them (kind weird)?

  76. Go check out the subreddit. There's a lotta good stuff in there. Emma's entire backstory of being a bossgirl who made it out from near poverty real as her boobs.

  77. Doutzen Kroes? She seems love struck with her husband and I read she was the initiator and the one to carry the dating in initial days. He must be doing something right I guess but he doesn't seem as deeply in love from the interviews specially the one from 2019/20 where they were asked about the begining and it was all Doutzen and her fan-girling over him like those one-direction fan girls and him just lying back. Anything about them? Is he a popular DJ?

  78. Nothing on him but she’s anti-vax and likely holds some really disturbing world views. I know that came out last year during the height of COVID however it’s kinda just the tip of the iceberg. She follows some… Really problematic accounts. She was exposed in the Netherlands for following a “holistic” health guru that published not only anti-vax conspiracies but Q-Anon, 9/11 Truther stuff, you name it. Basically using “love and light” language to obscure some truly horrific ideas. It’s notable that Doutzen’s posts are also getting more into the “woo”.

  79. She said herself she was all over him when she saw him and made sure he had all of her contact numbers. She has a thing for DJs I think because she was dating another black DJ before her current husband. She is very sweet-natured but her anti-vax comments really disappointed TF out of me

  80. My favorite thing I know about them comes from Catch and Kill, when Ronan explains how Weinstein hired Black Cube- an Israeli intelligence agency- to do surveillance on Ronan and other reporters who were working on the exposing the story.

  81. Normani, or Normani’s team? I want her to win so so badly, she’s such a talented artist. I feel like if she had better management, she would be up there in the ranks with Doja Cat and the other It Girls.

  82. Nick Cave? I’ve been a fan for years but any time I see his name in the headlines I’m bracing for the inevitable callout. He’s so famous with such diehard fans and lives in that “singing about dead women” world so with all the Johnny Depps and Marilyn Mansons of this world I have to imagine he’s got the potential to be SUPER problematic in real life. Still, nothing ever seems to come up about him. Does he just have really good privacy measures in place or is he actually not a piece of shit?

  83. He cheated on his I believe second wife. He’s gone through a great deal of personal tragedy with the death of two sons. I haven’t heard anything about him being violent or abusive just a few rumours about him being pretentious but mostly down to earth.

  84. I went to a Lydia Lunch concert several years back, and she used to be a frequent co-collaborator of his. In the middle of the set she goes, “You guys like Nick Cave?” The crowd cheers. And then she says “I don’t! Fuck that guy! He’s been ripping off me, stealing from me for years! FUCK HIM!” She was genuinely pissed off!

  85. Heard Belén Cuesta (Manila on La Casa de Papel) was pretty rude towards the make up and costume crew when she was working on a late night show and that she felt she was better than the rest (she already had filmed some great movies) when in reality she only had a bit on the show and wasn’t the most famous star in the place.

  86. Her birthday is May 27th. That's the day Amber filed the first accusations and the day the trial is due to end. However you feel about Johnny/Ambers saga and who was right, that's two really terrible birthdays.

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