life changing song

  1. Before this song, I was a nerd ass virgin contemplating suicide every second of the day, wondering when will my time to leave this earth come. After I heard this song, I immediately went outside, lost my virginity then proceeded to fuck another 20 women whilst listening to this song, becoming the ultimate alpha male, I now no longer feel like a fat ass loser who will never amount to anything, in fact this song has turned me into a complete chick magnet, attracting every women within a 20ft radius of me. Thanks to ken carson and destroy lonely, I now walk with a little pep in my step everyday :)

  2. l used to get bullied for being a scrawny little nerd. It was until I started listening to Destroy Lonely while pumping iron at the gym. Now I'm 6'3 270 pounds riding in Tesla's and rovers. Thank you destroy lonely

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