Dead Man’s Tale is in a sorry state

  1. ya know the ususal people, streamers, like they did with the last word until that got nerfed and same thing with loronzo etc etc

  2. I remember the only reason it got the damage nerf was because Bungie at the time was PvE and PvP must have the same nerfs and debuffs. Nothing was tailored to it's specific sandbox. That along with vaulting of shaders and weapons (not the locations and activities I understand saving space) were some of the dumbest, stupidest, idiotic business decisions ever conceived. It really hurt the sandbox and if the PvP sandbox wasn't ever evolving every 1and 1/2 - 3 weeks it would really hurt the games longevity.

  3. The nerfs were so the newly returned Gjally wouldn't have any competition as the most versatile heavy exotic.

  4. I still stand by that the xeno changes weren't that bad, and it was just the execution that sucked. If they just buffed the damage by 20% it would have been much better, as it just makes the gun an instant delete button for stuff while still having good dps

  5. Very true! It confuses me. But to be real anytime a weapon does what it’s supposed to it either gets nerfed by bungie or the players say it’s too strong and needs a nerf. (Looking at you arbalest)

  6. I mean they tried initially, they gave it random traits to balance it so you probably will have a subpar version of it, just there's a chance it rolls really great.

  7. I'm glad to see some other people realizing just how much Bungie ruined this exotic. I've seen probably half a dozen posts in the last couple of weeks with people saying "DMT feels better now/I like the DMT changes" and I guarantee these people weren't using the gun a ton before this recent nerf. It's a hands-down case of an exotic being nerfed into the ground so much that even the identity of the gun itself suffers to the point of it not even feeling much like exotic anymore. I usually just take nerfs in stride and go with the flow, ya know, play the game we have. But I can't just sit quiet about this one, Bungie destroyed my favorite gun in the game for absolutely no good reason, it wasn't even a top-tier pick in PvP or PvE anymore and hadn't been for the better part of a year.

  8. DMT never left my hands after my second Presage run got me a Fourth Time's roll... Then I come back this season, and it's performing worse than post-nerf TLW? Into the Vault.

  9. It's been my go to Scout for GMs every season and I fucking love it. But now it just feels so bad to use. Losing damage because I'm hitting crits while hipfiring shouldn't be a thing. They better revert it

  10. Pulled the same shit with skyburners oath too. Said it didn’t have an identity, took away it’s defining trait, ruined the weapon.

  11. I’m sorry to hear that. I have been curious about DMT since I got back into the game and it’s sad to hear that a great gun can just get nuked like that

  12. I would accept the cranial spike nerf if it was still 150rpm. 130 is just too slow for that "fast hip fire cowboy fantasy" they want the weapon to feel

  13. Cranial spike should've been +10 RPM per stack instead of instantly +50 at X5. Ramping up from 130 to 180 as you gained stacks would be fun, and obviously the damage nerf needs to go.

  14. And considering the fact that it barely makes the top 10 in usage in Trials, before the heavy nerfs except maybe scout rifle friendly maps, it makes zero sense on why they further nerfed it in the first place

  15. God I fucking HATE how much they ruined it in PvE. It was a fun exotic to use, the highest level difficulty I would have brought it into was a hero nightfall. But apparently that's far to powerful for a exotic primary.

  16. I took DMT into the Lightblade GM during Season 16, and it was tearing enemies up. The only downside back then was the reload time, but that's basically what was keeping the gun balanced in PvE.

  17. I loved my Vorpal for champs but now I’d rather run whatever else… it might be an exaggeration on my part but it’s currently at a worse state than all the other scouts including MIDA… it currently sits with queens breaker in the “I guess they’re still in the game “ pile

  18. Yeah, I loved the gun and they went ahead and murdered it. Like I can't even figure out what the intended usage is when hip-fire is so hard to keep up due to how long it takes to reload.

  19. I find it funny that getting 5 headshots just makes it worse, it's honestly fine to use until that 180rpm kicks in

  20. Before this nerf, it was a "there are a few better options but as long as you are comfortable with it and are having fun, bud" gun.

  21. Yeah I never understood their reasoning when they released the most recent rework, “Cranial Spike was unpredictable to go against”

  22. By their metrics, that means Duality as a weapon needs to straight-up go because you can't predict whether the enemy guardian's gonna hip-fire slide with it or precision slug with it.

  23. Haven't played D2 for a few months but I played yesterday because of Trials + Javelin + new gun + freelance, and I gave a try to DMT.

  24. they hate admitting they did something stupid. wish they would get over that damn elementary school shit already

  25. DMT used to be my favourite gun, I'd take it into just about any activity. It now sits in my vault because I can't stand what it's been turned into

  26. I say that this gun got murdered for the fact that it even got affected in pve. The damage bonus should've been a pve thing only if they truly wanted to remove it from pvp. Unfortunately, aim assist ain't gonna do shit in pve...

  27. It should not have a damage penalty for reaching cranial spike x5 and imo also cranial spike x5 should be rewarded immediately upon a precision kill.

  28. Instead of instant X5 on a kill I'd rather it was a gradual +10 RPM for each stack, and obviously remove the damage nerf.

  29. I completely agree. In PvE it just doesn't feel good. It was 1 of 2 weapons that wanted you to hipfire. Outside of Lucky Pants on hunter there's no reason to run last word in PvE. The other option was a wild west style rifle that feels like you're the rifleman mowing down baddies like it's the old west. Now it just feels like you're at a carnival game plinking at enemies with a BB gun. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. I want to believe that this was supposed to be the last word for PvE and somehow got roped into being OP in PvP causing its downfall.

  30. To be fair people SLEEP on TLW in PvE. It’s damage is pretty good, but it’s biggest issue is obviously it’s mag size. Keep in mind it’s an exotic in the kinetic slot so you do generate way more heavy ammo than you normally would without it. Does it need a buff? Yes. If we’re being honest, all exotic kinetics need a bit more of a buff to make them feel completely worthwhile outside of generic content

  31. This most recent nerf really makes no sense from an outside perspective. Especially with how some people at bungie seem to like the gun as much as we do. After the initial tweaks it was great but not op which is exactly what you want from an exotic. Plus the reasoning in the twab about it also made no sense. Bad change. Gib me gud yeehaw gun >:(

  32. I still use it cause I'm a DMT enjoyer but by god is it worse than it was. The 180 rpm is neat until you run out of bullets in half a second. It just doesn't feel as good and that just sucks

  33. Use ‘em while they last. You can be damn sure they’re getting butchered next; NTTE and Jade Rabbit, in particular, almost surely will get nerfed.

  34. Seems like Aztecross has a pretty heavy influence on community opinion. Doesn’t make him wrong, though - I’m glad he’s bringing attention to it.

  35. Most of us diehard DMT users had the opinion of it being crap after this recent nerf since the beginning of this season, well before Aztecross or any other content creator made a video on it. Sure, he was always gonna make one eventually because he was also an avid user of it, but I assure you that he isn't the reason a lot of people are agreeing with OP's post.

  36. Dead Man's Tale is Dead. Banished to my vault henceforth to collect mote dust. The only reason it's not send to the void of my collections is because of the random rolls.

  37. I was saving up my exotic cipher for xur having a good roll with DMT but kept holding off. Now I find myself with an Aisha's Embrace that is so nice I see no reason to ever get DMT, unless I really want another energy weapon in place of Aisha. I blink and ask myself if Aisha reloaded during that time. Yes it did.

  38. Love seeing helpful redditors translate videos for those of us who don’t have time for a video. Def not karma farming.

  39. It was hands down my favorite gun in the game, not I haven’t touched it for months and months. Gathering dust in the vault 😢

  40. I find it quite amazing in PVP, in fact! it’s basically turned Jade Rabbit into a paper weight. Especially since it’s good from the hip.

  41. I watched Aztecross's video today, then decided to take my DMT into Control. My loadout revolved around using DMT as if it was taking the role of my Forerunner while pairing it with my Peacekeepers/SMG combo.

  42. This. A lot of the crying is because DMT isn't the crutch it used to be. Perfectly fine weapon still. Ophidians/DMT/waveframe gl is still great...or like the content creator watching dumbasses would say it's cRaCkEd.

  43. People definitely overreacted to the nerf in my opinion. It’s still perfectly serviceable on both pvp and pve. I went flawless with it last week on midtown, and while I don’t agree with the nerfs, the way that I use the gun is basically unchanged. It still has the damage profile of a 120 with infinite range and no recoil, with the potential for superb handling and super shutdown. It still has 130 rpm 2h1b potential, and with the way net code works you’ll frequently trade with 140 users anyway. It still is the most versatile primary in the game, able to handle basically any engagement distance except for point blank where you would use a shotgun anyway. Sure, it doesn’t outduel people straight up like it used to but as long as you peek shoot properly you will get a ton of mileage out of this gun still. In pve, nothing has changed for me either. Subsistence is still my go to roll for anything outside of gms and will still one tap any red bar to the head and vorpal still shreds barriers in gms.

  44. It is a neutral game 120 that fires slightly faster at 130 and good hip fire. But for pvp while that is all fine it doesn't really feel exotic. It probably doesn't warrant putting up with the netcode and aim assist bs that has always come with it but was tolerable when the upside was higher

  45. DMT doesn’t have an edge anywhere at this point. Cranial spikes was the reason you’d want to use it because it punishes players who played slow since you’d be able to 2 tap them, this new version is completely dog shit because it still has a 1 second ttk while ads despite not having the same amount of range as 150s scouts which can kill you in 0.8 and is more within the ranges of high impact pulses which still out duel it with a 0.67 ttk. So now it doesn’t the kill power nor the range to really compete against good players but at least the 5x cranial is good right? Not really considering if they have 7 resil or less you can 3 tap for a 0.67 but you need all headshots, while hipfiring....when the gun’s biggest problem is that it’s headshot registration is kind of finicky. But if they have a higher resil it goes back to being a 1 second ttk so what’s the point of going to x5 when it’s worse against other plays than it’s 130 hipfire version? It’d honestly rather get a 120 hand cannon with rangefinder than use dmt because they’re more or less the same gun except the hand cannon can get additional perks on top of it not being an exotic.

  46. That definitely isn't the reason behond the nerfs, or they wouldn't have buffed scout rifles in general, and made Jade Rabbit the best scout pick for Crucible.

  47. Its not as godly as it used to be but in no way is it as terrible as his clicky baity video title suggested.

  48. It’s not as good as it was, but still feels viable. It feels like it’s in an ok, not terrible, PvP spot. PvE I’m not sure what purpose it serves with the state of scouts in general.

  49. I dont even know why Xur still selling this gargabe lol Dmt has been collecting dust in my vault for monthss now 😆

  50. Since last season came out with Rain of Fire, my exotic slot has gone to DMT more than 80% of the time. Icarus dash reloads can keep the cranial spike active plus mine has vorpal. Pretty solid action.

  51. We waited years for a lever action inspired rifle, and while I personally think it's one of the ugliest and worst visually designed weapons in the game, I was willing to look past that because it was a genuinely great and fun weapon to use (and I had that opinion even though I still don't have the catalyst!) But now that they've been so harsh with the nerfs, this thing is still ugly, but is now no longer very fun to use either. It has been vaulted indefinitely as a result

  52. Just used it for first time in pvp. I must be using some really shitty guns, if this one is bad at pvp. It is very possible that I use shitty guns. But, they make me smile:)

  53. Why do people like you shoot yourself in the foot with comments like that? It's like going to a funeral and telling the person's family you're glad they died. Maybe a little hyperbolic but you get what I mean. It serves no purpose.

  54. Just give it back 150 rpm hipfire and we are chilling. I love the gun and use it a lot but the 2 tap cranial was dumb af. I also like when they decreased hipfire accuracy to make the gun harder to use bc it was easy mode before. Just add the 150 so it’s a serviceable closer range dueler and I think it will be balanced

  55. As someone who loves the gun to bits in PvP, 150rpm hipfire was too strong. 130rpm hipfire with the old cranial spike was fine, this new change is the only thing that makes it feel kinda bad.

  56. Sorry state as in not the best option for taking out players or supers at any range in 2 to three shots with minimal drawback? This isn't a vex mythoclast situation, this is a thorn nerf in D1 situation, where players who previously took advantage of the best option, now have to adapt or drop it.

  57. Bet you won’t say that to Jade Rabbit users. Also since you’re so out of the loop, it’s perk doesn’t even add damage to its precision hits anymore. So you can get that stick out of your ass

  58. Yeah and then it was good but not OP. Either a dev got a wild hair up there but about it or someone who got killed by it one too many times decided to put it in the dumpster. It was fine last season, didn't deserve the dumpster.

  59. I’m kinda glad it got nerfed into the ground. It ruined pvp for a year however many changes it got. It’s not a weapon that can be realistically balanced.

  60. Agreed. DMT was all I’d ever play against and it’s old two tapping potential makes me still shudder. But I don’t mind if it and last word got some huge love for pve since the western weapons are always great fun to use.

  61. I didn't use DMT since end of Witch Queen campaign (i got Perses-D dropped). I've heard that it gone through a couple of nerfs.

  62. I knew it felt odd after the “pvp nerf” in pve. I overly used that gun in pve for 2 seasons, put it on recently and can’t stand the thing but couldn’t figure out why. SMH

  63. It was my favorite weapon in the game when it came out in Chosen. Presage was awesome, the reward was great. Now, it's uhh.. it's a weapon in the game. There's no denying that. I played around with it a little yesterday in pve, and I'm not a fan of the changes. It's going back in the vault until hopefully some of the changes are walked back.

  64. I use it because it’s fun to land crit shots in hip fire, it sounds awesome, and it has a cool reloading animation. Not everyone in the game is trying to maximize the efficiency of everything, I just like to use what is fun when I can. When it comes to boss dps or nightfalls, I’ll load up my broken load outs, but other than that I’m havin fun.

  65. i get you, i used it for a bit in pvp and pve as well and it's in a bad state, as of now at least, but id still use it bcuz i personaly like how it feels

  66. I never understood the nerf to PvE damage. Who the hell was using this thing in PvE aside from diehard fans of the gun?

  67. Bungie has to kill it's darlings from time to time. After they sell the expansion (Chosen) and the ornaments for silver. After we spent so much time doing Presage weekly to get a good roll, or even farming mats to buy it from Xur.

  68. Presage was one of the first 'hard' things I ever did on my own, solo. Blood sweat and tears because I'm not that great at the game. But I got it - I got my cool rifle after god knows how many deaths.

  69. Ok not saying what you say isn’t true but based on your edit this is 100% you wanting the gun to be in a spot that makes it a better pick than most. Because as it stands dmt is designed to be a hip fire weapon so less range makes sense. The better hip fire accuracy also makes sense. The change of damage from one rate of fire to another makes sense, because if it did the damage of a 120 at the max fire rate it can get, that would be overpowered. Are you trying to cross map with this thing by hip fire because if so stop. Use it like it’s last word but with 2 meters more between you and your enemy. It reloads quite literally the same way as a shotgun don’t expect it to be fast and don’t reload your entire mag at once. KEEP IN MIND MOST EXOTICS ARE DESIGNED TO FIT A NISHE, HENCE WHAT MAKES THEM EXOTIC.

  70. I always thought the damage boost from DMT was the risk/reward of using a gun that fires at 120 RPM against options that fire at 150 RPM. Taking that away for a faster hipfire rate when at Cranial Spike x5 feels awful because the spike stacks fall off too quickly.

  71. As someone who primarily used DMT in PVP, I’m upset about the nerf obviously. I can still use it effectively, but the complete removal of its original exotic buffs definitely makes it not as effective

  72. It's not worth using anymore. I didn't think the hip fire felt very good on controller but I have seen how it was on MnK. It was nice to use though even with my thumbs and I didn't mind aiming down sight with it.

  73. I kinda agree. Especially since i prefer PvE. I'm in this state where i LOVE dmt and ran hundreds of the mission, remembering every nook and cranny of it, just to get a good roll. And now i rarely use it because I'd rather use a fun weapon or a legendary

  74. Amazing weapon that had a very cool dungeon activity to farm for rolls when it came out. It's basically been removed from the game, but why? Why continue nerfing it to oblivion? Someone at Bungie hates the cowboy genre and any reminiscent weapons. Hmmm.

  75. I think it would be fine if it just did headshots correctly. If you weren’t aware, it prioritizes bodies and that’s why you have to aim high… but every crit gives you a larger hit box for the bodies so you need to keep aiming higher every crit

  76. Will be downvoted to hell, but this gun was overtuned and imo, a crutch to players. Sure, they over did the nerfs, but it was a very powerful gun. Please don't act like it wasn't.

  77. Is it even good when you get CS x5 now? Sure it can 3 crit at 180rpm (some Resil levels, I believe), but not only is it harder to do that with all of the hipfire nerfs, but you only get a couple of seconds to do that. You’d be much better off with a 180 or even 150 with a damage buff. DMTs only real saving grace now is that it’s a 2 head one body against all Resil levels, with the option for some dodgy, slow hipfire if someone gets too close

  78. Hell, I would be fine with 5x cranial spike just not doing anything. That ruins my vibe more than anything, when the gun just nerfs itself because I'm doing too good with it.

  79. Yeah, after the most recent nerf, I used it once, then vaulted it. It's a shambles of an exotic now.

  80. it's really really good when scouts are in the artifact... or at least it was, so i'm sad to hear that bungie gutted its damage in both modes for no reason.

  81. Lol no, it really isn't. If you think it's meta now, then you either haven't used it since the nerf, or are perhaps just bad at PvP. I was a diehard DMT user before this recent nerf, and now in PvP it ranges from mediocre to awful, depending on the map and the skill/loadout of your opponents.

  82. I've said it a thousand times. Whoever is responsible for exotics has always done a piss poor job with them.

  83. DMT at base was a weapon that traded the ability to ADS/use zoom to get 10 more RPM compared to a 140. They both are 3-taps. That was perfectly fine, but now they nerfed the range, it's no longer perfectly accurate, and it only shoots at 130 RPM. That means it's just worse than a 140 handcannon at base.

  84. yep, this is one of my favorite weapons with over 50,000 kills across 2 rolls, and I can’t stand using it anymore. The damage decrease when at CS x5 is incredibly noticeable and almost feels like punishment for being consistent with crits. Not only that, that nature of it makes the gun feel over all inconsistent, going from 130 to 180 and switching between them makes the gun feel really janky, which is never good. Assuming you have perfect aim and never miss a shot, you will have at least 9 shots in the 180 mode, which doesn’t feel like enough, they go way too quickly and you lose the stacks if you reload from an empty mag without any reload mods (the reload will take too long). Nothing about these changes feel good, i know the gun over performed in PvP, but ever since they removed it’s base 180 rpm hipfire mode, it hasn’t felt as fun since. Wish we could find a compromise to get that back in PvE without the weird damage reduction and CS x5 without it making people mad in the crucible. Glad I got to enjoy it at it’s peak, but it’s sad to see it in the state it’s in, Bungie truly does not know how to balance their weapons.

  85. I wish this got more traction... they did the gun dirty with so many nerfs. At this point its vault filler.

  86. Love this gun to death in PvP. Have surely around 12k kills with it across 4 different rolls. I agree it was busted at release, but nowadays it just feels really inconsistent to use. I also don’t get their reasoning for nerfing cranial spike. They said they wanted it to be less unpredictable, yet they make it so that it can jump by 50 rpm in the middle of the gunfight? Just a weird change overall.

  87. DMT isn't really any worse neutrally though, it's just the 150 RPM Scout buff left it behind since nobody wants to use a weapon with a slower TTK even if it is more forgiving.

  88. Yep, I’m really glad people are talking about this one. I was beyond sad that they murdered my favorite gun, hopefully with all this attention it will go back to being atleast decent

  89. Look at Jade rabbit, skyburners, Polaris lance, graviton lance. Now let’s come to an understanding that every exotic scout rifle is poopoo and move one.

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