How did you find Destiny?

  1. Tbf Destiny has stated many times one of his primary goals is pulling people from extreme right or left camps through genuine engagement and well-founded arguments.

  2. Through Stonetoss, I saw the comic he made mocking Vush, then I went to see who Vush is on youtube and after a couple of videos of him yt recommended me a video of Destiny reacting to Vaush claiming Bush was fascist

  3. I was socialist sympathetic and was malding at Destiny's takes on things like stock buy backs. Now i buy shares to extract wealth from workers like a good capitalist.

  4. I randomly happened across his debate with Vaush about Kyle Rittenhouse on YouTube. I had watched Vaush a couple times so every once in awhile, a suggested video would pop up. Agreed with Destiny about everything he said and then forgot about him. A couple weeks later his live stream randomly popped up on my suggested and it said he was playing one of my fav games- Metal Gear Solid. Clicked it and pretty much became an instant fan.

  5. I found him through his pokimane fedmeister drama take through YouTube. I wasn't really following any streamers, and this was big drama. I found his approach to parsing through information very similar to my own, and it was one of the more neutral takes I've seen online discussing the details.

  6. I found him through vaush after having a breadtube arc of my own. I started watching, and stayed with him after realizing he’s just better vaush.

  7. Same. I wonder how many RSK guys began watching Destiny from his appearances. Most of the fan base is fairly conservative leaning from what I see on the subreddit

  8. From the remember tomorr0w(?) YouTube channel there was a StarCraft 2 montage that went semi viral and I subbed to the channel

  9. Many moons ago I saw a clip of him making a sick 1v4 Draven play and decided to follow him. Then sticked around because I liked his conversations. Never subbed, never donated and just recently started to engage with his community and its been fun

  10. Originally a Hasan fan that started watching destiny hoping to find clips to make fun of him in the discord. So I was pretty a hate viewer a few months in I did a complete one 180 although I don't hate Hasan I personally think he's an important figure in the left. He's pretty much the tim pool of leftist

  11. I think im one of the only few who found destiny through digibro lol, after that debate i went on a destiny binge

  12. Found him when he went on Tim Pool. The first take I was interested in was his idea about rioting against public institutions. Thought it was really interesting and kept listening.

  13. Found him through Dr.K's (HealthyGamerGG) interview with him, and was hesitant at first when I heard he was a left leaning politics streamer, cause I came from the, basically dead by that time, "skeptic community" and was worried he was some sorta sjw (sidenote, but I naively (zoomer moment) took people's word about the jontron debate just being some sjw calling jontron a nazi, and never actually watched it or knew who debated him, so I didnt know who destiny was until I saw Dr.K interview him).

  14. I was a league watcher, watching Imaqtpie & shiptur and that led me to Lily and then found and enjoyed the Lily x Destiny league games in youtube. I wasn't even invested in politics. I'm not even American lmao, but I stayed and destiny really helped me reflect on my ideas and why I hold them and that's why I love watching Destiny

  15. I'm not sure, probably the Jontron debate since I used to watch Jontron's videos. Some of the other introductions to more of D's content was like Darth Dawkins, JLP, Coach Red Pill etc;

  16. Knew about destiny for years, but i didn't really follow political youtubers until 2018-2020. Started going poking down the breadtube isle watching vaush, xanderhal, philosophytube, contrapoints. Was never a full-fledged socialist, but found it interesting. Found Destiny through debates with Vaush on Rittenhouse and started listening to more of his points. After a while, I stopped watch any of breadtube in exchange for guys like destiny and rose wrist.

  17. My memory isn't great, but I think I knew of him from LSF and followed him on Twitch after some interactions with Ice Poseidon. Really started to like him after watching Scuffed/Rajj

  18. Found destiny through vegan gains when I was watching his first debate with him, which I saw about 2 years ago. I had a mildly negative opinion of him after but respected his ability to bite bullets and so I decided to give his content a watch. Now I am totally unable to form an original thought on anything and I just wait to see what destiny’s thinks first.

  19. I found LSF in 2019 and saw RajjRoyal clips. Decided to watch a few for entertainment and saw Destiny a few times and thought he had good takes. Listened to his YouTube videos as a podcast during work. Now I’m a degenerate who has him on in the background from when he starts stream and ends.

  20. I had listened to Sitch & Adam cover his rittenhouse and cause debate. I didn’t become a fan until the Aba & Preach vs Hasan drama, when Aba asked for advice on how to deal with people calling you transphobic for talking about trans women in sports.

  21. I used to exclusively watch streams via team liquid's site back when StarCraft II was huge. That was back when it was Justin tv, not twitch. Been watching ever since on and off throughout the years

  22. If I remember correctly I found him from the Rajjchelor episode with him and kaceytron and some others. Found his banter with Kaceytron hilarious (before the Bob7 arc). Used to see him occasionally on Synapse when I was really into league content but didn't really take notice cause it was always more social stuff relating to Lily than actually skilled gameplay. Ironically he looks younger to me now than he did then (Boomer Haircut).

  23. I found Destiny through David Pakman right around the time he was debunking the election fraud claims (so like December of 2020)

  24. Through the comment section in a Digibro vid in 2016. It was an anime vid through a feminist lens and in the comments someone was asking for recommendations on more left leaning content since it was so rare back in those years. Digibro recommended Hbomb, and through there I discovered Destiny.

  25. Back in my younger years like 2014 I went through a bad break up and got pulled through the red pill space online, and then watched around me as the whole place turned to an alt right breading ground. I leaned center back then. Fast forward and I’m going through another bad break up in 2019. Think about how I went right last time might as well go left. Found the JonTron video and I’ve been a fan ever since :)

  26. Honestly Destiny has always been a constant for me ever since youtube/twitch was a thing. He's just been there and had good talks and slowly it went from watching a FEW videos here and there to following him more closely.

  27. Former skeptic and fan of Dr Layman (now Zahinski), noticed "Dr Layman Destiny" was one of the first search results for "Dr Layman" so I watched the discussion and loved how logical Destiny was especially in light of how the skeptics turned out to be grifters with no principles.

  28. Started watching my first stream during The Kyle Rittenhouse trail. It was Rekieta Law. Then I think I watched destiny debate vaush over the trail or something and I've been a dgga ever since.

  29. Started watching glink videos about livestreamers that were huge at the time like ice, Mitch and others. One of the videos mentions destiny’s infamous jontron debate where he outed himself as having wignat ideologies, and me being a jontron enjoyer wanted to see wtf was up. Loved how clear/rational/concise destiny’s way of viewing things were and started watching more of his stuff, been a fan since 2018 😎🤙🤙

  30. I knew about him / watched videos here and there since the Jontron debacle, but I only got very into his content / started watching livestreams during COVID.

  31. I heard about some streamer that made a text to speech robot speak out things his followers send to him

  32. I was a league Andy back in the day. I used to consume everyone and everything in the league. Still get nightmares about that time.

  33. Watched a video essay thing on the twitch plays pokemon stuff and there was a clip of him talking about how mad the community got at him for fucking with them. So I was like who's this dumbass that's surprised the internet got mad when he fucked with their toy and checked out his stuff and been watching ever since.

  34. My brother used to watch him a lot and always complained about the starcraft and league streams. I knew of him through him only even though I was big in to starcraft and league. Didn’t start watching him until that aba and preach video about redacted because the meltdown they were covering was super entertaining to listen to.

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