TIL Black Brits don't exist

  1. what are the chances that there's at least one country in Africa that had a mourning period for someone important in the past 20 years?

  2. This woman is a doctor and thinks that everyone in britain stops working for 2 weeks when the monarch dies. Do they give away phds with happy meals in america?

  3. You could probably get away with teaching Defense in the Dark Arts if you say its 'tribal knowledge' on how to fight oppression

  4. Not a hard and fast rule but anyone who feels the need to put their qualifications in their twitter @, generally have the worst/dumbest takes imaginable.

  5. Not to be pedantic but those aren't days of mourning. They're basically days of celebration (of the end of bad things such as chattel slavery/jim crow segregation)

  6. I am pretty upset that soccer/football games have been postponed. That was going to be my way of mourning, won’t somebody think of me?

  7. The country you're from probably has disagreeable people too. Every single person from the country you're from is now disagreeable.

  8. You know its been coming a long time but seeing this particular discourse is going to mark a turning point away from these issues for me.

  9. It’s got nothing to do with being black and everything to do with radical social justice and positions of power. You can put anyone of any color in her position with the same credentials and they wouldn’t fail to make it about themselves.

  10. You gotta learn to not make comments that sound like you’re talking about an entire race…unless you meant to? Most black people don’t do this.

  11. It depends on what you're studying, but most people that have PhDs just worked hard and are not exceptionally bright. I'd agree with that. However, if you have a PhD in "Physics" or "Math," you're assuredly much smarter than the average person. I don't think that's debatable.

  12. You can mourn whenever you want to? God, these people are so obsessed with being victims it’s unreal. Literally nothing will make them happy.

  13. Yeah, that sounds super productive. I’m sure that rational discourse will really give them something to think about.

  14. If you went out to eat and posted a picture of your food she would tell you not to eat it because someone else is hungry. Do people like her have friends? How do they act together?

  15. I'm bout to go work out with one of my friends this morning I gotta ask him if he feels like he needs time to mourn Emmett Till lol .

  16. can someone explain the use of the word folk, it seems so out of place but i see it everywhere. Like they are saying y'all everywhere

  17. There have been 36 federal holiday MLK days. Queen only died once in the past 70 years for a total of 10 days off, interesting

  18. You got a chance to mourn your queen. If you don't feel for the queen just because she's white that makes you racist. It's funny how hard people fought to end segregation only for comments like these to bring it back. Sad really.

  19. Did she really just read a random tweet saying brits get 2 weeks off, decide thats true and then use it to publically make this tweet? LOL

  20. You guys have this gut reaction to come to the defense of 'protected classes' of people when they say dumb shit. She was brave and stunning despite being [redacted] I guess?

  21. I think what she's saying is dumb, but she means specifically black people. Black people that happen to be Brits isn't the same thing.

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