Kaceytron ranting on her stream while at Shit Camp about how horrible Destiny and his fan base are (not obsessed btw)

  1. It's because she's a literal WHO now, she got fame for the ironic streamer girl but got out beat by the actual boobie streamers

  2. Ill be honest, I just feel bad for her. She seems incredibly unhappy while being surrounded by people enjoying themselves at an event thats meant to be fun.

  3. TBF to her, I think the only thing she did wrong was trust Bob too much and come to his defense without knowing fuck all. Then become unhinged on reddit when people implied she was defending an abuser(in a weaker sense of the word if I remember right) for clout and money. It is far more likely that she is just really dumb and does things without thinking too much IMO. She also seems actually spite driven to an extent. For example she seemed to only defend Bob hard because she had problems with Boze. She also is still mad about being shit on for defending Bob. You could also watch her, almost in real time, get more and more deranged in her views on the matter with every +20 reply chain she did on reddit. Sad indeed.

  4. I honestly wonder if she hate watches or learns about this from Hasan when they have circle jerk convos about how shitty Destiny is.

  5. She got involved in the bob7 drama because she didn't like Boze. Now she hates destiny because she involved herself in something not concerning her.

  6. IIRC, she got banned ages ago for doing some stuff, and then bob7 was on rajj his shows, where bob7 said how they were on the same heartstone or whatever team and were really good friends, and talked on her behalf on how she felt during that ban etc

  7. Jesus, I am around her age and just watching her makes me glad I didn't continue smoking weed every day into my 30's. She's like that person that just never grew out of that college stoner persona. She seems fried as fuck.

  8. Same and wow you weren't kidding. She looks way more unhappy and unhealthy than she was last time I watched a clip of her 2 years ago. Burnt the fuck out.

  9. The grift comments are so weird and off the mark. He constantly challenges and debates Fuentes and Southern, it's not like he accepts or propagates their ideas, it's quite the opposite, he constantly pushes against them and offers an alternative. Just because he decided to try a different approach to converting portions of their followers does not make him a grifter.

  10. Kaceytron reminds me of a lot of my family getting bent on whatever substance they preferred and then constantly talking shit.

  11. I think Destiny just realized that conflict and bloodsports is great for views, but horrible for absolutely everything else, including changing peoples minds. This arc may not be as entertaining as him yelling at people, but I believe it is the best direction to take to actually do good in the world and further your beliefs.

  12. From what I’ve seen, the reason he doesn’t deescalate is because it would go against his principles(during certain conflicts like the Martin skreli situation), but compared to other streamers he’s the best at de escalation.

  13. a comment about joe rogan slowly turns into a weird ramble about destiny and all the stuff he's done recently and her personal drama with him

  14. I haven't watched her in some time now, back when she did her character I was there every night for years. In fact I found her stream through her collabs with Destiny way back when they were friends. I wish she would just drop it and move on, she's hilarious and creative when she wants to be but I don't see any of that here. Years back when there was drama she would poke fun at it in her own creative way, even when it was personal.

  15. Kaceytron is a great example of someone that hates Destiny but has such a terrible home life I don’t care that they have a hate boner for Destiny. Brittany Venti was an example of that that Destiny brought up, and I don’t know if you guys have seen anything about Kaceytron but her life is fucked. She’s extremely poor, mother always on drugs so she took care of her brother and her boyfriends little brother until he passed away from cancer at 7. (source: her interview with Dr K) People point out that she looks like white trailer trash, and it’s a painful insult because it’s really accurate to her looks and her environment but not her personality. She has an obsessive hate boner for Destiny which sucks, but I don’t think this sub treats her fairly.

  16. Why does she even pay attention to Destiny, there’s no reason for her to even know what he’s doing unless she’s sitting around obsessing over it.

  17. The best counter to the "grift" bs is to point out how destiny nowadays hangs out with more of a racially diverse group of people lol

  18. Yo how you gonna post this shit when destiny already said hes gonna purge the misogyny from here. Like I can feel it bubbling inside me as I watched this but I have to resist the urge so i can live on and fight another day.

  19. She's like the person that hears all the "bad reputation just cause" someone has and already has an extreme judgement of their character without actually talking to them.

  20. lol I remember when anybody criticizing kacey for being a generic big booba bimbo streamer was met with a dozen of "it's just satire!!" responses.

  21. ''I hate conservatives, they're like... really bad stupid idiot motherfucks and stuff. Brave take I know. Just like Destinys cult, they're like all total liars riiight? They spread lies all the time. It's really complex I won't get into it''

  22. I feel like it’s time to stop paying attention to people like this. They’re all using drama with D to get clout.

  23. how is that cringe? maybe doing it as often as kaceytron does is but the act of smoking on stream is not inherently cringe. its like the equivalent of saying "wow u smoke weed when u hang out with friends? mega cringe bro." smoking on stream is a perfectly acceptable environment to smoke weed, especially if ur just playing a video game.

  24. context on the lore? All I remember is some vague debates from like 2014 about twitch streamers but they had nothing to do with politics IIRC.

  25. Destiny and Kaceytron actually used to be pretty friendly with each other. This started when Kaceytron (along with JustaMinx) inserted themselves into the Bob7 drama and lied about their involvement in order to defend him. Destiny dunked on them during the manifesto stream and Kaceytron got so asspained over it she has been literally obsessed with shitting on Destiny ever since. Not just shit talking him on stream, actual hundreds and hundreds of comments in LSF threads fighting with randoms about how horrible he is. Schizo behavior.

  26. I know we are not supposed to insult someone of their looks or whatever, but she genuinely disgusts me. Sitting here with three stacks of chin desperately trying to light her never ending joint just to sound like a half dying inbred slob.

  27. My dude you can't seriously look at the current state of the frontpage of this sub and also claim that this rant is someone excessive obsessed or whatever.

  28. Nothing has made me want to stop smoking weed more. She smokes like Elon Musk, practically no inhale and the most immediately leaves their mouth after a hit.

  29. I like how she says that everyone here talks about her... I... haven't seen her name mentioned in ages, let alone threads made about her.

  30. This girl is so fucking cool, I can't become upset at her. Blow smoke at me and insult me mommy. Also, sneed, feed and seed.

  31. Good rule of thumb: if someone says people are “spreading lies about me”, but doesn’t mention what the lies (or at least what the biggest ones) are, generally that person is in fact, the liar.

  32. a bunch of downdoots and 0 comments, the quality of redditor in this subreddit is really going downhill fast...

  33. Ironic coming from all of you considering the front page of your sub right now is obsessing over Hasan, Vaush and others. Hypocrites.

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