Kids' Crayon Tennis Shoes

  1. Stahp, these are so cute! I want these for myself, and I am a full grown adult woman! Maybe I’ll buy them for a niece or nephew!

  2. you’re totally right, but i’m from a place (houston) where we use ‘tennis shoes’ to describe things like vans and running shoes—it’s weird, but i didn’t bat an eye when i read this title

  3. omg theyre vans.. you see kids growing up vans came in just 2 colors, black & white checkered or institutional navy blue

  4. It’s regional slang for any sneaker, athletic type shoe. Running shoes, skate shoes, basketball shoes… they’re all called tennis shoes in some regions

  5. This lead to me googling regional slang to figure out where you might be from that you haven't even heard the term. US mostly calls shoes with rubber soles used for athletics "tennis shoes", but the northeast calls them "sneakers". Australia mostly calls them "sandshoes" which I'd never heard in my life, with "sneakers" as second most common. There aren't proper surveys for UK/Canada that I've found, but generally UK calls them trainers and Canada calls them running shoes/runners/sneakers.

  6. Bad design. Toddlers shoes should only have one Velcro strap. The second strap adds another 3-4 minutes to putting on each shoe. Ask me how I know. The first crayon should have been permanently attached and made with elastic.

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